Viddyoze Review: Sharing My Experience (+Lifetime Deal)

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I purchased Viddyoze at the start of the previous *not so amazing* year (2021) and have enjoyed it ever since.

Thanks to the pandemic, I had a lot of extra time to play around with this amazing software and learn the ins and outs.

This is my unbiased Viddyoze review to help you decide if it’s worth the money or just a marketing fad.

Quick Update: I managed to negotiate a special deal with Viddyoze for my readers. For a limited time, you can get a Viddyoze Commercial lifetime plan for just $67. Hurry while the offer lasts!

What Is Viddyoze and Who Created It?

Viddyoze is a cloud-based video animation software that allows you to create professional-looking videos within minutes.

The best part – you don’t need technical knowledge or any experience to use Viddyoze.

With just a few clicks, drag-and-drop, and live editing, you can create amazing videos that’ll otherwise take days and a team of professionals to make.

What is Viddyoze?

How’s it possible?

Well, all the credit goes to Viddyoze’s template library.

Viddyoze comes with a vast collection of studio-grade animations, intros, outros, logo-stingers, social actions, pure live-action animations (one of my favorites), and lower thirds.

All of which are customizable and can be done with just a few mouse clicks. I’ll talk more about it in the latter part of this article.

Moving on to the next question – who created Viddyoze?

Viddyoze Founders
Viddyoze Founders

The amazing trio of Jamie Garside, David Chamberlain, and Joey Xoto launched Viddyoze 1.0 back in 2015 (29th September 2015, to be exact.)

Right from its launch day, Viddyoze saw a positive response from marketers and video creators which pushed the team to work harder and integrate more features.

Since then, the software has seen some great improvements which I will talk about next.

Viddyoze Version History

In the last 5 years, Viddyoze has received 4 major updates which, fortunately, are made available to existing users for free.

You can subscribe to the Viddyoze lifetime plan and as soon as the new major update is released, you’ll get a free upgrade.

Let’s quickly take a look at how Viddyoze has evolved over the last 5 years.

Viddyoze 1.0 (2015)

Launched in 2015, Viddyoze 1.0 redefined the cloud-based animation software. And thanks to its easy-to-use navigation, template library, and other interesting features, Viddyoze managed to break several sales records on JVZoo.

Viddyoze followed the golden rule of a successful product – provide the right solution to the user’s problem – and it worked wonders for them.

Another reason behind a sudden peak in popularity can be attributed to the fact the Viddyoze is a cloud-based software. It makes it platform-independent and users can access it from anywhere, on any device as long as they have a stable internet connection.

I remember hearing about it from my favorite bloggers and internet marketers and how they were impressed with what Viddyoze has to offer. 

However, I didn’t subscribe to it mainly because videos weren’t that important in marketing in those days.

Viddyoze 2.0 (2016)

Following the record-breaking success of 1.0, Viddyoze launched its next major release in the succeeding year, 2016. 

Viddyoze 2.0 carried over the similar features that were present in the previous version with an improved interface. It also added a couple more animation templates, social media call-to-actions, and transition effects.

Combined, Viddyoze 2.0 included just a little over 90 templates in the library.

Slightly after that, the Viddyoze team fulfilled another most popular request by the users – new templates on a continuous basis. Enter – Viddyoze Template Club.

It’s a monthly subscription that allows users to receive new templates every month right in their control panel. On average, the Viddyoze team manages to add 15 new templates every month which is impressive!

Viddyoze Live Action (2017)

With the launch of 2.0, Viddyoze became untouchable by any other intro-maker software in the market. It was easy-to-use, cloud-based, came with great templates, and allowed unlimited renders.

However, it still lacked one thing – real-life animations. So, in 2017, Viddyoze launched a new feature (which honestly no one saw coming) – Viddyoze Live Action.

Simply put, this new feature allows you to put your brand logo in real-life videos within minutes. 

You can have people walk around a billboard that shows your logo, humans paint-spray your logo on the wall, etc. Here’s an example video:

Since this launch was focused around this very specific feature, Viddyoze added more live-action video templates and additional fine-tuning in the user experience.

