An Honest Review of the Monetization Accelerator Program

An Honest Review of the Monetization Accelerator Program

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Before buying any sort of product, I always check out the reviews. (That’s why we buy so many things on Amazon, right? The reviews!) 

So, I want to take a deep-dive into a blogging program called the Monetization Accelerator Program (or M.A.P. for short) by Alison Reeves and give you my honest review, in case you were considering making the investment.

An Honest Review of the Monetization Accelerator Program

First, What exactly is the Monetization Accelerator Program? (M.A.P.)

This is a coaching program for bloggers, with a whole lot of really great things included.

Honestly, it’s kind of a hybrid between a course, group coaching and 1:1 coaching… and it’s this combination that really sets this program apart and gets the results. 

Here’s how it works…. 

Each week there is a certain topic that you are digging into and learning about. Alison provides training and homework for applying each of these things to your business. 

Each week, there is also a group coaching call. Everyone gets a chance to talk, ask questions and get feedback on their particular business. This weekly accountability makes you actually progress through the program and get the results!

There are also a couple of 1:1 calls with Alison sprinkled throughout the process, as she coaches you through your particular business, questions, or struggles. 

Who is the Monetization Accelerator Program for?

This program is for bloggers that want to really increase their income. 

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of information out there about blogging. There are courses and articles all over teaching you how to get started and grow. 

Some of that information is good…. But most, not so much. 

There is a common belief and teaching that in order to be successful and make money blogging, you need more hustle. More blog posts. More social media. More ads on your site. More affiliate opportunities. 

And a lot of that hustle leaves bloggers wondering why they worked SO HARD for that $2 that this hustle earned them. 

Alison realized that there was a piece missing in the available blog training… and it was how to go from the beginning to actually making the MONEY. She saw people buying blog courses, and then never doing the work or seeing the results. She realized that bloggers need someone to actually come alongside them and help them implement. 

That’s why she started the Monetization Accelerator Program, and why it fills such an important online gap!

An Honest review of the Monetization Accelerator Program

There’s so much blog training out there, what sets the Monetization Accelerator Program apart?

A few things, actually. 

This program takes you in a very direct line from “not much income” to “lots of income.” By eliminating the fluff, it only walks you through the things that will make the biggest impact on your blogging business and your income. 

The combination of course-like material, group coaching, and 1:1 coaching really set this program apart. 

With all of that accountability baked in, you don’t have a choice but to implement what you are learning! 

Also, there’s teaching on topics that simply aren’t addressed in traditional blog coaching. For example – Mindset. You are walked through eliminating limiting beliefs that are keeping you small in your business. You learn how to THINK better, so that you are free to make success happen. 

My Honest Experience in the Monetization Accelerator Program

I joined M.A.P. before I had any products of my own. I had a blog that I’d been writing for and building for a year or 2, but I wasn’t seeing any real success. 

Sure, I had some pageviews…. But where was the money? 

I had taken a couple of blog courses, but was having trouble going through it all myself and felt pretty unsure about what steps to take next. 

I heard about Alison Reeves and her Monetization Accelerator Program. I had a phone call with her to see if this was the right fit for me and my business. I took the leap and decided to go for it.

We had a 1:1 call pretty early on in the program, where together we firmed up my goals, and what I desired to do for my business. We decided on the first product that I was going to work on creating and launching during my months in M.A.P.

I went through each of the modules of teaching and did the homework. And yes, I did it all! Why? Because there’s a WHOLE LOT of accountability when you have to show up on a group coaching call each week and talk about it! 

 > I dove into learning about mindset, which was something I had never even thought about before. 

> I nailed down the product I wanted to create for my audience. 

> I worked out the “messaging” for this offer – which is the words you use to talk about your product. 

> I majorly increased my blog’s traffic by using the Pinterest strategy that was taught.

> I created emails that spoke well to my people.

> And (this was a big one…) I made my first sales page. Everyone has their things that get them stuck in business, and sales pages were mine. I felt paralyzed by the tech and the words. This was an area that we dug into together, and I ended up with a beautiful (and effective!) sales page.

I even had a few tech hurdles to overcome along the way, and Alison went above and beyond to help me out. We had a 1:1 call where she helped me change my entire WordPress theme for my blog. (Try finding a generic course creator that will do that!)

Having done a lot of courses, programs and coaching before, I can say that the amount of individual attention and focus that you and your business receive in M.A.P. is unmatched anywhere. 

An honest review of the Monetization Accelerator Program

How does the program end?

The coaching program ends with you having lifetime access to all of the materials and goods that you had access to. 

Plus, you get the opportunity to keep going with Alison’s coaching. 

But here’s the thing, you CAN keep going with her, and see even more growth. But you can also stop at the end of the Monetization Accelerator Program, and have completely changed your blog and business trajectory,

So, what were my results?

I started M.A.P. with almost no blog traffic, a handicapped website, and no products of my own to sell. I made some occasional dollars here and there from affiliate income, but nothing consistent or of substance. 

While in the Monetization Accelerator Program, I worked with Alison to create my first product – a membership. Though most people would tell you not to start with a membership, I was determined, and so Alison helped me to make it happen. 

I launched my membership with her guidance, and I will never forget – my first buyer paid in FULL for a YEAR! I was blown away. 

A couple of months later, I had my first $1000 month. 

I can tell you, that amount of growth would NOT have happened if I was not in the Monetization Accelerator Program.

I have become such a believer in quality coaching in business, and M.A.P. was the perfect fit at the perfect time. 

So, what’s my final opinion of the Monetization Accelerator Program?

I believe that if you are a blogger, who is looking to ramp up your income quickly,  you should strongly consider joining M.A.P. 

It really is a fast way to be making REAL money in weeks or months… instead of “figuring it out yourself” for years (as I had done!)

Head here to learn more about this program, and see if it’s the right fit for you!

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