Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

6 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

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I’ve even taken some comments and have used your questions and statements to add to future posts which are exciting. I want this series to be very valuable to all of you so leave comments and ask questions so I can have a better idea of what you need in these posts.

In the last post, I covered some of what are typically the first ways bloggers make money. These are affiliate links, sponsored posts, and ads. Of course, not all bloggers are the same but after blogging for quite awhile now these three are typically the first ways that I see bloggers start to monetize.

Today I want to talk about some of the other ways to make money blogging that you might not know about. I haven’t tried all these other ways myself but I’m familiar with them and many of them I’ve looked into because they are ways I want to start trying to monetize this year. There are really so many ways that you can start making money blogging so I’m just covering some of the most popular ways that I know of. With how fast the internet world moves I’m sure in a few years there will be tons of new ways that haven’t been thought of yet. 

Physical products

I don’t have any actual physical products that I sell but many bloggers do. This can be anything from journals to artwork, jewelry, and so many other things. Many times these bloggers have an Etsy shop which they promote and connect with their blog. Other times I’ve seen products for purchase directly on the blog itself.

There are some bloggers I know of who have launched t-shirt or jewelry businesses and they have done quite well and been profitable. I also have heard of bloggers who have tried this path and made no money from their products. I think it comes down to how passionate you are about your products. If you are just trying to sell something to the audience you’ve made through your blog then it doesn’t seem to go as well as it does for the people who really love their Etsy shop and are trying to

Digital Courses and products

This is the area of making money blogging that I am planning to put a lot of effort in over the upcoming year or two. I want to create courses that I teach on blogging and social media. I spend a lot of my time taking courses so I know how they work and have done a lot of research on how to create them.

It’s a lot of work to create a course but the benefit is that once it’s created you can keep selling the course to your audience. It’s a lot of work upfront but once created can keep bringing you income without having to create something new each time.

Although you have probably seen many courses out there about blogging and business don’t think that this is the only niche that you can make a course in. There are so many different Niches that are starting to use courses now. You can make a course on fitness, yoga, cooking, crafts, parenting, etc.

There are many ways to do courses. I have two free email courses on my blog that I just set up with Convertkit, my email provider. You could do a paid course that same way. If you want to do a video course there are many ways to do that.

Digital products

Also, there are digital products that you can sell as well. These can be printables that you sell for organization or business and blogging. There are so many bloggers who sell printables. Especially bloggers who blog about home, organizing and family life. As many of their readers want printables to stay organized and keep them on a task in life.

You can also sell digital items such as invitations, planner pages, wall art. etc. You create and design these and then sell them to your audience. These are often something that is sold on Etsy as well as on your website. 

Membership Sites

I don’t have a lot of first-hand knowledge about setting any of this up. Though, I am in a couple of paid membership sites. What this means is that you pay a monthly fee to access a private site where you get a paid forum or access to a private Facebook group. As well as private videos and information that you can’t get without being a member.

Coaching and Consulting

In the past, I have done blog coaching and consulting. It worked for a bit but I decided to focus more on other areas. Though in the future I may go back to it because it is a good way to make some income. I have a lot of information about blogging and there are a lot of bloggers out there that need more experienced bloggers to help guide them. 

So if you feel that you have a lot of knowledge about a topic and could help out someone just learning and beginning that same topic. Then you might want to think about doing some coaching and consulting on the subject. This could take place in phone calls, on Skype or through email. It’s about finding what works. 

Writing an e-book

You may also want to at some point put together an e-book on a topic that you know a lot about. There are a lot of ebooks out there on blogging, business, and social media. I have so many of them because I love learning all I can from other bloggers and entrepreneurs. I have bought everything from short little ebooks that were only a couple of bucks. Also,  longer ebooks that came with downloads and videos for a lot more money. 

If you want to create your own ebook then you want to pick a topic that you know a lot about and want to share that knowledge. This can be on anything it doesn’t have to be on blogging stuff. It can be on any topic as long as you have an audience for it. 

I’m not really familiar with the process of putting together an e-book because I haven’t done one. It is an area of earning income that I’m going to be trying. So I don’t want to give you any wrong information on how to put together an ebook. So I have found two great articles by bloggers who have written ebooks.  So that you can check them out to help you get started. 

  1. How to write an ebook by Amy Lynn Andrews 

2.How to write and launch an ebook with Abby Lawson 

So we’ve gone over many ways to make money blogging. I hope you have some new ideas for how to start earning an income with your blog. I have put together a workbook that will help you go through these ideas. So you can start making a plan for what to do next. I hope you will sign up and get started and I am working on the next post for this making money series.

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