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Free Resources for Bloggers To Boost Your Blog

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When you are new to blogging, it’s understandable that you will look for resources for bloggers like you to help you get started.

Having experienced all of that, I asked some fellow good Samaritan bloggers to share their exceptional free resources.

Some resources in this list are my favourite (tucked somewhere in my inbox or on my laptop), some I found through my research and I filter them based on reviews, and lastly from the Facebook group members who are more than willing to share their free goodies in the world.

But before we proceed into that, let me remind you that these resources are located in their library, some are one click away to download, in case you murmur in your seat and kvetch.

So, what I am telling you is that these freebies are part of their opt-ins, so if you’re totally new in this journey, I advise you to start your opt-in system too.

When you are asked to sign up with your email and name, do not be afraid to register. It’s free and it won’t charge you unless they disclose beforehand that they will charge you a certain amount.

So enough with all the blabbing. Grab your coffee or tea and start choosing your best freebies on this list.

Let’s categorize these free resources for bloggers according to topics:


5-Day Affiliate Marketing Course– This is a series of email courses created by Passive Income Superstars. For five consecutive days, you will get emails to teach you how you can take advantage of affiliate programs.

It is a strategy, which is tried and tested by the creator, and you don’t need a huge following to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing. This 5-day free course also includes a free workbook you can use for this strategy.

Affiliate Marketing Success-Email Course– Created by Blogging By Maya, this is a 4-day free email course where you learn how to use affiliate marketing in your blog successfully like she did.

Your blog may be new and small, or under 2,000 monthly page views, but with this method, earning a passive income through affiliate marketing is achievable.

When you sign up, you’d also get a list of 65 affiliate programs you can join.

Make Your First Affiliate Sale – You know affiliate marketing and you wanted to test it but you have no idea how to start. In this 5-day free email course, you would learn how to make your first sale in a month without being ”salesy” or spammy.

That first sale may not be the only sale you will get from implementing affiliate marketing in your blog.

Additionally, you would also learn how to increase your blog links and traffic in this course by Ana from The She Approach.

Affiliate Marketing in 2020 – This is not a course but a long blog post about affiliate marketing, especially for beginners. In this post by Smart Blogger, you would also learn basic affiliate marketing terms and different affiliate products you can promote.


Dana Nicole Designs’ FREE SEO TRAINING – It is the first free SEO course I took while I was in Hungary, basking in the sun. I could say, it is an eye-opening course for a then-beginner like me.

It gave me a glimpse of SEO and it made me realize that learning and implementing SEO in blogging is doable.

This 30-minute free training video is highly recommended for new bloggers who are not clueless about how to implement SEO the basic way.

The Flooring Girl’s FREE SEO EMAIL COURSE – Debbie, the creator of the free course, increased her blog traffic to 500, 000 page views a month with the use of SEO strategy.

In this free course, she shared the myths and mistakes new bloggers commit and how to avoid them.

Debbie’s knowledge about SEO is no myth too, that led her to create several books about growing your blog like her paid EASY ON-PAGE SEO and EASY BACKLINKS FOR SEO.

Free SEO Course by HerPaperRoute – Another awesome free SEO course applicable even for beginners. In this course, you will learn SEO best practices (that Google love), how to do keyword researching, and how to use these keywords in your blog post without sounding like a bot.

Have you ever heard or encountered the word Keyword Density? Through this course, I understand how much density should my keywords have in every blog post.

Mike Pearson’s 6-DAY SEO VIDEO TRAINING SERIES – Have you heard of that epic SEO course called STUPID SIMPLE SEO?

If you do, then you know how other bloggers and business owners praise that awesome course. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to buy the course when it was open this year.

But…this free 6-day SEO video training course is already a gem. From the free course alone, you will learn a lot about SEO and what’s the importance of your blog’s DA in ranking on Google.

Other famous websites offering free SEO courses:


Moz – One-hour guide to SEO

Yoast – If you’re using the plugin, then you can also trust the training they offer. Yoast SEO plugin and free training, what are you waiting for?


Moms Make Cents’ Pinterest Primer– It is a 6-day free Pinterest course that teaches you how to optimize your Pinterest profile, identify and avoid Pinterest mistakes most bloggers make, and how you can create viral pins.

This free Pinterest course has also helped 20, 000 students grow their blog traffic.

TinyLoveBug’s Free Pinterest Course – This is a free email course with 9 lessons and actionable tips you can use to grow your blog traffic through Pinterest marketing.

In this course, you will also learn Pinterest SEO, how to find keywords, and how to use them. It sounds like a paid course already right?

Productive Pinterest Course – This free course by BM Social Side focuses not only on growing your blog traffic through Pinterest but also helps you manage your time through Pinterest tips and tasks and time management techniques and increase your blog sales.

Big Income Paradise Free Pinterest Course – This course teaches not only Pinterest marketing but also teaches you to increase your leads and sales through Pinterest strategies.

Pinterest VA Free Workshop – Although this free workshop doesn’t focus solely on Pinterest marketing, if you wanted to take your Pinterest knowledge and skills to the next level, being a VA or virtual assistant might be for you.

You can help other bloggers and business owners, and you can also earn money working at home or anywhere you like.

Free Pinterest Hacking Course – Like other Pinterest courses, this free course shares tips and strategies on how to use Pinterest properly to increase not only your blog traffic but also your sales.

What I find interesting about this course is that it mentions Pinterest for the male population since according to Pinterest stats, 71 % of users are female.

So is Pinterest also for guys, and will it work for them? Find it out.

Pinterest Marketing for Beginners – This free course teaches you to grow your email list and sales using Pinterest strategies shared in 7 lessons of this course.

