Work Directly with Your Target Audience Through Coaching Programs

Work Directly with Your Target Audience Through Coaching Programs

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Work Directly with Your Target Audience Through Coaching Programs
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One of the most popular and profitable ways to monetize your expertise is through coaching programs. A coach assists and guides individuals or groups of people through the process of solving one specific problem at a time. A coach might offer more than one program, but usually, it’s revolving around the same target audience and their problems.

There are numerous ways to start a coaching program that requires less time and effort than one-on-one coaching, however, setting up a one-on-one coaching practice is fast. Finding clients is a little harder. My suggestion is to start with group coaching and work your way up to one-on-one coaching which you can now charge much more for.

Solve a Problem

To get started with group coaching fast, you need to figure out the problem you want to solve in the group setting. You can then create the program yourself, or you can purchase a ready-made option by buying private label rights content. PLR is an excellent way to get started because you can find and adapt any “How To” book into a course that you can use in your group coaching program.

Find Content

Once you have found the content you’ll use, get very familiar with it. If you did not create it, you’ll need to learn it yourself first so you can guide your clients skillfully through the program. Using a membership site software like, or, or even setting up a Facebook group to use to deliver the program can work for you. The main thing is that you need a way for your customers to sign in and do the work without your involvement.

Set Up Automation

Set up your autoresponders, scheduled posts, and any information you want to drip to the group that you are going to work with depending on the software you’re using to automate your system. The more automatic you are, the less work you’ll have to do each day for group coaching to work out for you and your clients. The beauty of buying a product that you can use for your group coaching program the first time is that it’s going to give you more ideas for you to create your own signature program later.

Get Personal

Allow for minimal face and personal time from you to them during the process. Since you set up the process to be automatic, you’ll have clients at all levels of the program. Some will be in the beginning; some will be finishing up. That’s perfectly fine. You’ll want to offer some form of face time via video or webinar a few times during the program to add value and let them get to know you more so that when they are done you can then start inviting them to your higher-priced, even more effective one-on-one coaching program or higher level in-person group event.

If you have written a book to showcase your expertise, consider how you can use that book as the basis for your group coaching and one-on-one coaching programs. The more ways you can repurpose content you buy, create, or pay to have made, the more value you’re giving and getting, and the more it’ll improve your bottom line.

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