10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing Your Business

10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing your Business

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In many areas of life, it’s often good to step back once in a while and rediscover some joy. Whether it’s your job, your home, homeschooling, or even aspects of running your own business – intentionally creating joy is always a good move! Let’s look at 10 ways to rediscover joy in marketing your business.

If I were to guess…. you LOVE your product or service that you sell.

This product is why you started your business in the first place. It’s the thing that you want to get out into the world!

You KNOW that you product or service can change people’s lives or bring them joy. And you know that your business is also hugely beneficial for your own family!

And in fact, helping people with your product likely brings YOU joy.

10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing Your Business

But often, the “junk” of running and marketing a business can get draining. All of the little things get overwhelming, and before long – you may wonder where in the world all the joy about building your business has gone.

(This can especially happen in the area of marketing your business!)

After all, isn’t it supposed to be more than a big task list?

It’s good to step back, and ask yourself this question: “What does it take for me to find joy in marketing my business?”

Because truly, your business is important.¬†Marketing is how you get the word out – therefore it’s HUGELY important.

So let’s make it fun, right?

Like many of you, excitement and joy ebb and flow for me at times. But I have learned – in lots of areas of my life – to intentionally do things to CREATE joy, when it seems to have gone missing.

Here are some of the things that get me excited about marketing my business, and I’m positive they will help you too.

10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing Your Business

10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing Your Business

1. Remember why you started your business in the first place.

Honestly, why you started your business HAD to be pretty compelling – because you actually started it!

Maybe you were passionate about helping your ideal customer. Perhaps your family needed the financial support of your income. Maybe you are REALLY excited about the service you offer and wanted to share it with the world.

All of the day-to-day tasks can sometimes cloud the actual point. Why did you start?

Write it down. Put it on a notecard that you put up at your desk. Write it at the top of your to-do list. Put it somewhere visible and remember it often.

Keeping your vision on the big picture allows you to dig into the process with joy.

2. Infuse your workspace with some joy.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a person that is hyper-affected by my surroundings. If my environment FEELS like a place I want to be, it brings me instant joy.

How could you make your workspace feel like somewhere you want to be? Create that atmosphere.

You could add a candle. Work in some comfy slippers. Turn on some music that you enjoy. Get a favorite mug and fill it with great coffee.

Perhaps you need to clean up and declutter your workspace. I work best when I am not in the middle of a mess. Maybe you do too.

One note – your workspace does not even have to mean a “glorious dedicated home office.” You can create atmosphere wherever you may be working!

Currently, I am doing a lot of my work in a comfy chair in the living room. I light a candle, get my coffee and am happy to get to work.

10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing Your Business

3. Review your marketing and business goals.

Okay, okay – maybe this one doesn’t exactly SOUND joyful… but stick with me here.

When you review what your actual marketing goals are, you may find that you are doing busy-work that isn’t even the point.

For example – if your main marketing goal is to get traffic from Pinterest; you may need to step back the amount of time you are spending on all other social media platforms.

See what your goals actually are, and then make sure your actions are reflecting that.

This can take away the feeling of “spinning your wheels,” and make you feel like you are productive again (which is a huge joy-booster!).

4. Get a coach.

Never underestimate the power of working with a great coach!

Often, the frustrations in business can come from simply NOT KNOWING what to do, or HOW to do it. You can end up feeling like you are wasting time on things that aren’t moving the needle, but you’re not truly sure what will!

Getting a coach can help to alleviate all of that.

I found that out first-hand when I first starting working with a coach. All of a sudden, I had someone to help me figure out which moves were the right ones. It took so much pressure OFF of me and brought some much needed joy.

If you are looking for a blogging or business coach, I highly recommend Alison Reeves. She handles everything from strategy, to tech, to helping you hit BIG financial goals. 

10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing Your Business

5. Reduce what you are doing in your marketing.

Take a look at what is truly driving the results in your marketing, and eliminate something that is not.

For example:

Do you really NEED to be managing 3 social media platforms for your business? Or would focusing on 1 be better? (At least for the time being.)

Do your blog posts all NEED to be an epic 2000 word post? Or could you get by with 1000 for a while, and see what happens?

By asking yourself, “What can I cut?” you give yourself the gift of more time, less effort, and less struggle.

6. Invest in some systems.

Systems make things easier. They take load off your plate and reduce the amount of time and mental energy needed for every little thing.

Having tasks-made-easy is a HUGE bringer of joy.

A couple of systems that will help you in your marketing immediately are:

Join The Simple Marketing Tribe

7. Buy something affordable & fun for your workday.


We all know it’s more fun to work out when you have new shoes. It’s more fun to get ready in the morning when you just bought new makeup.

New stuff is fun! No matter how small.

Get a new notebook. New pens. A new motivational quote sign to put up.

Something that is new and fun. It may seem trivial and silly. But it’s not. It’s fun!

8. Take a break.

Taking a break from marketing, or from your business entirely, can be very healthy and refreshing.

Now, there is a caveat to this…. This is not an, “I give up!” dramatic stomp away from your business. You are not storming away frazzled and spent.

This is an intentional step-away. Set an amount of time that you will be away.

And then actually do it.

You will come back refreshed and ready to hit the gas in your marketing and business.

10 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Marketing Your Business

9. Surround yourself with support.

Especially, if you are a solopreneur…. sometimes business and marketing gets lonely! The good news is that, in this social media age, there is no need to do it alone.

There are Facebook groups for every imaginable niche out there! Hop on Facebook, search for some groups of like-minded people and request to join a few.

It will likely take a little trial and error to find the couple of groups that are really great and supportive, but that’s ok. Join a few and start making some connections.

You’ll be glad you did.

10. Add some unexpected fun.

I love game-i-fying everything. (is that a word??)

Set up some things as work and rewards. This does not need to be extravagant by any means!

Examples are:
“Once I get these social media posts scheduled, I’m going to call that friend I was meaning to.”
“After writing this blog post, I’m going to go for a walk around the block.”
“After I create this graphic, I’ll go get a fresh cup of coffee.”

My advice – use this tactic often! Plan more work/rewards per day than you think you need. It helps to KEEP the day enjoyable, rather than having to manage burnout.

If you are experiencing a “lull” in your marketing joy…. give some of these tips a try and infuse some joy BACK into the process.

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