Social Media Marketing Ideas for December (that Small Businesses can Do!)

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Are you the type of business owner that is brimming with holiday marketing ideas? Or do you struggle to come up with a fresh take on your marketing each year? Either way, here are some social media marketing ideas for December to get you thinking!

No doubt, December is a month where everyone expects big things from businesses.

Everyone is shopping, preparing for the Christmas holiday, and the whole tone of the month is just a little bit magical.

BUT…. sometimes it can be difficult to come up with some fresh ideas for your marketing! How can you put a unique spin on what you do so that you draw people into your brand?

Now, you’ve probably noticed beautiful Christmas campaigns from large brands out there. When your budget is ginormous, and the sky’s the limit – you can create some amazing Christmas campaigns!

After all, who could forget this amazing campaign from West Jet??

Though big businesses can do some really beautiful things for the holidays…. Seeing all of those big marketing ideas can leave some of the little businesses feeling “less-than.”

BUT…. I’m here to tell you that small businesses can bring just as much “magic” to their holiday marketing!

There are TONS of ideas that you can use for your business, no matter how small your budget is. You can add some fun, fresh ideas to your social media marketing  – even without all of the resources.

Most of the fun of Christmas comes in SURPRISING and DELIGHTING your people.

And since you know your people best of all, you are in a fantastic place to bring some joy to their social media feed this December!

Social Media Marketing Ideas for December (that Small Businesses Can Pull Off!)

Social Media Marketing Ideas for December (that small businesses can pull off!)

1. Create gift guides for your audience.

You have likely seen all sorts of versions of this. Some of my favorite takes on this idea include:

  • Create a gift guide of your products. Mention WHO this would be a great gift for. You could even create bundles of your products for a special Christmas price. (example: A bundle for The Blogger, etc.)
  • Create a gift guide of your favorite things. These do not have to be your own products, just things that you enjoy and you know your audience would too. Though – feel free to sprinkle in a product or 2 of your own!
  • Create gift guides for each “part” of your audience. For example: Gift Guide for Working Moms, Gift Guide for Stay-at-Home-Moms; Gift Guide for Work-At-Home Moms; Gift Guide for Homeschool Moms

2. Small Business Shoutouts

Most people love the opportunity to purchase gifts from a small business! And encouraging others to shop small brings a “feel-good vibe” to your own page.

You could do regular “shoutouts” on your social media page featuring a small business that you love. Showcase one of their products that you can’t live without and encourage your followers to check them out.

You could take this a step farther and coordinate with the business. You could trade and both promote each other’s Christmas offers. You could even ask the business for a coupon code to share with your audience.

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3. Post personal updates & ask your audience for the same.

Christmas is a time where everyone loves to give and receive updates about family.

Spend this season being a little more personal on your page. Share a few pictures of your family and give an update. You could mention closing thoughts on the past year, or what you are hoping for in the New Year.

Ask your audience the same questions.

4. Surprise & delight your customers

How could you do something unexpected to surprise and delight your customers?

Some ideas to get you thinking…

  • Have free hot chocolate and cookies in your store.
  • Send Christmas cards to your regular customers.
  • Have giveaways in the store/ on your social media one day.
  • Give Christmas gifts to loyal customers.
  • Gift your loyal customers with a coupon.

5. Share Christmas “How-to” videos on social media.

If you are a crafter, this one is simple! If you have any other type of business…

How could you showcase your products, with a Christmas spin?

Here’s an example from REI:

Is REI’s brand hot chocolate? Of course not! But they were able to showcase their product in a “Christmas-y” way!

How could you apply that thinking to your own products?

6. Tell a heart-warming story on Social Media.

If ever there is a season for a heart-warming story, it’s Christmas time!

After all, why do you think the Hallmark Christmas movies are so popular? Everyone loves a feel-good story.

Have you witnessed an act of kindness that you could share about? Tell the story to your readers.

7. 12 Days of Giveaways

The 12 Days of Christmas is such an iconic idea, that it’s fun to use that as inspiration on your social media.

Plan 12 days in a row of giveaways on your page. There are many different takes on this idea, so you can feel free to make it your own!

Plan 12 different products of yours that could be prizes. They could be bundles of little products, or larger ones. You could also give away prizes that are not your own products!

Feel free to give gift cards, or anything that is fun (and affordable for YOU.). Often it’s fun to make the last prize the biggest one!

The simplest way to get entries is to have people leave a comment on your entry post.  You could ask a conversation-starting question, and have them respond for their entry.

In addition, you could have them get a bonus entry by tagging a friend.

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8. “Create a Christmas Story” Giveaway

For this giveaway, your audience will be “writing a Christmas story” in the comments of your social media post.

You will create a post that states that you are doing a giveaway, and to enter they need to comment below with a phrase that continues the Christmas story. At some point, you will comment below with the ENDING line of the story.

The comment RIGHT BEFORE that is the winner! (This encourages people to come back and keep posting again.)

You will post the first sentence of the story, and they can take it from there!

Make sure you mention that the story MUST stay clean and appropriate =)

9. Do a “My Favorite Things” Giveaway during Live Video

Remember how Oprah used to do the “My Favorite Things” Giveaways on her show??

Well, your budget MAY not be as big as hers, but you can be just as fun.

Have a Live Video scheduled. Make sure to let your audience know what’s going on, and when you will be live.

Have something planned to talk about in your live video! After all, people are coming to your page, you should teach them something about your business or products.

Every so often in the video, do a giveaway!

You could ask a question that they need to respond to in the comments. You then select a comment (on the spot) to win the prize. Tell the winner to send you a direct message to claim their prize!

Social media marketing ideas for December

10. Create holiday versions of your products.

Limited time offers (and discounts) are always popular!

Bundle together several of your products as a Christmas special and discount the group of them.

11. Create a last-minute holiday deal.

Let’s be honest. Most people are completely last-minute shopping for at least part of their gifts!

Plan ahead to be the solution to their last-minute shopping crisis!

Create an option that they can get completely last minute for the people on their list. Perhaps it’s something that can be delivered digitally. Or plan on rush shipping (and charge accordingly). You could have your store open for pick-up orders at a random last-minute time.

Get creative. The need for last minute gifts is real, so think of how your products can be a solution.

No matter your budget, or the number of people you have on your team – you can create some fun and magical moments in your marketing this Christmas! 

Did you find this article helpful? Here are 3 next steps you can take:
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