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Social Media Simplified Membership

  • Would you like to put your Social Media Strategy on autopilot?

  • Do you struggle with getting interaction on your posts?

  • Would you like a ton of time injected back into your business?

What if you never had to think about what to post again?

Try out the Social Media Simplified Membership for $1!

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Welcome to the Social Media Simplified Membership…

All Monthly Content Planned for you

Post prompts for each day allow you to simply plug in your post for the day.

Graphic templates provided

Completed graphics & templates provided. All you need is the FREE Canva membership to customize as you wish. (or use them as is!)

Live Video and Contest ideas

Season-specific Social Media contest ideas, as well as inspiration for using Live Video allow you to easily be creative.

Hashtag Holidays

Plan to celebrate a hashtag holiday with ease! Lists of holidays, plus the most popular hashtags are included.

Monthly Membership

$ 1
First Month

  • $1 first month. $39/mo after.
  • No contract. Pay as you go
  • Post prompts for each day of the month
  • Inspirational Quotes to Post
  • Questions to Ask on Your Page
  • Social Media Contest Ideas for the Month
  • Monthly Live Video Ideas
  • Hashtag Holiday Calendar
  • Daily Trending Hashtags
  • Planning Pages & End of the Month Review
  • Canva Graphics & Templates
  • Private Faebook Group for Tips & Support

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Social Media Simplified Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this Social Media Membership work for any niche?

The prompts for each day are flexible enough to fit any niche. You can read the prompt for the day and can always put your personal spin on it!

Is this system complicated to figure out?

Absolutely not! These are incredibly simple resources that you can plug in to your pages.

What is a Social Media Post Prompt?

A post prompt tells you what to write in your social media post for the day. It gives you tips for writing and speaking well to your audience. It also includes any relevant hashtags that you could use.

Are the Social Media posts written out for Me?

Each day is provided with a Social Media Post Prompt. What this means is that the idea for the post is planned for you. You then write out the post in your own words.

This allows the planning to be done for you, but you keep it relevant to your business by writing the actual post.

Do I need a Canva account to use the graphic templates?

All of the graphics and templates were created in Canva. You can simply go to and sign up for a free account.

Note – there is also a paid Canva Pro account available. However, all of the graphic templates were made with images and fonts available in the Free version of Canva.

You will have the most flexibility with your graphics if you do go ahead and sign up for a free Canva account.

Is there any social media training included?

Yes! You get access to a Private Facebook Group, where there will be discussion and some teaching as we go along. Also, this is a great place to ask questions that you may have about your pages.

I’m not sure this will work for my business…

A great option is to sign up for the “Monthly” option. This way you pay as you go, with no long-term commitment.

You can try out the membership for a month or 2, and if it’s not working you can easily cancel – no hard feelings. =)

What’s included in the Social Media Simplified Membership?

  • Post prompts for each day of the month.
  • Suggested Inspirational Quotes to post (with Canva templates)
  • Suggested Questions to Ask on your page (with Canva templates)
  • Hashtag Holidays for the month (with the trending hashtags to use)
  • Daily hashtag suggestions for increased reach and visibilty
  • Social Media Contest Ideas (with Canva templates)
  • Monthly Live Video Ideas
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Social Media Task Checklists
  • Planning and Brainstorming Sheets + End of the Month Review
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for Tips & Support

About the Membership Creator

Hi, I’m Andrea

Several years ago, I was offered a position as Social Media Manager for a small startup business. I took the job (having almost no marketing experience), and dove into learning.

And, I had to learn fast! Because that “small startup business” soon had locations across the country. I was managing a team of social media coordinators, and running pages that were making millions of impressions per month!

It took a lot of learning, reading and testing to figure out what “worked” on business pages. And, admittedly – I found some tactics and processes that I never would have guessed would be successful!

I created this Social Media Simplified Membership so that you can be infusing your social media pages with GREAT posts – without having to put in ANY of the planning and brainstorming time!

Besides writing at, I keep busy with my husband, 3 beautiful kids, and 2 pets. I am a music fanatic and spend time playing clarinet and piano in any ensemble I can!

Social Media Simplified Membership
Social Media Simplified Membership

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