20 Top Tips for Growing Your Blog

Do you want to be a better blogger and need some tips on how to do so? Well I have put together 20 of the blogging tips I have learned over my blogging journey the lat 2+ years. Hopefully they will help you grow to be a better blogger as well.  These are just 20 things you can do for your blog, there are so many things you can learn and do for your blog. 

1. List posts always do really well

2. include at least one photo in every post if not more

3. include the tags for your post as you post. I do that now but didn’t start till I had so many posts that I had to go back through. 

4. join Facebook groups, it’s a great way to share your blog with new people and find other great blogs.

5. Comment on other blogs as much as possible. It makes people feel good to get comments and it introduces them to your blog. 

6.  Blog often, How often is up to you. I usually do 3-5 posts a week but it’s what works for you. 

7. Just don’t disappear from your blog for a long time with no warning. Your followers might not come back when you do. 

8.  Get to know your followers. Ask questions, pay attention to what they like and comment on. 

9. My personal preference is having a self hosted WordPress blog. I’ve used Blogger and it was fine but I love WordPress. 

10. Use social media to grow exposure to your blog.

11. It can become overwhelming so just try to focus on a couple networks and grow them, then try others. It’s nearly impossible to give your all to 10 networks at once and blog. 

12. To help with Social media I use Buffer, I have the upgraded account which is $10 a month and so worth it. I can just add stuff to buffer as I find it and one a week I will go through and really fill up my Que with posts for the week. That way I don’t have to be constantly posting everywhere.

13. Start collecting email addresses. I have a newsletter and email out blog updates. I don’t have a big list but it’s growing slowly. 

14. To improve my photos I use Pic Monkey and to create graphics I love Canva. They are both user friendly and inexpensive. 

15.  Give a lot to receive more. Blogging is a lot about community. So pin, tweet share comment and like other bloggers posts. It will come back to help you. 

16. Track your traffic. At the beginning of each month I update a excel spreadsheet with my number of followers on (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+) That way I can see if I’m growing and where. 

17. I also love exploring Google analytics to see where people are finding my blog from and what pages are getting viewed the most. 

18. Have a clean and simple Blog design (not too busy is easier to read)

19. Use the same colors, fonts, picture throughout all of your online presence to establish your brand

20. Write for your ideal follower and not just what you think people who are already following you want to read but for the followers you want to attract as well. 

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