Viddyoze 3.0 (2019)

2 years later and after becoming one of the most popular names in the game, Viddyoze launched the latest version in 2019 – Viddyoze 3.0

The website also went through a rebrand and they decided to remove the version so now it’s called simply “Viddyoze”

Viddyoze now has over 170 professional templates, new movie filters, exclusive technologies like ALPHA technology, more live-action videos, and a lot more.

According to the Viddyoze website, the software has been used by over 100,000+ users – an impressive feat if you ask me. 

But that’s not it, Viddyoze claims that some of the well-known companies like Vodafone, Sony, DHL Express, Tesla, Verizon, Scania, and Phillips have also used its software. 

Viddyoze Clients and Customers
Viddyoze Clients and Customers

While that does sound a bit sketchy at first, considering how great the software has become now, it could be a possibility.

Update: Viddyoze team has been teasing a new software update that promises to add amazing features.

Now, that we are on the same track and it’s clear that Viddyoze isn’t a scam, let’s talk about how you can best use it.

What Can I Use Viddyoze for?

If you are already into video creation and create okay-ish videos, you can Viddyoze to take it to the next level. To give you an idea, Viddyoze can be used to create:

  • Attention-grabbing marketing videos
  • Informative or explainer videos
  • Intro video for your YouTube channel or website
  • Add interesting lower-thirds
  • Social media posts
  • Export in GIF and post on your website, email, or newsletter
  • With a commercial license, you can even start a business and sell video animation to customers

The possibilities are endless! Here’s are two side-by-side comparison videos to give you a better idea of what’s possible with Viddyoze.

And if you’re wondering whether or not Viddyoze is a right fit for me, let me answer that.

The beauty of Viddyoze is that it doesn’t target a specific niche of the audience. They have got a decent-sized library with templates that’d suit every niche and business model. 

And with customization options, you can create a perfect video even for the weirdest niches.

Viddyoze Pricing

Before I talk about the features, let’s take a look at available plans, what’s included, and how you can get Viddyoze for an extra $60 discount with a special deal.

There are two Viddyoze license plans available that you can choose from:

  • Viddyoze Personal priced at $97 (one-time payment)
  • Viddyoze Commercial priced at $127 (one-time payment)
How much does Viddyoze cost?

Here’s a quick comparison between both these plans to give you an idea of how they differ:

As you can notice, there are only a couple of differences between Personal and Commercial plans.

I’d recommend going for the Commercial plan as it offers unlimited renders per month, usage rights on clients’ videos, and two solid bonuses worth around $300.

The bonus includes two in-depth training courses:

  1. The “Reverse Sales” Frictionless Client Getting Blueprint (worth $197)
  2. YouTube Profits Elevator (worth $97)

That’s not it! To help you save money on the Commercial plan, I have a special offer with real-life savings.

Viddyoze Coupon Code *Special Offer*

Of course, I went an extra mile for my blog readers and managed to get a special deal for you.

If you use this special link to buy Viddyoze, you’ll get the Viddyoze Commercial for just $67.

This is a real-life saving of $60 if you compare to what everyone else pays for the same plan. And yes, you still get access to the two bonuses mentioned above.

Best part? There are no hidden terms or conditions that you need to worry about. You just visit the special discount page and buy the software. As simple as that!

Viddyoze Commercial Lifetime Deal
Viddyoze Rare $67 Pricing Offer

I’m not sure how long Viddyoze will be running this special offer so make sure to hurry and grab it while it lasts.

You can thank me by using links on this page to purchase 🙂

Buy Viddyoze Commercial Lifetime Plan for $67

Viddyoze Review 2022: Top Features & Benefits of Viddyoze

Although there are no significant differences, I just want to make it clear that the features discussed below are based on Viddyoze Commercial which I own. 

And with the special offer mentioned above, I’m pretty sure you’ll also purchase that over a Personal plan ($60 instant savings and extra features – a no-brainer, right?)

Let’s get started with the Viddyoze review now.

1. Automated & Easy To Use

The biggest selling point of Viddyoze is its ease of use (and it’s very evident if you take a look at their website.)

Compared to other professional animation video makers, Viddyoze has a short learning curve and requires absolutely no prior experience.

I was able to make my first video in less than 10 minutes so yeah, that’s impressive!

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick the template you like from the library
  • Edit the default wording, logo, and graphic
  • Hit render

Aaaand, you are done!

