Stupid Simple SEO Review: Don’t Buy This Course IF…

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I wrote this Stupid Simple SEO Review after taking the course twice over the past 3 years and feeling extremely frustrated.

The short of it: Yes, I highly recommend this course if you want advanced SEO knowledge to help you catapult your blog traffic. BUT it makes me angry because it’s way too long and overwhelming, hence why it took me 3 years to finally complete it. It contains 11 freaking hours of videos. 😫 **Don’t buy this course if you don’t plan to finish it within 30 days of buying it.**


Because Mike offers an amazing FULL REFUND within 30 days (as long as you show that you completed the course and implemented the strategies). I quote this directly from the SSSEO site:

“If you go through a course, put in the work, implement the strategies, and don’t see any results, then you can email me within 30 days for a full refund.”

AND because if you don’t plan on finishing this course quickly, you will continue to waste hours, months, even years of your life on a blog strategy that simply doesn’t work as well as Mike’s does! (I am speaking from personal experience here.)

**UPDATE July 2021: You can ONLY purchase Stupid Simple SEO if you attend Mike’s FREE masterclass webinar online about his SEO strategy. It’s free, and there is NO obligation to buy anything. Think of it as a way to “try before you buy.” **

Who Am I? (A Stupid Simple SEO Review Means Nothing Without Context)

I thought I was an SEO expert. Seriously. I studied it formally in an online media college course in 2010. Since then, I’ve studied it informally through free online resources. I even gave SEO audits to business owners as a consultant.

So, SEO is nothing new to me.

I also sold a blog for a TON of money in 2019, and it received more than 100K pageviews, with more than 75% of that coming from Google Search!

Here are all the SEO courses I’ve taken. IF you read a Stupid Simple SEO review post by someone who has NEVER taken any other SEO course, then be skeptical. They might think it’s the best SEO course they’ve ever taken…but it’s also the ONLY SEO course they’ve ever taken.

  1. Project 24’s SEO course
  2. Pajama Affiliates’ SEO course
  3. Create and Go’s SEO Blueprint for Bloggers
  4. Stupid Simple SEO

Who Is Mike Pearson of Stupid Simple SEO?

Mike is the real deal. He has a full-time corporate job, and even while holding down his job, within five years of using his SEO strategy, he is earning six figures per YEAR with blogs and niche sites—just with SEO! He doesn’t mess with Pinterest. He also recently sold one of his blogs for MULTIPLE six figures!

He even shares some of his niche sites. Here’s one if you wanna check it out:

What Does Mike Teach in Stupid Simple SEO That’s so Special?

Great question. How are you doing SEO right now? Are you just thinking of ideas of keywords you think your audience might be Googling? Then you’re wasting time.

Mike takes a totally different approach: He begins by looking at the keywords your competitors are ranking for. Why? Because that proves those keywords are being searched for and are making money. If a competitor who’s on Mediavine is ranking for a term…you best believe that’s a money-making term.

But he doesn’t just stop there. He provides you with spreadsheets packed with specialized formulas that pull all the data you need to know to outrank your competitors. You’ll find out things like:

  • How much traffic the keyword can get you
  • The keyword difficulty, which tells you if you stand a chance against outranking the competitor—so you don’t waste time going after a keyword that you’ll never rank for
  • How to find a treasure trove of money-making keywords by using the powerful keyword research tool Ahrefs
  • How to use several shortcuts/hacks/tools to minimize your effort, merge all your data, and filter out the best keywords to target

The Stupid Simple SEO Strategy in a Nutshell

Step 1: Start with finding a TON of your competitors.

Step 2: Get this data into a spreadsheet with special formulas that help you find MORE competitors.

Step 3: Use this spreadsheet to INSTANTLY find out the top pages and keywords of ALL your competitors at once.

Step 4: Merge this data using a special tool that Mike built.

Step 5: Filter out the useless keywords and find a treasure trove of the top keywords you can actually rank for! Mike shows you how to use special filters to do this and tells you the exact domain rating range you should be able to compete with (EVEN IF your site is starting at 0).

Step 6: Find out the exact template/formula Mike uses to create blog posts that rank in Google.

Stupid Simple SEO Before and After Results

Okay, so remember I took most of SSSEO in November 2018, but I didn’t finish the course because I got lazy. BUT EVEN without finishing all of the course, my traffic went from 75K pageviews to more than 100K pageviews four months later. Can you imagine how much more traffic I’d have if I’d actually COMPLETED the course??

Here are REAL before and after results from the private Stupid Simple SEO Facebook group (included with the course!)

