Project 24 vs. Stupid Simple SEO: Which Has the Best SEO Strategy?

I’ve bought both Project 24 and Stupid Simple SEO, and the SEO strategies they teach are vastly different, so let me explain that below.

In short, Project 24’s SEO strategy is wildly different from anything I learned, way less structured, and does NOT use keyword research tools like Ahrefs. On the other hand, Stupid Simple SEO‘s SEO strategy is very rigid, involves spreadsheets with formulas, and uses the paid keyword research tool Ahrefs.

What SEO Strategy Does Project 24 Teach?

First, let’s get one thing clear: Project 24 isn’t an SEO course, it’s not even A course. It’s more like a VAST LIBRARY of tons of courses about blogging, YouTube, etc. It can be incredibly overwhelming. BUT, Project 24 does have 7 lessons dedicated to their SEO strategy, and 8 more lessons about Search Analysis (diving deeper into their SEO strategy).

Project 24’s SEO strategy is very informal and unstructured. They teach something they call “Alphabet Soup,” which uses Google to find highly searched keywords to traffic. They also recommend “search analysis,” which is less about getting the exact keyword and much more about understanding the intent of someone’s search.

Additionally, Project 24 shows you how to structure your blog posts so you have a better chance at ranking in Google.

What SEO Strategy Does Stupid Simple SEO Teach?

Stupid Simple SEO teaches a very methodical, data-driven SEO approach that uses competitor keyword research within a paid keyword research tool called Ahrefs to determine what you’ll write about. Instead of guessing new keywords and typing the into a keyword research tool to find out if they have high search volume, SSSEO teaches you how to find out what your competitors are already ranking for, filter out the keywords with the lowest competition, and then use that information to write your next blog posts.

SSSEO also shows you how to structure your blog posts to have a better chance at ranking in Google and explain a bit about E-A-T (an important ranking factor for Google).

Overall, Which Course Is Better for SEO?

In my humble opinion, Stupid Simple SEO is the better SEO course because its entirety is devoted to SEO, whereas Project 24 only briefly touches on SEO and has a ton of courses on other blogging-related topics. Also, while the Project 24 SEO strategy clearly works (just look at their results!), it can leave you feeling a little lost because it’s so unstructured.

With SSSEO, you walk away with spreadsheet templates and a clear game plan for how to conduct keyword research and decide what to write about next.

For that reason, I highly recommend Stupid Simple SEO (**Enrollment is open year-round, but you MUST sign up for the FREE masterclass to be able to purchase the course.)

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