Why Canva Is The Best For Blog Photos

If you ever write a blog post, you will find yourself needing a photo to go with it. Canva paid version is the right choice. Here is why Canva is the best for blog photos.

I realized the affordability of Canva made choosing it a matter of ease of use and how quickly I can create a custom-size photo, download it and upload it to my blog post in less than three minutes. (2 minutes 45 seconds-I timed it). I don’t have to worry about copyright issues or spending time hunting for an image, converting it, or resizing it. All of it is done right on Canva.

Why Canva Is The Best For Blog Photos


Canva is $12.99 monthly. A small price to pay for all of the benefits it provides. I tried numerous methods to get free photos before finally settling on the paid version of Canva. I even tried the free version, but it wasn’t as valuable as the paid version.

Let’s walk through how to create and download a photo. It will help if you know what size you want to make your photo before you start. I use 1200 x 628 pixels on all my blog post featured images.

How To Use Canva

  1. Go to Canva.com and log in or sign up. You can use this link to sign up if you wish.
  2. Click on create a design in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Choose a custom size and make it whatever you want.
  4. On the left of the screen click on photos. The enter the search term you want a photo for. For example, if you search for motorcycles you will get a large selection to pick from. Some are free but most are the Pro version you can buy and if you are on the paid version of Canva those are free to you as well.
  5. Name Your photo. This makes it easier when you upload to your website. This is at the top of the screen on the right where it says untitled design until you change it.
  6. Click the download button. You can choose the format you want. WordPress can only be JPEG.
  7. Click download and boom your done.

Other Uses For Canva

I will not detail the other ways to use Canva, but I will provide a list. Canva is a handy tool and has a wide array of benefits for things other than blog photos.

  • Videos
  • T-Shirts
  • Logo’s
  • Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Business cards
  • Banners
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • And more

You can see you can get a lot of your monthly fee.

Alternatives To Canva

If you want to learn for yourself, here are the other ways I tried to obtain photos.

  • Media from Wix (free with Wix site but extremely limited)
  • Shutterstock (paid option through Wix)
  • UnSplash (Paid option through Wix)
  • Pixabay (offers some free but mostly paid)
  • Pexels (donations and very limited)


Why Canva Is The Best For Blog Photos is something I learned from experience. I was tired of the nuisance of trying to get a photo and resizing it, and after trial and error, I realized my time was way more valuable than what it would cost to pay Canva. Monthly subscriptions are not something I like spending for, and I don’t have Netflix, Showtime, HBO, or any monthly TV subscriptions. I utilize only two tools for blogging. Canva and Grammarly. Both of these are well worth the subscription price.

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