She got into Mediavine this year thanks in part to SSSEO!

After taking Stupid Simple SEO, one of the TOP blog posts on my travel blog (the one that brings some of the MOST traffic per month) is NUMBER ONE in Google search for a competitive term. It’s been number one since 2019!!!

Why You Should Buy Stupid Simple SEO Course

  • It’s been years and you’re still not reaching your blogging goals.
  • Pinterest, once again, changed its algorithm, and your traffic tanked.
  • Pinterest, once again, banned you inexplicably, and your traffic tanked.
  • You’ve Googled everything about SEO and still aren’t seeing results.
  • You want to take proven advice from an SEO expert who has built and sold MULTIPLE six-figure blogs (Mike).

Sign up for a FREE Stupid Simple SEO webinar to get a taste of the course (free of charge!)

Why You Should NOT Buy Stupid Simple SEO Course

  • THE NUMBER ONE reason you should NOT buy this course is if you get overwhelmed easily and won’t complete it. I gave up on this course the first time through, back in November 2019 and finally revisited it now, in July 2021! Think of all the time and money I wasted by not completing the course. If you’re going to shell out $497 and then NOT finish the course, just walk away now.
  • You don’t have the money. I understand that SSSEO is pricey, but it’s still not even the most expensive course I’ve bought, nor is it in the top most expensive blogging courses out there. That being said, if buying the course means you’ll put yourself into credit card
  • debt, then of course, don’t buy it!
  • In the process of doing the Stupid Simple SEO Strategy, you might discover that your niche just sucks. There, I said it. I realized that the niches I’m aiming for with my blogs (blogging about blogging, freelancing, and lifestyle) are so crazy competitive that finding easy-to-rank-for keywords using Mike’s strategy was nearly impossible. That’s why I HIGHLY recommend getting his course Niche Site Academy before you waste more time on a blog that won’t make much money or might take years to be profitable.
  • Other than that, I really can’t see any cons. Mike’s strategies work, and I wasted 7 years doing what I THOUGHT was good SEO only to find out that I lacked a true strategy. I wish I’d taken his course earlier (but it didn’t exist when I started blogging!)

When Does Stupid Simple SEO Open for Enrollment?

Stupid Simple SEO is an evergreen course (it’s always open), BUT you must sign up for a FREE webinar before Mike will grant you access to the sales page.

Again, the webinar is free, and after you sign up for it, there is NO obligation to buy anything. I think this is a great deal because you get to see Mike’s expertise and teaching style without committing anything. If you decide he’s not the right teacher for you, you’ve just saved yourself some money!

Can I Learn This Stuff for Free on Google?

I wish. Look, I actually Google like crazy and TRIED to find the same information that Mike teaches in his course for free on the Internet—and I couldn’t find it.

The CLOSEST thing I found to what Mike teaches are these two articles by Ahrefs on keyword research for SEO and keyword competitive analysis. But those articles only touch on the topics lightly. Mike’s strategy is so much more in-depth and smart. I really can’t find it anywhere else.

How Much Does Stupid Simple SEO Cost?

The Stupid Simple SEO price is $497. Mike also offers a payment plan to make it more manageable: 4 payments of $147.

Look, I realize it ain’t cheap—but Mike’s strategy is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. He earns six figures a year doing his SEO strategy. When I took his course, my site was earning $2,000 a month. Five months after taking just SOME of course and implementing just SOME of his strategy, I was earning $5,000 a month.

Are there any cheaper Stupid Simple SEO alternatives?

Alex Nerney from Create and Go just released a new SEO course called SEO Blueprint for Bloggers that’s $300 cheaper than SSSEO. I just completed most of SEO Blueprint for Bloggers, and I can say the strategy is very similar to Mike’s course and will probably get you great results. BUT, I would still choose Stupid Simple SEO first because it goes WAY more in depth, even about off-page SEO, than SEO Blueprint for Bloggers does.

SSSEO also contains lots of spreadsheets with special formulas and lots of hacks that make the keyword research MUCH faster and more efficient. I’d definitely pay more just for that. SEO Blueprint for Bloggers also requires the $7 Ahrefs 7-day trial (just like SSSEO does), so you won’t save money there.

Remember, if you want to purchase Stupid Simple SEO, you MUST attend one of Mike’s FREE webinars about his SEO strategy. It’s free, available anytime, and SUPER helpful. He just wants to make sure you like his strategy before you invest. There is NO obligation to purchase after you attend the webinar. Just check it out to make sure you really like his strategy before you invest in the course! Enjoy!

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