10 Giveaways to do on your social media page

10 Social Media Giveaway Ideas for your Business

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Are you looking for a simple – and very fun – way to boost your brand awareness? Consider doing a giveaway on your social media pages! Let’s walk through 10 social media giveaway ideas for your business.

Giveaways can be a really effective way at building your audience, boosting the engagement on your pages, and simply adding some fun.

After all, who doesn’t love a giveaway??

Let’s talk about some giveaway ideas for your business!

10 Social Media Giveaway Ideas for Your Business

10 Social Media Giveaway Ideas

1. Caption Contest

This is a standard contest that is simply lots of fun!

The way it works is this:

  • You post a photo (preferably a funny or strange photo of some kind!)
  • Tell your audience to caption this photo in the comments for a chance to win.
  • Say when you will choose the winning caption, and what the winner will receive as their prize.
  • Let the captions come in, and then choose a winner!

2. Ask your audience for an opinion on your product.

People absolutely love to have their opinion heard.

Whether you are asking your audience’s opinion of a product that you have already rolled out, or feedback on an idea that you have, simply asking them is a great way to listen to your audience and serve them better.

This giveaway idea accomplishes several things:

  • You get direct feedback on your product, or on a question you are asking about your business.
  • You get comments and engagement on your post, which helps it to reach even more people.
  • You get to thank your people for participating by entering them to win a prize.
  • It shows your audience that you care about what they have to say, and that you are listening.
  • Plus, it’s fun!

10 Social Media Giveaway Ideas

3. Do giveaways throughout a Live Video.

This idea is a fun way to really engage with your audience on live video, and also a way to attract viewers!

This will work best if you do plenty of announcing beforehand that you will be live at a certain time and that viewers will be winning prizes, LIVE during the video.

At the decided time, go live and have a plan to talk about your business or product (in an exciting or compelling way!). Then, every so often, show what you are giving away. Ask a certain question and have people comment. Choose a commenter to win and say their name. Tell them to send you a Direct Message telling you that they won and for details on claiming their prize.

This could very likely be your MOST watched live video ever, so make sure that you are talking about something great!

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4. Nominate someone to win.

In this giveaway idea, your audience is nominating someone to win the prize.

You will decide on the criteria for the nomination, and announce the guidelines for submitting someone’s name.

You could have them nominate a teacher, someone influential in their life, a good friend, or someone in need.

Keep in mind, if the nature of the question is more personal, you may want to have them email or Direct Message the name of the person they are nominating.

Select one or more people to win, and deliver their prize.

10 Social Media Giveaway Ideas

5. Follow, tag and share.

You have likely seen many of these types of giveaways on social media!

Tell your audience that you are doing a giveaway, and ask them to do a certain number of things for their entry.

Options for requirements include:

  • Like, or Follow your page
  • Tag a friend (or several friends!)
  • Comment on this post below
  • Share this post on your story (and tag us)

Use as many of these requirements as you’d like. Generally, the bigger the prize, the more in required to win. And conversely – if you are giving away a small prize, make the number of requirements very small.

6. Complete the phrase/ story.

This idea really gets the comments going on your post!

You have your audience comment with something specific, and then whoever is last before you step in and comment wins.

That may require more explanation. =)

For example, you could have your audience comment “Duck,” and at some point you will comment “GOOSE!” And then the comment right before you in the winner.

Or… you could make this a little more complicated (but very entertaining…)

Have you audience “write a story” in the comments. You write the opening sentence in your post, and then each comment needs to continue the story. At some point, you will step in and comment with “THE END.” And the last comment before you is the winner.

10 Social Media Giveaway Ideas

7. Photo Contest

This is a tried and true type of contest to run on your Instagram.

You could have your audience post photos on their Instagram of something specific. It could be a photo of them with your product, or something related.

Request that they use a specific hashtag in order to be entered.

Select one of the photos with that hashtag to win the prize!

8. One for you; One for a friend

This giveaway idea can take many forms. The idea is that you have your audience comment in some way, and tag a friend. Then BOTH they and the person they tag win the prizes!

You could ask your audience a question that they need to answer. You could ask their opinion on something related to your business. You could simply poll the audience and have them answer in the comments.

BUT – they also must tag a friend in their comment, so that both can be winners.

10 Social Media Giveaway Ideas

9. 12 Days of Giveaways

This idea works well at Christmas-time, but can be tailored for any time of the year!

Plan 12 (or a certain number) of days in a row to do giveaways on your page.

Plan 12 different products of yours that could be prizes. You could also give away prizes that are not your own products, or gift cards.

The simplest way to get entries is to have people leave a comment on your entry post.  You could ask a conversation-starting question, and have them respond for their entry.

In addition, you could have them get a bonus entry by tagging a friend.

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10. Every purchase today is entered.

If you are running a sale or promotion for your business, a giveaway is a fun add-on!

This often works well on the first day of the sale, as a sort of “early bird” bonus.

For example, you have announced you are running a sale for the next 4 days. Everyone who makes a purchase on day 1 is entered to win a gift card!

This encourages people to get in and purchase early on.

Take a look through all of these giveaway ideas and see what’s a good fit for your blog or business. Give one a try and inject some FUN into your social media marketing!

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