5 Easy Ways to Reach New Clients Organically

5 Easy Ways to Reach New Clients Organically

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Guest post by Will Cotter

Freelancers, agencies, and business owners are always looking for effective ways to get new clients and boost their revenue to keep them afloat. Unfortunately, some do not have the sufficient budget to support Facebook ads or Google Adsense long term.

If you also struggle with this, know that focusing on digital content marketing and social media engagement can work wonders for you. In this article, guest blogger Will Cotter, founder of Oklahoma-based cleaning company Happy Cleans, shares his tried-and-tested strategies for getting new clients organically.

5 Easy Ways to Reach New Clients Organically

1. Produce Top-Quality Content That Speaks to Your Target Audience 

Writing blog posts is one of the subtlest ways to sell yourself. Beyond SEO keywords and algorithms, your content should be something your potential customers would find appealing and valuable. 

For example, as a professional cleaning company, we share quick and easy home cleaning tips for busy people or smart toilet cleaning hacks that only take five minutes instead of bombarding them about our services. 

Doing the work and consistently churning in awesome and quality content will get them hooked to your site and eventually establish you or your business as a qualified and knowledgeable expert in your industry.

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2. Build and Maintain an Active Social Media Presence 

Social media platforms play a pivotal role in the success of any business. With proper planning and execution, an active social media presence can help you establish your branding, nurture existing customer relationships, expand customer reach, and discover and adapt to current market trends. 

Always remember to provide value to your customers whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Tiktok. Follow these tips to increase social engagement:

  • Do your research to know which social media platforms your customers are on and what type of content they follow. 
  • Avoid hard-sell tactics, which can easily turn customers off and drive them away from your page. 
  • Share fresh and relatable content that sparks conversations among your followers. It can be behind-the-scenes outtakes of your latest projects, expert advice, or ask-me-anything sessions. 
  • Make time to acknowledge tags and respond to comments and mentions.
5 Easy Ways to Reach New Clients Organically

3. Leverage Social Proof and Ask for Referrals

Positive reviews and testimonials from your previous customers are a testament to the kind of service or product you can offer. They work as free endorsements or advertisements that give new clients a glimpse of what it’s like working with you.

  • Encourage customers to rate their experience with you online on your Facebook page, Yelp, or Google My Business. 
  • Take screenshots or copy commendations from past clients and post them on your website’s homepage.
  • Create a referral scheme that gives customers points, discounts, or freebies if they bring in a new one onboard or simply write a product review.

4. Drive More Traffic with Guest Posting 

Guest blogging is a digital marketing strategy that involves sharing content and expertise on a third-party website. Aside from improving your SEO ranking through backlinks from high-quality websites, guest posts are also a clever way to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and eventually generate revenue for your business. As a rule of thumb, reach out only to reputable sites and brands you want to be associated with.

5 Easy Ways to Reach New Clients Organically

5. Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns still make sense despite lightning-speed changes on the Internet and social media. According to Statista, worldwide email users reached about 4 billion in 2021 and are expected to increase to 4.6 billion worldwide in 2025. That means email is still relevant and will continue to be in the coming years. 

Many businesses buy their email list, but we strongly advise against this. Not only is it unethical, but it also defeats your purpose of reaching customers organically. In addition, you’ll have high unsubscribed rates and be reported as spam, risking the reputation of your email and provider. 

Here are some tips for growing your email mailing list:

  • Put a sign-up form on your website or newsletter.
  • Create unique and beautiful content.
  • Customize your content depending on segment or buyer persona.
  • Encourage existing contacts to forward your emails with an “Email to a Friend” button.
  • Offer free eBooks, guides, or vouchers but require a sign-up.

Try using these 5 ways of reaching new clients, and see what happens to your customer base!

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