23 Practical Gifts for Bloggers That They’ll Actually USE

Oh my, it’s gift-buying time, and you’re out there on the Interwebs scouring Google for the perfect gift for your blogger friend, only to find the same lame ol’ gift ideas.

My friend, you’re in the right place. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and actually SOLD one of my blogs to another business, so below, I’m going to reveal to you some PRACTICAL gifts for bloggers (ya know, they kind they’ll actually use).

Another problem I noted about the other “gifts for bloggers” blog posts out there is that so many of them recommend gifting software like ConvertKit or Tailwind, and while both of those software services ARE awesome, they’re difficult to give as a gift. That’s because they don’t offer gift cards and you’d have to subscribe to the service under YOUR name, and it would automatically renew under your name. It’s messy, so the gifts below are EASY to give.

Let’s dive in!

Practical Gifts for Beginner Bloggers

The most important area for beginner bloggers is education. They often don’t know where to start, or they aren’t getting anywhere with their blog because they lack the technical or marketing knowledge. Below, I’ll show you some education resources you can gift to your blogger friend.

#1 Any of Create and Go’s courses

Alex and Lauren regularly make SIX FIGURES a month from blogging. So yeah, they KNOW their stuff, and I can personally vouch for the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. Check out all of Create and Go’s courses.

#2 Stupid Simple SEO course

If your blogger friend is having trouble getting traffic to her blog, be sure to help her learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is basically the science of getting Google to rank your website higher than everyone else’s in search.

I bought Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO, and it is a very thorough, high-quality course. Get this SEO course for your blogger friend and help her skyrocket her traffic!

#3 Udemy gift card

Udemy is a website with 100,000 online courses. Get your blogger friend a Udemy gift card, and she’ll be able to choose which courses she’d like to take.

#4 Skillshare gift card

Skillshare has more than 24,000 online courses on topics ranging from design to business to writing. Get your friend a Skillshare gift card, and she can choose from an assortment of classes to boost her blogging knowledge.

Practical Gifts for Bloggers Who Have a Podcast (or Want to Start One)

Podcasting is HUGE these days. It seems like every blogger is starting one, and for good reason: In 2019, about 90 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month, and that number has grown every year since 2013! Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool for bloggers.

If your blogger friend has a podcast or has talked about starting one, get them one of these practical gifts below:

#5 Podcasting microphone

Podcasts are all about the audio, it’s important that it sounds high-quality. Getting the right microphone makes all the difference. When I attended the Mediavine Conference, podcaster pro Danny Ozment recommended this microphone.

#6 Portable audio recorder

Many podcasters use portable audio recorders to record interviews “out in the field” or to catch some natural sounds to enrich their podcast, such as coffee shop talk or the sound of the subway going by. Your blogger friend will love this portable audio recorder because she will be able to put it in her pocket and go record some podcast episodes while she’s out and about! Plus, the audio will be beautiful and clear.

Practical Gifts for Bloggers Who Vlog

Video is growing in popularity, YouTube is all the rage, and more and more bloggers are starting to vlog; they’re known as “vloggers.” Here’s what you can get your blogger friend who vlogs:

#7 Ring light

Ever notice how those professional YouTubers always look beautifully lit and have this majestic ring around their pupils? That’s because they’re using something known as “ring light” and it’s shaped exactly how it sounds.

Get this professional ring light for your blogger friend, and she will look GLOWING in her next videos!

#8 iPhone stand

Bloggers who vlog (AKA vloggers) often have the issue of finding a good place to set up their camera to record themselves (unless they have a cameraman, of course). With this iPhone stand, your blogger friend can easily set up a video shoot with her iPhone camera no matter where she is. This works especially well for travel bloggers who have to record on the go and may not want to lug around expensive camera equipment.

#9 GoPro

EVERY travel vlogger wants one of these. It shoots beautiful footage and is tiny (and therefore super easy to pack into luggage). Check out the GoPro Hero5 here.

