How to Tactfully Approach Your Customers (so that they will buy!)
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How to Tactfully Approach Your Customers (so that they will buy!)

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Imagine a conversation with a good friend.

You tell your friend that you are planning to get in better shape this year. You’ve never worked out consistently before and honestly, you’re kind of intimidated. There are so many programs and gyms to choose from, and (if we’re being REAL honest) you’re not sure if you’ll stick with it.

Option #1: Your friend immediately catches you up to speed on her recent victory at the Crossfit games this spring. She has followed her Paleo diet of choice to perfection. Workout clothing lines are requesting to be her sponsor.

She is truly a specimen of physical fitness success.

Option #2: You friend listens to you express your intimidation about following a new program, but she sees the desire in you to follow through. She tells you that she knows of a gym with great training options. She’s found a lot of success, and so have many other people. The gym offers diet education and accountability. Your friend is actually on her way to her workout class right then, and invites you to come along and check it out.

Which option is more helpful to you?

Option 2, of course. But now, let’s talk about why.

People are looking for SOLUTIONS to their problems, no doubt. But more than that, they are looking for people who will walk them through the process.

This is why anything is better achieved when you have accountability and encouragement. When someone SHOWS you the way and WALKS through it with you, you are much more likely to succeed.

We can use this same idea when we are selling our product and marketing our business.

We’ve identified our customers’ problems, and even developed ways that we can solve their problem. (if you haven’t walked through this process, you can head here and get caught up)

BUT – your approach to solving their problems matters. It matters deeply.

If you approach your customers with a tone that you know it all, you’ve figured it out, you are the best – they will NOT stick around.

However, if you approach your customers with the tone of listening to their problems, understanding them, and showing them a solution – they are MUCH more likely to respond to you and your product.

Though this is an easy concept to understand when it comes to friendships, it requires more strategy when you are marketing your business. Isn’t it our instinct to show all of our accolades, awards and greatness?

Try this practical tip.

When you sit down to write your social media post, email, etc. – imagine your ideal customer sitting across from you. How would you, in an actual conversation, tell them about how you can solve their problem?

Chances are it will be in a very conversational and tactful way.

Let’s bring the same tact we use in conversation to our marketing.

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