Why ShareASale Is Better Than Amazon For Affiliate Marketing

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ShareASale is a leading affiliate network for merchants, bloggers, and publishers. Established in 1999, and is one of the top networks in the world, with over 2 million affiliates. This blog post will discuss why ShareASale is better than Amazon in affiliate marketing.

ShareASale also offers different commission rates based on your individual or professional merchant status.

What Makes ShareASale Better Than Amazon In Affiliate Marketing?

ShareASale is a renowned affiliate network with a client portfolio of over 3,000 merchants and an annual income of $400 million. In addition, ShareASale provides retail performance marketing programs for online businesses. ShareASale’s program has been running since 1998.

ShareASale offers high levels of traffic, high commissions, and processing speed and is easier to use than Amazon for affiliate marketers. ShareASale allows affiliates to run their couponing campaigns on Facebook with Coupons ShareASale. The company has many tools for its affiliates, such as ShareASale Affiliate Software, Home Page Mapping, Breadcrumb links, and Reports. In addition, they have excellent customer service, where affiliates can contact ShareASale via email or phone.

ShareASale’s commission structure is not as complicated as Amazon’s affiliate program. ShareASale pays 45 percent of the selling price to the affiliate for each referral on most merchants’ sites; affiliate, while Amazon pays only 4 to 15 percent.

What ShareASale Is And What ShareASale Isn’t.

ShareASale is an affiliation management system for online retailers utilizing affiliate marketing to generate free traffic. In contrast, the Amazon associates program facilitates the link-sharing process so that you can earn a commission as an affiliate marketer.

ShareASale enables merchant affiliates to be paid the highest commission rates and provides all affiliates with a dedicated case manager and personalized login to manage their account 24/7. In addition, ShareASale prides itself on its 5-star customer service. At the same time, the Amazon associates program does not provide any tools for merchants to pay affiliate marketers, nor do they treat you as an equal partner in your business relationship.

What ShareASale Offers That Amazon Associates Program Doesn’t.

ShareASale allows merchants to create affiliate accounts in the ShareASale partner portal. At the same time, ShareASale provides personalized support from your account manager. This makes your affiliate partnership rewarding and profitable.

They also provide an easy way to earn a commission for promoting ShareASale affiliate partners. In addition, ShareASale offers one of the highest payout programs in the industry.

They also provide advertisers with top-notch tracking technology that enables their affiliates and merchants to keep track of clicks, sales, and conversion rates.

Bottom line

ShareASale has been a leader in affiliate marketing for over 20 years. Rest assured that your money will be safe with them, as they have never had to deal with any data breaches or security issues. They also offer flexible payment options so you can get paid quickly and easily.

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