Things I Recommend

Recommended resources

Social Media Scheduling

I use and recommend a program called SmarterQueue
You can schedule your posts for every social platform, do research on what to post, and even create some posts to be “evergreen” – meaning that they will just post now and then on the schedule you create. 
SmarterQueue is a HUGE timesaver! 
Use this link to try 30 days free.

Stock Photos

I recommend Haute Stock for your stock photos. 
With your membership, you get access to new photos each week, plus Instagram quotes, graphics packs, and even templates.
The best thing is that you are welcome to do just about anything with the images, so your copyright is covered! 
Use this link for 21 free stock photos.

Recommended Resources

Graphic Design

I recommend Canva for super-simple graphic design.
You can create graphics for your website, social media, print media, and even things like ebooks. In my opinion, it’s the best option out there! You can use Canva with a free account, or you can upgrade to a paid account for access to more features. 
Use this link to sign up today.

Blog Coaching

I recommend the Monetization Accelerator Program with Alison Reeves to start making a MAJOR profit through your blog.
This is a group coaching program that takes you from a starter blog, to cranking out a product (and profit to go with it!)
Use this link to start making money on your blog today.

Recommended Resources

Affiliate Management

I recommend ThriveCart.
This program manages everything to do with affiliates for your products. (So you can have other people selling your stuff!) ThriveCart takes all the headache and guesswork out of tracking sales and paying commissions.

Web Hosting

I recommend BigScoots.
Having tried a few services, BigScoots has come out as the winner in my opinion! Their customer service is fantastic, and they take care of all of the techie details – so I don’t have to think about it.
Use this link to get signed up.

Recommended Resources


I recommend the Living Well Planner.
This is a place where you can get everything in your life organized, including your business. You can set goals, break them down, and plan each day – so that you accomplish what you want.
Use this link and have your days organized. 

Pinterest Scheduling

I recommend Tailwind for all your Pinterest scheduling.
Tailwind let’s you have a commanding presence on Pinterest (which is vital for a blogger!) without having to be on Pinterest all the time.
Use this link and start scheduling your pins today. 

Recommended Resources

Note taking, etc.

I recommend the fun journals at Etch Life.
While these may not be “critical” to your business success, they sure are fun! I use their journals for taking notes at conferences, in courses, and even as a place to keep any learning I have from podcasts and online trainings. 
Use this link and make your note taking more fun!


I recommend purchasing books from
Sure, there are other huge online book sources, but when you shop from Bookshop, you support local bookstores. 
Use this link to check out the books I recommend.