best feminine Wordpress themes for entrepreneurs and boss babe bloggers

7 Feminine WordPress Themes For Female Entrepreneurs and Boss Babe Bloggers

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Creating a blog and a website on WordPress could be a bit tedious for some women, but thanks to WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs, women who have little knowledge in designing and creating a website, don’t have to face that huge challenge anymore.

Women nowadays turn online to do their business. Some use their websites for showcasing their services and projects as part of their online side-hustles, while some use their websites to share their life stories, skills and knowledge about specific topics.

Now that we’re at creating websites and blogs, you would definitely love to check out these WordPress themes for female business owners and bloggers.

These themes I selected are suitable for bloggers of different niches like lifestyle, parenting, fashion, health, travel and many more. You can also use these templates if you have a service-based blog or if you’re selling digital products in your blog like most bloggers do.

These themes I will be mentioning in this blog post will require you to have a self-host blog. If you’re not yet at that point, I recommend you to do it now.

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So for now, let’s talk about designing your site with these awesome WordPress themes.

Best WordPress Themes For Female Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

Josephine by Pix and Hue

One of the best feminine themes I ever found on Creative Market, Josephine theme has a lot to offer other than its feminine style that would surely attract visitors and readers.

This theme is in my list of WordPress themes for my own site in case I will change the theme again which happens almost once or twice a year. And what I personally love about its look is the unique combo of fonts and colors (and those highlights too!) – if only I could copy the brand color but I would love to be unique too!

So if you’re into that thing and you don’t like coding, this is your WordPress theme to go because it comes with a free Elementor plugin, which makes your DIY website designing even easier.

This feminine theme has a lot of theme layouts and buttons which give you options and chances to tell your story and showcase what you offer to your site visitors.

  • The best about this feminine theme:
  • It comes with 7 custom-designed landing pages built with the free Elementor plugin
  • Woocommerce compatible – which is very essential if you’re planning to add a shop in your blog
  • It has five different post formats namely:
  1. Standard post (with or without sidebar)
  2. Full-width narrow post
  3. Gallery post
  4. Video post
  5. Audio post
  • You can customize the sidebar with different widgets you wanted to feature like latest porducts you recommend, advertisements, Instagram posts
  • The theme offers you different options for your homepage.

Sounds interesting?

One of the best feminine WordPress themes on Creative market for entrepreneurs and bloggers

ChicBoss WordPress Theme by Bluchic

Now you’ll there who have been around this blogging biz for quite some time, I wouldn’t believe you if you haven’t heard of them before. Bluchic’s themes are almost on everyone’s list of best feminine WordPress themes for entrepreneurs and boss babe bloggers (and no, that’s not the reason why I added Bluchic here)

They simply have the best themes out there and I bought one of the best before, back in 2020 but the one I purchased is not available on the site anymore or perhaps I haven’t seen it.

I love themes and I love spending my money on them (yeah, guilty as charged), so I shop and look for WordPress themes whenever I have the urge to change my theme or my site’s appearance and so I stumbled into Bluchic again.

And one of the themes that really caught my eye is this ChicBoss theme. From its name alone, you will have an idea already that it’s for female entrepreneurs and boss babe bloggers out there.

Now let’s unravel the facts why the ChicBoss theme could be right for you and your business.

  • The best about this feminine theme:
  • It has different pages or layouts for you to showcase your business, products and services like the portfolio page, testimonial page, gallery pages and for frequently asked questions page.
  • It also comes with stock photos so you have the option to copy the demo (if you want it)
  • You get a lifetime access and update (which I could only affirm ’cause I still get updates from the theme I purchased 2 years ago)
  • The theme is SEO friendly – which is very essential if you care about your website appearing on Google and growing your traffic.
  • It comes with bonuses too like a workbook, checklist and template if you buy ChicBoss WordPress theme.

I could add more beautiful things about this theme has but I leave it to you now.

ChicBoss theme from Bluchic is one of the best themes for lady bosses and bloggers

Vivienne WordPress Theme by 17th Avenue

Being a lady boss doesn’t necessarily mean you’re only rendering online services, you could call your boss if you manage your fashion blog business too.

And one of the best WordPress themes out there that you can use for you to tell the world what you’re sharing online is this Vivienne theme from 17th Avenue.

It may not have the usual homepage of a lady boss which is common for service-based websites, you can still blend in and do it your own way by displaying your fashion-filled life (if you’re a fashion blogger) or you can make your readers hungry by letting them see your recipe posts.

The beauty of this kind of theme is that though it is initially described as a theme for fashion bloggers, you can still customize it easily without having any designing skills or coding skills.

So what makes this theme special?