Your video will be ready to download in MP4 or GIF format. Download it and start taking the internet by storm.

2. Cloud-Based Software

Another feature I loved the most is that Viddyoze is a cloud-based software. It means, it will work on whatever device you are using and you can use it from ANYWHERE.

Whether you work in a cafe, your bed, or in the mountains, if you have got an internet connection, you can use Viddyoze.

More importantly, it frees you from using a powerful desktop machine built specifically for video editing. You can use Viddyoze on any device running on any operating system without worrying about compatibility.

Heck, yeah, it even works on smartphones and tablets. Everything happens within your browser and on the internet.

Since all the computing is done on the cloud, you can save a ton of money on a machine that you’d otherwise invest in for a traditional video maker.

Also, you can use Viddyoze on unlimited devices as they don’t limit account access. This way, you can edit videos on your smartphone while on the go and continue editing them on your laptop when you reach home. No need to take out cables for file transfers.

3. 170+ Professional Video Templates

From the past 5 years of Viddyoze’s evolution, it’s very clear that ready-made templates are people’s favorite features.

That’s why Viddyoze launched a separate monthly subscription called Viddyoze Template Club where you get new templates every month. 

As of now, Viddyoze Template Club has over 1400 templates in total which is 20x more than what regular customers get.

It costs an additional $37 per month and you get around 15 new video templates per month (on average.)

However, even if you don’t shell out extra money, both Viddyoze regular plans will get you access to a decent library of 170+ professional templates. It’s more than enough for newcomers who want to test the waters without investing too much.

Viddyoze professional templates

The Viddyoze library contains:

  • Live-action animations
  • Logo stingers
  • Intros
  • Outros
  • Social actions
  • Floating social animations
  • Lower thirds
  • Transitions
  • Movie filters
  • Call To Action overlays

The majority of these templates have custom-created audio tracks to go with for a better sound experience.

Occasionally, Viddyoze also gives free access to some of the Template Club elements to all users. The most recent one was on the 2nd of October.

Viddyoze Template Facebook Announcement


4. Advanced Photo Tools

There’s no doubt that Viddyoze is a powerful video-editing software. But, it doesn’t stop there.

In Viddyoze 3.0, you’ll find some amazing photo editing tools that make so much sense. The list includes:

  1. One-Click Background Removal
  2. Image Editing – Crop, Resize, Fix Lighting, etc.
  3. Direct Access to Thousands of Stock Images from Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash

If you like to add images to your videos, these features will make a world of a difference.

5. Add Watermarks

The internet is full of copycats. Take YouTube, for example, you’ll find dozens of channels impersonating the original creator with the same name, profile, and even the same re-uploaded videos.

Felix aka PewDiePie (the most subscribed individual content creator on YouTube) made a video about it himself.

Trivia: The above channel was Felix’s first channel but he forgot its password and created a new channel with the name “PewDiePie” and the rest is history.

While it’s easier to report these channels and get them removed on YouTube, not all of the platforms work this way.

And who likes it when their content is stolen or reused by someone else without any credits.

Fortunately, Viddyoze lets you add watermarks to your videos that only you can remove. This will keep away a majority of content thieves at least.

6. MP4 Video Compatibility

According to, MP4 is the most popular video format, and albeit the most supported one. 

All of the social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter support it as well as YouTube.

So, it makes total sense that Viddyoze is also 100% compatible and all of the videos are created in MP4 format which you can download and directly share.

Alternatively, you can render your video in GIF (without sound) to add to email or newsletter.

7. Commercial License

Not only can Viddyoze help you improve your or your brand’s social image, but it can also open another lucrative second income stream.

With the Viddyoze Commercial plan, you get the rights to sell animation to clients. And with our special deal, you can get the Viddyoze commercial plan for just $67 (an instant $60 discount.)

Buy Viddyoze Commercial Lifetime Plan for $67

Given that the cost of a simple 30-second animated video can run into hundreds, you can easily build a sustainable business with your Viddyoze purchase.

If you plan to go after this route, I’d recommend subscribing to Viddyoze Template Club.

Although it costs an extra $37 per month, it gives you access to 1400+ professional templates (plus new ones getting added every month like clockwork.)

You can easily make that monthly investment back with just one video order.

