Start Sharing What You Know on a Blog

Start Sharing What You Know on a Blog

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Start Sharing What You Know on a Blog

One of the very first things you should do, and you should do it today, is to start a blog so that you have a place to share content with your audience. Your blog should live on your website, and your website should be the place most of your content lives at the beginning of its life, so this makes it super easy to do.

You want to focus this blog on the expertise you have directed to your ideal audience to establish yourself as an expert. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know everything right now, remember that you can start with the minutia and work your way up. Let’s look at the enormous benefits of starting a blog right now sharing what you know.

You’ll Get More Traffic

When you start publishing regular content about a topic on your blog, updating it from three to five times a week, you will eventually notice that you’re getting a lot more organic traffic. Search engines like regularly updated content if it seems humanly possible. For this reason, you don’t want to add all your content on day one. Add a little each day or at least a few times a week.

You’ll Build Your Content Assets Faster

Every piece of content you create for your blog is content that you can use elsewhere. You can repurpose the content into other formats, use parts of the content in new articles, and so much more. If the content you upload is consistent, accurate, and fits your audience, it will happen.

You’ll Develop Relationships with Your Readers

Blog content gives you an opportunity to connect to your readers and develop a relationship with them. Encourage them to share your content, sign up for your newsletter, and comment on your posts.

You’ll Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry

The main thing about having a blog that you hyper-focus your expertise on is that you’ll soon establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. The more high-level content you publish that is useful and helpful to your audience, the more important you will become to them.

You’ll Spread Brand Awareness

As you get more traffic, publish more content, and converse with your audience, you’ll be spreading awareness of your expertise and brand at the same time. No one is going to know you’re an expert until you start sharing it with them.

You’ll Create More Opportunities for Sharing Your Message

As your blog grows in popularity, others will want to share your content too. They’ll ask you if they can curate it or maybe even syndicate it, depending on your level of expertise and your connections with the top industry experts who are spreading the information.

You Can Improve as You Go

A blog is wonderful for testing content with your audience. They will notice if you’re not being consistent in your thoughts and call you out on it. Thankfully, you can also use the data gathered in your analytics to improve the content as you go.

Starting a blog is almost imperative for most small businesses today. It’s amazing to note that while most marketers acknowledge the importance of a website with a blog, a lot of people try to do without one. There are still small business owners who don’t take content marketing seriously even though it’s proven to work. Once you decide to do it and be regular and consistent about it, you’ll soon see the benefits in person.

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