5 Easy Tips to Create Pinterest Pins That Will Get Tons of Clicks

One of my favorite things about blogging is using Pinterest. To gain the most traffic and views from Pinterest you need to have lots of great pins. Fresh content is key but so are clickable pins.

1 Use clear Fonts

Fonts can be a lot of fun but too many fonts can lead to a messy and busy pin that people will ignore.

You don’t want people to ignore your pins so choosing good clear fonts is really important. Stick to two or three fonts max on a pin. Using a script font sparingly and be careful that any words in script fonts can still be clearly read.

Some fonts pair up better together than others, so try different ones out and see which ones work best for you. Here is a link and graphic of some great Canva font pairings to help get you started.

2 Use a Call to Action

If you want to get more clicks from your pins to your website one of the best ways to do this is to use a Call to Action on your Pin. Such as Click here, Click to Read more, Get your Free checklist, etc.

You need to tell people on Pinterest what to do or often they will just end up doing nothing. That is the point of your call to action. You are telling the person that sees your pin why they need to click it to go to your blog.

3 Not too Busy

One common mistake I see on pins that cause me not to click on them is that they are too busy. From too many fonts, too many colors, really busy images. Sometimes all three and then it’s way too busy.

The problem with busy pins is that they confuse people and when people are confused they tend to do nothing and will pass over your pin in order to find a better and more clear pin on the topic that they are looking for.

This one relates to the headline you add on the pin itself. One of the biggest mistakes I see is that people include words but you can’t read them. A few reasons for this might be:

  • The font color is too similar to the background color
  • The words can’t stand out against the background image
  • The font is too small
  • The font is a script font that’s hard to read

Script fonts can look great on pins but you want to make sure that you are using the right one. The fonts and color combinations that you use when you create headlines on your pins are really important to helping your pin stand out on Pinterest. Making it more likely that your pin will get clicked.

4 A great headline

Just like with your blog posts your headlines or titles are really important for getting people to click on your pin. Your headline needs to capture someone’s attention and make them want to click from Pinterest to the article.

You can also add a subheadline in order to add more information in order to get people to want to click on your pin.

You need your words, the copy on your pins to get people to want to click on the pin and read more.

These three pins all have great eye-catching headlines that really stood out on Pinterest and made me want to know more. Getting saves on Pinterest is great but to get clicks you need to work on your headlines.

Do you need your Headline to match your blog post title?

You’ve worked hard to find the perfect headline for your blog post, right? And I think that you should definitely use it on your first pin you create for the post. But not every pin to a post needs to have the same headline or title.

It’s actually a good idea to vary these. And to take it one step further – your headline on the pin and your Pin title doesn’t need to be the same either! You can use one headline on the pin and another on the title as long as both are accurate and relate to what’s in the post.

This is something I’m working on doing with old posts. Creating new pins with new headlines that I think will encourage people to want to click overto read the blog post. So far it’s working and I’m encouraged to keep doing it with old posts.

5 Use Great Images

Above all else Pinterest is a visual platform, yes your words matter on the pin and in the description but your images are also super important.

There are a few background options when it comes to your Pinterest pin design.

You can leave it white, use a flat color background, throw a pattern on it, or go with the most popular option, which is a photo.

If you’re any good at snapping decent photos, you may be able to use your own. If you’re like the rest of us, you don’t have that kind of skill, so you will probably need to take advantage of stock photos.

Don’t always settle for free photos, as most of those are overused and have made their rounds. I have a subscription to She Bold Stock where I get tons of great images. Plus a benefit of Canva pro is lots of stock images that aren’t available to free users.

Make sure you follow these tips when searching for the perfect stock photo:

  • Look for brightly colored pictures. I’ve learned that pinners are drawn to pinks reds and oranges as opposed to dark colors like browns and grays. Images that are lighter and simpler are usually easier to work with than busy images with lots going on.
  • Avoid faces. It’s been shown that pinners are drawn to pins that don’t contain a face. This way, they can imagine themselves instead of a cheesy stock model smiling at her salad. I will mention that I’ve seen some super successful pins that have faces, so it all depends on your audience. Test the waters! You can use people in your images without having peoples faces straight on. You can show sides of faces or people from behind.
  • Size Matters. Make sure the photo you find is large enough, so it doesn’t appear blurry or pixelated, which looks very unprofessional. If you’re cropping or zooming in, be extra careful! And most importantly…
  • Take time picking the right images! I love sifting through stock photos to find the perfect one for my pin. Don’t settle the first photo that catches your eye. Try searching for different phrases until you have a winner. 

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