Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Social Media Tasks for your Business

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

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No doubt – all of the tasks involved with managing the social media for your business can get OVERWHELMING. Sometimes, a simple list of everything that needs to happen can eliminate a little bit of the crazy. Here’s a list of daily, weekly and monthly social media tasks for your business, so you can feel on top of your game!

I want to go ahead and make one note here.

Social media can look differently depending on YOUR business.

For example:

  • You may be managing all of these tasks with a team, OR you may be a one-man show accomplishing this list!
  • You may have your business on 4-5 social media platforms, OR you may just be focusing on one main social media platform.
  • You may have a big, robust social media strategy for your business OR you may be just now dipping your toes in and figuring it all out.

All of these scenarios are just fine! One single social media plan is not a “one size fits all” plan for every business.

That being said, you can tailor and edit these task lists to meet your needs as you go.

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Daily Social Media Tasks for your Business

#1. Respond to direct messages.

Go into your inbox for each social media platform and respond to every message. Use this time to answer questions, handle concerns and connect with your people. Remember to be personable and friendly!

#2. Respond or react to brand mentions.

Check your notifications and see where your brand has been mentioned.

These may be instances where you need to respond to concerns. You may need to answer a question. Or, someone may be giving your brand a shoutout!

Use that chance to comment back, “like” their comment or respond in a way that connects with people and lets them know that your company is active on social media.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

#3. Quickly look over your page and see that all posts went up as planned.

This advice is coming from personal experience!

Just check and see. Make sure nothing weird happened with the scheduling tool. Make sure you didn’t accidentally schedule your post for PM instead of AM, etc.

#4. Engage with your audience on your pages and other relevant places.

Spend a block of time each day simply engaging with your people. React to their comments. Join in the conversation where you can. Be thoughtful, or funny.

But mostly, spend time each day being THERE.

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#5. Double check your posts that are scheduled to go up tomorrow.

If you have most of your social media planned ahead of time (which you should, by the way!) spend a few minutes double checking your posts. Make sure they are still just as relevant as they were when you created them. Make sure they look good and the schedule is just the way you want it.

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Daily, Weekly and Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

#6. Spend a block of time creating posts.

This may be time spent actually creating and scheduling posts. Or it may be simply putting in some work on posts that are bigger projects.

Each day, spend a little bit of time doing what you need to do for your post calendar. This may include: taking photos, editing photos, creating graphics, putting together videos, writing the copy for your posts, etc.

#7. Post on your social media platforms.

General guidelines are:

  • Post 1-2 times per day on Facebook
  • Post 1-2 times per day on Instagram + 1 Insta Story
  • Post 3-6 times per day on Twitter
  • Post 1 time per day on LinkedIn

#8. Check out things that are trending on social media, and see if you can engage.

Did something major just happen in your industry? What about in your city?

If there is something that everyone is talking about on social media, you want your company to be in the conversation (as much as appropriate.)

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

Weekly Social Media Tasks for your Business

#1. Look at analytics on your social media pages.

See which posts performed best last week. What were people really engaging with? Were there certain posts that got very little response from your audience?

Make some notes, and use that information to apply to the posts you’ll be creating.

#2. Follow some new, relevant social media accounts.

It always helps to be following some social media accounts that are relevant to your brand.

Now, just to have said it – I am not a fan of the “Like for Like” trend floating around on various social media platforms. This isn’t a game worth getting into, so don’t try.

Simply follow some brands or people that you are genuinely interested in, or that align with your brand.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

#3. Meet with the marketing team or any other relevant company members.

If you have any teammates who create with you for your company’s social media, a weekly meeting is a great idea. This is the time to iron out any kinks, talk about last minute ideas, and go over details.

This could also be a time when you connect with any contractors you may use for photography, video, etc. Make assignments or check in on their progress.

#4. Evaluate any paid advertising.

If you are running paid ads on Facebook or any other platform, really dig into their progress at least once per week.

Make adjustments as needed. Cancel ads that are not performing well. Create ads that are planned.

#5. Work on post creation.

Though you have been chipping away at creating content for your posts each day, I like to plan one bigger chunk of time per week to really dig in and get that content created!

Plan one bigger block of time and create videos, work on larger projects, or spend time really writing some great copy.

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Daily, Weekly and Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

#6. Go live on your pages.

Live video is KING on social media right now. Plan to do 1 Facebook live and 1 Instagram Live video per week.

Have a plan for where this will fit into your social media calendar, and at least once per week, make it happen.

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#7. Check on your competitors’ social media pages.

See what types of things your competitors have been posting on their pages. See which posts got really good engagement and spend some time analyzing what they did well.

See how you can apply this knowledge to your pages.

#8. Spend some time researching hot topics or news in your industry.

One of the keys to success in social media marketing is to be aware. Be aware of what’s new, what’s trending, and what’s going on.

Spend some time once a week to grab a coffee, sit back and soak up some new information.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

#1. Look at the analytics for your pages.

Spend some time taking note of what worked and what did not. Make adjustments in your strategy going forward.

#2. Track the growth of your social media accounts.

Keep tabs on all numbers that inform what you are doing. You can track followers, the percentage of people engaged, your number of posts, your ad spend, etc.

Though number of followers is not always the most important metric as far as your business is concerned, it is helpful to see and often encouraging as your online presence grows!

#3. Evaluate your social media strategy.

After looking at your analytics and your page growth, it’s a good time to think through your social media strategy.

Was the plan you were following working? Do you want to make some tweaks as you go forward?

Once a month is a good time to stop, think about your strategy and what changes you might want to try.

#4. Brainstorm posts for the coming month.

I like to plan out posts 1 month at a time. At this point, you may be planning out posts for the next month, or perhaps for the month after next if you are working that far ahead.

Set aside a couple of hours to work through an entire planning session. Come up with all of your ideas, flesh them out, and them make any necessary assignments.

Do you need to communicate needs about coming posts to a photographer? Videographer? Marketing manager? Do that at this time.

#5. Check your information and change your look.

It’s a good routine to check on your pages basic information once a month. Have your store hours changed? Do you have a menu up that needs to be changed? Are you out of certain products?

Check through your basic information and make sure it is accurate.

Also, once a month is a good time to change out your cover photos on Facebook and Twitter. Give your page a fresh look that features something new.

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Daily, Weekly and Monthly Social Media Tasks for Your Business

#6. Set goals for the next month.

Half of the fun of social media marketing, is setting goals for your business – and then crushing them!

Spend some time setting page growth goals, engagement goals, possibly sales goals, and personal goals for yourself.

#7. Research upcoming events that you can use to promote your business or products.

Is there a local event that would be a good fit for your brand? Perhaps you could do some shoutouts or giveaways.

Is there a local fair or show where your products would be a good fit? Negotiate some shared marketing with them.

Make a regular routine of working these Daily, Weekly and Monthly social media tasks and know that you are ahead of the game with social media for your business!

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