Why You Should be Consistent in Your Social Media Marketing

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Do you find it hard to be consistent on social media for your business? Recently I surveyed a bunch of my readers, and this was the most common frustration. So, let’s dig into why you should be consistent in your social media marketing.

Before we dig into the action points, I need to make a clarification:

The goal is to be CONSISTENTLY on social media. Not CONSTANTLY on social media.

There is a BIG difference between those 2 words!

First, I think most of us can agree that we don’t want to be on social media 24/7.

It’s not healthy, even when you are marketing your business!

Recently I read the book The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch,  (which is a great read, by the way!).  He talks about how to “keep technology in its proper place.” He’s not against social media and technology in the family, as long as it’s “in its proper place.”

Why You SHould be Consistent in your Social Media Marketing

Though we won’t dig into what that principle could look like for your life or family, we can take a minute and apply that to your business.

When social media is “in its proper place” for your business, you are creating posts regularly. You are connecting with your audience by responding to them. You are creating an environment on your page where people are connected – and your brand (and income) is growing as a result.

Social media can quickly get “out of its proper place” when we are on it constantly.

When we are obsessing over every single post we create. When we are spending WAY too much time on post creation. Perhaps we are on WAY too many social media platforms.

It’s good to step back now and then and think about how much time and energy you are spending on social media for your business.

Is that much time worth it? Are you seeing results? Is it enough time to build a relationship with your audience?

Figure out how much time is ENOUGH, without letting it take over your life.

Second, “consistency” on social media does not equal a magic number of times to post.

Some businesses post several times per day, while other businesses post only a couple of times per week. You need to test out different approaches with your audience and see what works for you.

As long as you stay consistent with the schedule you set, that is the goal.

Why is consistency on social media important?

If you’re going to be putting all the time and energy into being consistent on your pages – it’s a good idea to understand why!

Why You Should be Consistent in your Social Media Marketing

#1. Consistency shows your audience that you are on your page.

This seems kind of obvious, but let me explain. No one likes to interact with a business when they KNOW the business won’t respond!

When you are regularly posting and responding to people on your page, they get to see that you are an active presence there. Your audience will be MORE LIKELY to comment, respond, and reach out when they can see that you are consistently there.

Also, your audience gets to know you and your business better this way.

Because people will generally only purchase from those they know, like and trust – being regularly active on your page is how to build that trust.

#2. Consistency helps you to build authority in your niche.

When your goal is for your audience to know, like and trust you – having authority is a big deal.

By authority, I simply mean that you know what you’re talking about. Your products are credible because you are not scammy – you actually know your stuff!

Sure, YOU know that you know your stuff – but social media is where you get to show OTHERS!

When you are posting consistently with great, quality information about your business and niche – your audience will grow to trust you all the more.

#3. Consistency helps you build your following.

We all know that getting your social media posts in front of people can be challenging! There are several tricks that can help you to have more viewers on your page.

One of those tricks, is to post regularly. When you start putting up quality posts consistently, more people will be drawn to your page, They will interact with the posts through their likes and comments. All of that engagement will drive your posts to reach even more people.

And then more people will follow your page. See how this works?

If you only post sporadically, you’ll likely never see that snowball effect of more engagement and more followers.

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Why You Should be Consistent in your Social Media marketing

#4. Consistency helps you develop your tone & voice.

Many people aren’t quite sure what tone to use on social media when they are “speaking” for their business!

My experience with this is that it take a little bit of thought… and then a whole lot of experience.

By posting regularly, you will see what things people respond to. You will also get more practice at “speaking for your business.”

And quite simply, you will get much more comfortable!

#5. Consistency helps you build real connection with your audience.

When you are commenting and responding to people regularly, you start to have a connection with your people. You’ll see the same people commenting regularly. You may even get to know a bit about them in the process!

Commenting to your regulars is fantastic! This is what turns them into super-fans, who in turn help to grow your business.

Why You Should be Consistent in your Social Media Marketing

#6. Consistency helps you handle concerns in a timely way.

In our fast-paced, social media world – most customers who send a concern or complaint to a business nowadays expect a reply within 4 hours.

4 hours!

Though we don’t want to be LIVING on our pages, if you are not there consistently, there is no way you will catch complaints and handle them in a timely way.

It’s best to create a set time of day where you make a routine to jump on and respond to all comments, questions and concerns.

When this is a part of your daily routine, you will catch comments in a timely way and won’t leave anything hanging.

#7. Consistency helps you to get more skilled at posting for your business.

Simply put, the more experience you have in posting for your business, the better you will become at it.

Anything you do regularly, you become more skilled at. Your posts, speaking in your businesses tone, and connecting with your audience will grow over time.

TIP: One of the ways that I stay consistent is by using the scheduling platform SmarterQueue. This has become, hands down, one of my favorite tools! Get all of your posts scheduled in one platform. Use this link for a 30 day free trial! 

Once you determine a schedule of posting that works well for your business, get consistent in your routine! Make posting and interacting on social media a non-negotiable on your task list each day. And watch your business grow as a result!

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