  • The best about this feminine theme:
  • It is Woocommerce ready – it means it is compatible with Woocommerce which is important when you have products to sell – physical or digital. Believe me when I say, I changed my theme earlier than planned because the theme I used to have was not that compatible with Woocommerce.
  • It features your Instagram feed in the footer – sounds really common and normal (I know), but there are really WordPress themes that don’t have that feature and it sucks especially if you are that kind of blogger who loves to share on Instagram.
  • When you buy the theme, it also comes with a comprehensive installation guide and theme documentation which is really helpful if you’re someone who has almost null knowledge in designing a site.
  • Homepage is filled with your blog posts – people will see immediately what you’re sharing.
  • It comes with different pages and layouts too like a pricing table which is perfect for bloggers and lady bosses offering their services.

Want to know more about this theme?

17th Avenue theme as one of the best themes for female fashion bloggers

Bubble Tea WordPress Theme Blog

If you’re someone who loves cute and lovely stuff, this theme is the one for you especially if you want to have your online presence to be a little lighter and bubbly for your visitors and readers.

What is good about this theme is that it has everything you would need on the homepage which not every WordPress theme has. You may think this is only for bloggers who post about cutie stuff every day, but no, this theme is also suitable for bloggers and entrepreneurs who offer services online.

So let’s talk about some bubbly stuff about this Bubble Tea WordPress Theme.

  • The best about this feminine theme:
  • You can choose from 3 homepage options -which you can change and customize from time to time whenever you feel like doing
  • It has 2 options for menu – the classic and the center menu
  • You have 4 options to choose for your blog posts or layout
  • This is also Woocommerce ready
  • You have unlimited color options and 15 Google Fonts to choose from!

So ready to be more bubbly?

Wordpress theme for female entrepreneurs

Splendor Theme (Kadence) from Restored 316 Design

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme to transform your okay-designed blog to something more professional looking as if you have hired an expert to design your blog, then you gotta check out Restored 316 Design and their themes.

They have a lot of themes you can choose from but the Splendor theme has really got me.

Splendor theme has a lot of features that will definitely make your website look awesome, no matter in what niche you are or what kind of services you offer.

So be ready to be awed with this theme.

  • The best about this feminine theme:
  • It is optimized for Core Web Vitals so it will help your site to be fast
  • It has 3 premade colour palettes to choose from if you want the colours you see in the demo, if not, you can always create your own of course.
  • You can easily customize the header and the footer (which is one of the advantages of having a Kadence theme too)
  • You will also get different pages to showcase your brand, services and products like the sales and services pages.
  • You will have 3 options to choose from for your homepage which gives your site different variations depending on what you like to show first in the homepage.

*Take note though, this WordPress theme is for Kadence theme which requires a Kadence plugin to be installed (which is also free to install).

If you’re not sure, what I’m talking about Kadence here, just check out this review blog post about Kadence.

If this theme interests you, what are you waiting for?

One of the best Kadence themes for business owners

Tribe by Envato Market

This is one of the themes that I’ve been rooting for 2 years already and still contemplating buying it in the future.

So if you’re looking for affordable WordPress themes for your blog and business, Tribe theme may be the one you’ve been looking for.

It looks simple and professional which is a perfect combination if you’re not into overwhelming website look.

At a very low price, you will get almost everything you need with this theme.

Aside from its simplicity which makes it even more reader-friendly, this theme has more to offer than that.

So let’s find it out!

  • The best about this feminine theme:
  • It has a CTA (Call-To-Action) button already in the front page that readers and visitors will see first.
  • The theme is updated and you will get a 6-month support from the creator.
  • It is Woocommerce optimised which is good if you also sell products aside from services in your blog or website.
  • The theme comes with different pages essential for service-based entrepreneurs like testimonial or praise page and services page.
  • You can feature almost everything you offer in the homepage already without making your homepage very crowded.

Want to discover more about this theme?

WordPress theme for female coaches

Peachy from Hearten Made

So this one deserved to be on this list, but maybe I’m a bit biased since it is exactly the theme that is responsible for my site’s appearance now.

With this theme, I didn’t have to think long if I buy it or not, I just bookmarked it and told myself, I would buy it in a month (which happened a bit earlier).

The Peachy theme is for everyone since you can customize it easily thanks to Kadence. Yes, you will need Kadence for it but you can install it for free.

What I love most about this theme is its bright, a mix of modern and retro look. But of course, not only that why I was convinced to purchase this theme.

Let’s dig into what this theme offers.

  • The best about this feminine theme:
  • It has 2 options for homepage to choose from which depends on you which features you like to emphasize to your audience and readers.
  • It’s Woocommerce compatible which is one of the most common store plugins out there for WordPress.
  • It comes with a lot of pages and layouts like lead magnet page, Instagram page, pricing page, services page, resources page and many more!
  • It is easy to customize since you will have the access to detailed documentation after purchasing the theme, and unlike other themes, you can also customize the header and footer just by dragging the elements and widgets.

So if you’re curious about this theme…

Peachy theme is one of the best feminine themes for WordPress

Now have you finally decided on a theme for your blog or website from this list of WordPress themes?

Let me know what is your favourite among these feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs and blogger lady bosses.



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