8. Free Tutorial Videos & Community Access

For the most part, Viddyoze is self-explanatory. You won’t need to go through a crash course to learn it and create videos.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles. To help you around in such situations, Viddyoze has put together a couple of tutorial videos for you.

Although the list is very short, it covers the basics and each step is explained in a very detailed manner. 

I’d recommend you to go through these regardless of your technical experience to get the hang of the software’s interface.

Another interesting perk is access to the Viddyoze Facebook Group community. As of now, there are 58,000+ active users – an outstanding feat for this type of software.

Viddyoze Facebook Group

You can share your videos and get constructive feedback from other members and admins. It can also help you collaborate with other creators and grow together.

9. Lifetime Support and Updates

Viddyoze has a pretty huge help section that contains over 100 articles around the most commonly asked questions. 

For the most part, you should be able to get an answer to your query there. If not, there’s an option to submit a ticket which gets answered in a couple of hours.

Alternatively, you can always reach out to the Viddyoze support team via email. Their support team is pretty active and knowledgeable.

However, the lack of phone and live chat options is rather disappointing. It’d have been nice to talk to someone without waiting for hours to get a reply.

What’s good though is that Viddyoze is a one-time payment software. Once you’ve paid for a license, you get lifetime updates of all future versions without needing to pay extra.

This is great as you can just pay once and use the latest features introduced by the Viddyoze team for years to come.

10. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

And finally, let’s not ignore the possibility that you may not like Viddyoze after trying it out. 

On paper, it sure looks great with amazing features and the special lifetime deal will entice you to buy the software. But what if you don’t like it afterward?

Well, don’t worry. Your money is 100% safe.

Viddyoze is legit software and to show how serious they are about it, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all purchases.

What this means is you can take Viddyoze for a test drive and see if it’s suitable for your needs. If it is, keep using it. If not, submit a refund request and you’ll get the money back without any questions asked.

Viddyoze 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just keep in mind that your account will be deactivated after you’ve received the refund (another no-brainer.)

Viddyoze Complaints: What Can Be Improved?

Now, Viddyoze isn’t perfect software and like every other software out there, it has certain shortcomings.

While I couldn’t find some major drawbacks, two things bugged me the most which I would love to get resolved in future updates.

1. Limited Customization

As I have said before, Viddyoze is targeted towards those who don’t want to learn advanced animation software but need a simple, easy-to-use one.

And that’s something that limits the capability of Viddyoze. The templates and customization options are very limited which you might get bored of after some time.

You’ll also find it hard to add unique animations or transitions like professionals do. While not the best solution, the only possible way as of now is to subscribe to Viddyoze Template Club that instantly gives you access to 1400+ ready-to-use templates.

However, if you are a newbie and don’t need advanced customization, you will be happy with what Viddyoze has to offer right out of the box.

2. You Can’t Add Custom Audio

The other major inconvenience I faced with Viddyoze is that it doesn’t let you add custom audio tracks. 

Each of the templates comes with a pre-set audio effect/sound which you can choose to use or disable but there’s no way to add your own.

To add the custom sound, I typically need to export the Viddyoze video, import it to another video editor, and then add the soundtrack at the right time.

It doesn’t take a lot of time but it sure adds up a few extra steps to your video creation process.

I’d love to see the possibility of adding custom audio tracks and adjusting them on a new timeline track (like a regular video editor). But for now, we’ll have to make do with the workaround.

So far in my usage, these two were the only major drawbacks of Viddyoze that I would like to get resolved with future updates. 

There are a couple of others too like 1. you need a good internet connection and 2. render time is quite slow but I figured these are subjective. Based on your internet speed and device computing power, the results may vary.

Viddyoze Upsells

There are two upsells that you can purchase in addition to Viddyoze Personal or Commercial plans.

Upsell 1: Viddyoze Template Club

It’s a monthly subscription that gives you access to a much larger Viddyoze animation library. As of now (Feb 2022), there are 1400+ templates available to template club subscribers.

Viddyoze Template Club Features

The number is 20 times bigger than what you get otherwise and keeps growing on a monthly basis.

You can subscribe to Viddyoze Template Club for $37 per month with the ability to cancel the subscription when you don’t need to use it.

In my honest opinion, if you are a business, freelancer, or someone planning to create/sell a lot of videos using Viddyoze, Template Club will be a value for money investment.