You can also identify through this course 8 mistakes that would hinder growing your blog traffic.

Set up your Pinterest for Success – It is a free Pinterest email course suitable for beginners. In this post, you’ll learn how to set up your account, optimize your profile, and create boards with SEO keywords.

Supercharge Your Pinterest Visibility – This is another free Pinterest course to help you fix Pinterest common errors, and learn Pinterest SEO plus a bonus of 12 premium pin templates.

Pin Magic Blueprint – This is not a course but a 12-page e-book that contains 5 steps to increase your traffic, subscribers, and income. The creator tested the tips mentioned in this e-book herself, a Pinterest strategist, Kyla Sims of Dish It Out Social.


FREE Email Marketing Course – This is a free course on Teachable by NaareeAcademy. In this course, you will learn what tools and software you should use for email marketing.

Aside from that, you will also learn how to build a relationship with your list.

Email Lists for Newbies – A free email course created by Meera Kothand, an email marketing strategist and Amazon bestselling author. This is a course for you if you do not know what you should send to your subscribers.

Plus, Meera teaches you how can make a passive income from your email list like she did.

FREE Email Marketing Mini-Course – This is a 5-day mini-course giving you 5 tips for creating subject lines. You will also learn when you should send emails to your subscribers and find out what emails they like to receive.


MY SWEET NOTHINGS’ ECourse On Blogging Daily Tasks – You have just created your blog or you’re already a seasoned blogger. Either way, you have to manage blogging and its tasks. So this free e-course will help you manage blogging’s daily tasks and save you from the stress of blogging.

Free Legal Course for Bloggers – We don’t want to mess with the law, right? Even in blogging, the law will find a hole if we don’t make it right. Learn to protect your blog by enrolling in this free course.

7 DAY LINK BUILDING CHALLENGE – Do you want your blog and your blog posts found in Google searches? Start with link building and spread your blog in the online world.

You’re not sure what I’m talking about? Then you better check out this free challenge by Digital Nomad Wannabe.

Leanne Wong’s Free Resource Library – This is one of the best resources for bloggers if you’re learning SEO and want to implement it in your blog. You will also find a workbook and a masterclass in this library.


Shining Mom’s Free Printables – This blogger is very generous; she offers different gorgeous planners you can download at home. Check out what she offers and find planners that suit your needs.

Mom Envy’s Free Printables – If you are a planner girl like me, you would definitely love this blogger’s 250 pages of free printables. You will get calendars to stickers when you sign up to get access to the library.

Ladies Make Money’s Free Blog Planner – Blogging can overwhelm us bloggers, but with the right blogger, you have the guarantee that you can blog properly.

My Unicorn Did Its Planners – Like any other offers, you have to sign up to get free checklists and planners. But this time is not about blogging, but being a virtual assistant.

If you are a blogger who wants to have additional income as a virtual assistant, Carmen, and her freebies will help you manage it.

Your Green Grass Project’s Free Upwork Cover Template – If you want to be a digital nomad, you can begin working online through Upwork just like Phoebe from Your Green Grass Project blog.

She’s been working on Upwork since 2016, and she wants to help digital nomad wannabes to get started on Upwork with her free Upwork cover template.

Daily Dream 360 – Sharon’s free resources comprise goal planning sheets, shopping guides, packing lists, and checklists. Not only that, but she also offers guides and more checklists for bloggers on her resource page.

Survival Fitness Plan’s Checklists – When you’re tired from blogging or side-hustling, try to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy nature. Sam’s checklists and cheat sheets about fitness and outdoor recreation will help you organize your outdoor activities.

My Jearney’s Free Printables – These are one of my favourite Printable (aside from my own, of course). When you sign up, you get access to the gorgeous creation of Corinne, the owner of the blog, and you can download, print and put them to use in your daily life.

Everyday She’s Sparkling’s Blogging Toolkit – This is a collection of free blogging tools you can use if you’re starting a blog, from WordPress setup to creation and promotion of your blog content.

The She Approach List of 65 Facebook Groups (for bloggers) – There’s no better way but to promote and market your blog on a budget.

You can start doing so with Facebook groups you can join for free and start promoting your blog and its contents. Use Ana’s list of 65 Facebook groups and start joining now.

Her Paper Route’s Free Toolkit– If you want to start a blog and grow it into a business, Chelsea’s exclusive collection of resources and training will help you achieve it for free.

The She Approach’s E-Book Guide – If you’re planning to create your own e-book as a freebie or sell it, Ana’s guide will help you with her Ebook Author Starter Pack that includes tools she used to create her e-books.

Koko Consultancy’s Ebook Lead Magnet– Now, after you’ve learned how to create your e-book, you need a template to complete it and offer it to the public. And Koko offers a beautiful feminine e-book template for free. Not only that, but she also has more to offer in her resource library, you better check them out.

Helene In Between’s Free Lightroom Presets – Do you love Instagram and promoting your blog on it work for you? Then you’d love these free presets, which you can use on your Instagram photos.

Morgan Tylka’s Free Pinterest Templates – Here are free 25 Pinterest templates you can use to promote your blog posts and your business on Pinterest.

Flo Theme’s Instagram Story Templates – We’re not yet done with Instagram. Here are 25+ free Instagram story templates if you want to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

More free resources for bloggers

But sometimes, free courses are already enough, but it’s really up to you. Some courses are worth a mint that only those who are willing to pay will have the leverage to unravel the secrets.

How do you find this post and the list?

Do you have freebies to offer? This list will be updated or have a second part for more free resources for bloggers and small business owners.

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