How to Use Social Media Post Prompts to Grow Your Business

Social media post prompts can be an extremely beneficial piece of your marketing plan. Let’s take a look at what these prompts are and how to use social media post prompts to grow your business.

What are Social Media Post Prompts?

A prompt is something that tells you what to write in your social media post. The prompt can be a sentence, a blurb, a short little paragraph – really anything that gets you thinking, and inspires your creativity!

You then write the actual social media post in your own language, using words that you and your brand would use. You also use terms that your business would use – so that you end up with a social media post that fits seamlessly with your brand and your products.

How to use social media post prompts to grow your business

Think of it this way….

Something that is very popular right now are Journal Prompts.

Many people are interested in journaling, but find themselves sitting in front of a blank notebook page, having no idea what to write.

Sometimes, a spark of an idea is all it takes.

When you have a journal prompt, it tell you what to write about. (So you don’t have to spend any mental energy coming up with a plan or an idea.)

You can simply write, using your own words, and create a journal that’s full of your thoughts.

Social media post prompts are the same idea. You get the benefit of beautifully written posts, without having to come up with an idea each day.

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How to use social media post prompts to grow your business

How are Social Media Post prompts helpful?

I’m sure you know all to well that when you are running a business, there are AT LEAST a million things that need your attention.

And the truth is, we only have a finite amount of attention to give!

When you have post prompts in front of you, it takes a WHOLE lot of the time out of managing your social media.

All of the planning and strategizing is done for you. There’s no more guessing what to post, fishing around for an idea, or wondering what will be successful. You simply take the resource in front of you and write your post.

You get back a bunch of mental energy that you are now free to spend in a different way.

You could spend that extra time and energy…

  • engaging with your audience on your social media pages
  • responding to all of your direct messages
  • creating products for your business
  • focusing on the area that is your true superpower (if it’s not social media strategy!)
  • or even relaxing and taking a break!

PLUS… oftentimes social media is something that business owners desire to hire out.

That’s valid! And can be a great thing to outsource.

BUT, it could be that you want to keep the social media marketing to yourself. Or it could be that you aren’t financially able to hire for that position right now.

Purchasing some great social media post prompts and resources is a great way to solve much of that problem – in an affordable way.

Let’s do the Math…. If you are looking to outsource your social media, it will likely cost at least $600 per month (for a very small business, with few accounts.) As your business grows, you can expect that number to grow as well.

It’s possible to purchase social media prompts and resources for less than $40 per month – and you’ve cut out at least HALF to 3/4 of the time to manage your social media.

This is a great affordable option.

Ready to give social media post prompts a try? Try out the Social Media Simplified Membership! Here you get to have all of your social media planned for you! Head here to check it out.

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Who should not purchase social media post prompts?

If you are a person who enjoys strategizing and planning your marketing, you will probably enjoy doing your own planning – rather than purchasing post prompts.

If you do not like being “hemmed in” by a plan made for you, purchasing prompts for your page may feel constricting.

Truthfully though, when you purchase prompts for your page, you are still the BOSS of your page! You get to decide which prompts you want to use, and which ones just aren’t working for your brand.

You do not have to turn over power of what to post to anyone else. Prompts can simply be a fun thing that gets your creative juices flowing.

Would you like to get more comments on your posts…. with LESS work from you? Grab the 100 Questions Social Media Image Templates! This graphics pack is full of questions that spark conversation, and the done-for-you graphics save you a whole lot of time. Head here to check it out.

100 Questions Social Media Image Templates

What if I just want the completed posts to be written for me?

Often this is what business owners ask. They would just like to have the posts written and done for them.

There’s nothing wrong with that! That can be a great move for your business.

If that’s the case, you would be moving into hiring a social media manager or a social media coordinator.

This would be someone who could really take ownership of your social media and make it happen. You would pay them a set rate (either hourly or monthly) and they would take care of all things related to your social media page.

If this monthly financial commitment is out of your range, then you could look at something like the social media post prompts we have been discussing. This can be a more affordable way to take out MOST of the work, for very LITTLE pay.

In business, we are often looking for ways to get more time. To make things easier. To be able to put less IN in some areas, while still getting a ton OUT. (Which is just smart business management!)

Your time is valuable. Your mental energy is valuable.

Social media post prompts can be a great way to get some more of both – while your marketing flourishes at the same time!

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