Practical Gifts for Bloggers Who Are Serious About Blogging Full-Time

#10 Mediavine Conference ticket

I went to one of these Mediavine conferences for the first time this year, and I was SO IMPRESSED. Normally, I think conferences are a waste of time, but this one was different. I met new blogger friends with whom I plan to collaborate in the future, and I learned about the latest trends in the blogging industry. It was so refreshing and welcomed to be surrounded by professional bloggers, to be in a room where everyone was making money blogging.

If your blogger friend is serious about blogging full-time like a job, then get them a ticket to the next Mediavine Conference!

#11 Business cards

Okay, so speaking of the Mediavine Conference…the biggest embarrassment there was that I failed to bring business cards; I don’t have any. So networking was tricky, but I was usually able to just get their business card and email them, or I put my information into the Notes app on their phone.

Getting your blogger friend some business cards will do wonders for her professional image. It’ll help her feel more legit, and it’ll help her make more business connections. She’ll love you for it!

#12 Branded merchandise

Bloggers love to do giveaways for their readers. It helps build engagement and brand awareness. And if you give your blogger a branded merchandise gift, they can use that to spread the word about their blog. These also work great if your blogger is attending a conference. She can give these away and spread the word about her brand!

For example, I love these branded sparkle lollipops. They come in a set of six. You would just need to get a high-res file of your blogger’s logo and send it to the seller so they can customize the pops.

Practical Gifts for Food Bloggers

#13 Photography backdrops

Food bloggers spend a lot of time staging photoshoots of their dishes. One way they can stand out in this competitive space is to have beautiful photography backdrops that make it look like they’re taking photos on real marble or wood. You’ll make your food blogger friend’s life SO much easier if you get them this!

#14 Marble slab

If you really wanna show your food blogger friend that you care, wow them with this real marble slab. This makes for breathtaking photos for their dish photoshoots, and they can use it when entertaining! They work great for cheese plates because they stay nice and cool.

#15 Custom Logo Wood Cutting Board

Again, this makes for a fantastic photo opp: A wood cutting board customized with your food blogger’s logo! She will love staging photos with this one.

Practical Gifts for Fashion Bloggers

#16 Photoshoot session with a local photographer

The struggle for fashion bloggers is they constantly need professional photos of them rocking their latest outfits. This can be expensive. If you pay for a photoshoot session with a local photographer, your fashion blogger friend will be ecstatic!

To plan this gift, just Google photographers in your area or ask around for recommendations.

#17 Tripod

For the fashion blogger who can’t afford hiring photographers all the time, get them a tripod and they can set up their own photos with a timer.

#18 Stitch Fix subscriptions

Because fashion bloggers need to constantly switch up their outfits for their blog and social media, you’d be doing your friend a huge favor by supplying her with monthly new outfits via the Stitch Fix subscription box.

Practical Gifts for Bloggers Who Spend Way Too Much Time in Front of the Computer

We bloggers are notorious for logging way too many hours in front of the computer screen. Because of that, I recommend you get your blogger one of the following gifts:

#19 Keyboard + mouse + monitor

This combination could save your blogger friend’s neck and shoulders—and computer, should they have an accidental water spill (yep, I’ve done it more than once…).

I use this keyboard cover for my MacBook.

I’ve also bought this mouse and keyboard to use with my laptop.

And throwing a monitor into the mix can ease neck strain.

#20 Laptop prop

Instead of a monitor, you could get them a laptop stand that props the laptop up to eye level, reducing neck and shoulder strain.

#21 Blue-light-blocking glasses

Blue light can negatively affect our sleep patterns and our eyes. Because bloggers spend so much time staring into computers, get your friend this pair of stylish blue-light-blocking eyeglasses to ease their pain.

#22 Lumbar support pillow

As I type this, I’m slouching. Oops. Sitting for too long in this terrible posture at the computer can cause back problems. Give your blogger’s back a break with this cushiony lumbar support pillow.

#23 Standing desk

It’s good to change positions throughout the day to keep yourself pain-free. A standing desk can help with this and improve posture.

What Gift Will You Get Your Blogger?

I hope these practical gifts for bloggers helped you make a choice. No matter what you choose, rest assured that your friend will LOVE it and USE it!

23 Practical Gifts for Bloggers

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