Upsell 2: Viddyoze Agency

This is the best of what Viddyoze has to offer. Viddyoze Agency plan is suitable for, well, video agencies and gives you access to additional features not available to anyone else.

Some of these awesome features include:

  • Render up to 10 videos at a time
  • Save assets and brand-pallets
  • Teams and sub-accounts
  • White label technology
  • 1-click watermarking
  • Access to Bespoke Animation service where you can get Viddyoze templates customized for a small fee (colors, fonts, transitions, etc.)

In addition to the above exclusive features, Viddyoze will also hook you up with a Template Club subscription (inclusive) and 10 Viddyoze reseller accounts that you can give away or sell to your clients (a nice passive income opportunity.)

Viddyoze Agency Upsell

Usually, the Viddyoze Agency plan costs $10,844/year + $2000 One Time but for a limited time, you can grab it for just $297 per month (no contracts)

Learn More About Viddyoze Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still on the fence and have a couple of questions before making the jump, these will help.

1. Viddyoze Personal vs Commercial: Which one to go for?

Honestly, I’d recommend skipping the Personal plan. Especially when you can get a Commercial plan for real-life savings of $60 using links on this page. 

Not only will you save extra money, but you also get unlimited renders and bonus courses worth $300. Now, that’s what I call an exclusive deal.

2. How do you use Viddyoze?

It’s a cloud-based software that you can access via any web browser on any device (Mac, Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, etc.)

Once you access the site you’ll need to log in with your credentials which will take you straight to the dashboard. From here you can start creating animated videos with ease.

3. Is there any Viddyoze coupon code available?

Unfortunately, no. Viddyoze doesn’t provide coupon codes, EVER, so there’s no point in looking for them.

However, you do get an extra $60 off on Viddyoze Commercial using links on this page which is a solid deal.

4. How can I make money with Viddyoze?

There are countless ways you can make money using Viddyoze, some of which are:

  • Start a YouTube channel and upload videos created with Viddyoze
  • Become a freelancer and sell video animation as a service
  • Open a video agency and use Viddyoze Agency plan to take multiple clients

4. Is Viddyoze a scam?

Certainly, not. It has been in the market for 5 years and is constantly being updated with new features. The founders are also very active in the community and openly talk about their vision.

What’s more, Viddyoze has over 100,000+ users and multi-million brands have used it. I think that’s enough to show that it’s not a scam.

5. How to get more Viddyoze templates?

By default, you get access to 170 professional templates with both Personal and Commercial plans. 

To get more templates, you can subscribe to Viddyoze Template Club which is a monthly subscription service and gets you access to the entire library (1400+ templates and growing.)

On average, you get at least 15 new templates every month with Viddyoze Template Club which are directly added to your current library.

6. How do I get Viddyoze for free?

You can’t and there’s no free trial that’ll let you access Viddyoze for free. You’ll need to buy either a Personal or Commercial plan to use Viddyoze.

7. Is Viddyoze a one-time purchase?

Yes, Viddyoze is a one-time purchase. Besides, you can get Viddyoze Commercial for a real-life saving of $60 using special links on this page.

Buy Viddyoze Commercial Lifetime Plan for $67

8. Are there any Viddyoze competitors?

Viddyoze competes with a lot of established and new video animation software in the space. Some of its notable competitors are PowToon, Renderforest Video Maker, and Moovly.

My Final Thoughts: Is Viddyoze Worth It?

Absolutely, yes. Viddyoze is one of the best online video editing software I have used so far and for the price, it’s a no-brainer.

The best feature for me is the ease of use and interface. There are no confusing options to fiddle around and everything is readily available in an easy-to-understand way.

With a few clicks, you can upgrade your homemade videos to look like a video created by a professional crew. If you want that, Viddyoze is the best possible software in the market.

For just $67, you can get lifetime access to Viddyoze Commercial and create unlimited videos.

Now, let me ask you. What do you think of Viddyoze? Have you used it in the past? If so, what’s your experience with it?

Let me know in the comments down below.

If you are looking for some Viddyoze alternatives, continue reading my Doodly and Toonly review.

Also, if you liked reading my Viddyoze review, consider sharing it with your friends. That’ll help me a lot 🙂

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