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Having a writer’s block? Do these methods to get ideas on topics to write on your blog

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You are here because you don’t know where to get topics to write on your blog.

Maybe you’re having a writer’s block or mental block when the words don’t seem to come.

It is quite frustrating when you have the time, but your mind doesn’t cooperate with your body or what your heart’s telling you—-to write now.

Everyone can be a victim of writer’s block. Apparently, famous writers suffer from this too.

Yet, don’t confuse the writer’s block from procrastinating. If you’re suffering from the latter, I recommend the book Anti-Procrastination for Writers.

When you’re struggling right now (that’s why you’re here), and you wanted to write for your blog or website, but you don’t know what topics to write about this 2020 that your readers will surely love, I share with you the methods and resources I use when I run out of ideas too.

Use these methods and write your next popular blog topics:

Use your blog, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console as a medium

Before you turn to other methods to find unique blog ideas, you can use your own blog and extract ideas.

How does it work?

Assuming you have already enabled Google Analytics, and it is connected already to your blog. Now go to your blog analytics, find Behavior on the left side and click on it. Then you will find Site Content and click on All Pages.

You will then find the top-performing blog posts or titles that you can use to create new content. It doesn’t have to be the same, but you can extract ideas from that post and elaborate on that topic for a new article.

Aside from Google Analytics, you can turn to Google Search Console. You won’t only get content ideas, but it will also help you improve your blog’s SEO.

On your Google Search Console’s Overview page, you will see the Open Report and click on it. Scroll through the page, and you find Queries. Below are the terms or keywords people use that led to your blog posts.

Using those terms, you can recreate a new content if you’re looking for ideas that people are searching for.

Basically, you can also use your niche to get ideas on what to write for your blog and audience. If you have a social share plugin with count enabled, it will give you the hint on what people read most and share the most.

Alternatively, you can track what blog posts get the most comments. If readers leave genuine comments, means they love and they need that type of topic.

Use Pinterest for popular blog topics

Simply go to Pinterest (if you haven’t signed up on Pinterest, do now), and go to the search bar.

There you will find ideas for you, and below are topics popular on Pinterest.

popular blog topics on Pinterest in 2020

Or, if you have already an idea in mind, you can verify it and search it on Pinterest.

For example, I searched for blog post and here are the results:

Ideas to get topics to write on your blog

Use your social media accounts to look for topics to write about

When you’re on Twitter, you are already familiar with its usage. You can stalk your favorite bloggers there and find what topics or tweets get a lot of retweets, comments or likes.

Remember, you don’t have to copy other bloggers’ contents, but you can use those topics as inspiration to writing your own blog topic.

You shouldn’t forget that plagiarism is never okay, and that is no way the right shortcut to blogging success.

Hang around Quora and Reddit

I use these two websites for blogging (researching and answering) and entertainment (reading answers). Quora is a question-and-answer website and has 300 million active users every month.

You get not only random topics to write about for your blog, but Quora can also improve your blog traffic by answering a certain question and linking one of your blog posts.

Reddit is quite similar to Quora, only the latter is much easier to use based on my opinion from using the platform.

Reddit has features you should learn before diving into it and leaving your links, which is by the way not recommended, especially if you’re still new on the platform.

The same with Quora, yes, you can leave your links but write a genuine answer first without leaving your blog post link in the first sentence of your answer.

how to get topics to write on your blog this year 2020
How to use Quora
How to use Quora to find topics to write on your blog
How to use Quora to find topics to write on your blog

Use Amazon (but not to shop)

Amazon is not only for shopping, but you can also use this platform when you’re looking for interesting things or topics to write about.

In this method, we use the method by searching for books to find blog ideas you can write and post on your blog.

How to look for popular blog topics 2020 using Amazon
Use Amazon to find blog topics
interesting topics to write about using Amazon
Use the contents page to look for topics for your blog

Scroll through Facebook and Facebook groups

You should not only use Facebook to stalk your friends’ lives or status, but you can use Facebook when you’re having writer’s block and you don’t know what to write next.

One source of blog traffic for some bloggers is Facebook through Facebook groups.

If you’re a member of some Facebook groups for blogging, you might have noticed that members often publish or post their problems related to their blogs.

Every problem has a solution, and you can write for that solution.

If the problem is your forte or part of your niche, you can write it easily, if not, but you’re interested in the topic, you can research more about it.

When you’re done writing a topic, and that member is still looking for answers, you can even post your link as an answer (of course with a comment, and not merely leaving your link).

Here are examples of questions I found on Facebook groups:

topics to write on your blog
random topics to talk about on your blog
question as topic to write about

Read blog comments

Some readers leave praises and feedbacks as comments, but others leave questions.

It may be on your blog posts or on other bloggers’ posts, write those questions down and create new content that is related to the question or answer those questions.

Check out YouTube

Usually, you use the YouTube search option to find interesting topics to write about for your readers, but sometimes videos or vlogs will give you inspiration or ideas about what to publish on your blog.

topics to write about

I’ve written one of my blog posts that get organic traffic almost every day after I watched a vlog. Initially, I wanted to write a review about it, but I created a blog topic about it.

So, check out YouTube now. Who knows, you’ll find some inspiration for your blog writing.

Now it’s your turn

Every blogger can write any topic, but we should also consider the fact that we’re not only writing for us, we’re writing for our readers.

So how do you find topics for your blog to satisfy your readers and followers?

Do you have other methods or sources you love using that are worthy of sharing?

If you’re using these methods, which are your favorites?

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