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Why Boosting Facebook Posts is Okay

There are 2 types of people in the world = Resolutions People and Not Resolutions People.

Those that love a fresh start, a new beginning, a definitive day where they can say, “This changes today!” Now, whether those people will actually follow through and stick with those changes is up to them – hey, I’m not judging.

Stick with me down this little rabbit trail for a minute. (We’ll get to the point, I promise.)

A common resolution is to get in shape. Let’s say that 2 separate people make this resolution. Here are their scenarios.

Person A: He is going to get in shape this year.

He goes to a local gym to purchase a membership to work out a few times per week. They tell him that he will need to commit to coming in and working out for an hour at least 6 times per week. In addition, he will need to carve out time for some stretching and yoga classes.

He’ll need to attend their Paleo nutrition course and plan to start cooking all of his meals from scratch (carve out at least and hour or 2 per day for that). Because healthy food will cost more, he’ll need to increase his food budget to $1000 per month. No eating out. 8 glasses of water per day and 8 hours of sleep per night.

This is the life. It starts immediately. He must do this ALL or he will not see success.

Person B: She is going to get in shape this year.

She goes to a different local gym to purchase a membership for her new goal. Taking time to workout is challenging for her because she’s home with her young daughter during the day. The gym tells her of a class, full of mostly moms, where childcare is available. This class meets 3 times per week.

This is the perfectly convenient introduction to her new healthy lifestyle.

Which Person do you think is more likely to stick with their resolution to get in shape this year?

I think it’s obvious that Person B will likely find more success and stick with her plan.


Because the OVERWHELM has been taken out of the process of meeting her goal.

We can take this same principal and apply it to paid advertising on Facebook.

(See? I told you we’d get to the point!)

There is some disagreement about whether “Boosting” a post on Facebook is an effective way to spend your marketing dollars.

Without a doubt, there are more specific and targeted tactics to use through the Power Editor on Facebook. You can go into extensive detail on who sees your ads, what times they see them, and even how the ads appear. You can create campaigns of ads where you compare which types of ads are more effective. The list goes on and on.

Yes, targeted ad campaigns are worth learning how to run, and run well. And they are advertising dollars well-spent.

However, if you are a beginner at running social media for your business, all of that can make you feel like you are Person A at the gym.


I want to give you this thought instead:

It’s OKAY to be a beginner and take your social media marketing one step at a time.

It’s OKAY to learn as you go. Your social media marketing, and your paid advertising on Facebook, does not need to be a complicated campaign or nothing.

If you are here, reading this article, you know that social media is the avenue to further your business.

Most importantly – eliminate the OVERWHELM so that you do not give up on it altogether.

So, because of that, I say – YES! Boost your post on Facebook!

Learn how to do a basic post boost, select a basic audience that will see it, even learn how to pick a radius of an area that will see your post. (Step-by-Step instructions on that HERE).

Though this may not be the most glamorous and complicated use of marketing dollars, it will definitely allow more people to see your content and interact with it. And that’s what you’re going for.

Dip your toes into the water of paid ads on Facebook. I challenge you to keep growing in this area and learn how to do better targeting of your ads. Even trying out Power Editor and what it has to offer.

But, we all start somewhere. Whether it’s with your resolution to get in shape, or using your budget for paid ads on Facebook. Take Step 1 with confidence, only taking Step 2 when you are ready.

It is OKAY to be a beginner.

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