Pinteresting Strategies Review 2024 PLUS Coupon Code!

I wrote this Pinteresting Strategies review because this course skyrocketed my Pinterest traffic from ZERO to nearly 200 visits a DAY! You can use my Pinteresting Strategies coupon code for $5 off (get the code below!)

At just $97, this is the CHEAPEST AND BEST Pinterest course you could possibly invest in. (Believe me, I’ve taken 5 Pinterest courses total!).

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’ve been blogging professionally since 2012 and have taken FIVE paid courses on Pinterest. Here are all the Pinterest courses/ebooks I’ve bought in chronological order:

  1. Pinfinite Growth
  2. Pinterest Strategy Guide
  3. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche
  4. Pinteresting Strategies
  5. Perfecting Pinterest

What Does Pinteresting Strategies Teach You?

  • The exact strategy Carly uses to get more than 200,000 pageviews a MONTH to her blog from Pinterest alone
  • The REAL factors that the Pinterest algorithm uses to determine if your pin is good or not
  • How to use manual pinning instead of wasting money on automated schedulers
  • How to use Pinterest’s FREE built-in scheduler instead of buying Tailwind
  • What makes the difference between a “meh” pin and a VIRAL pin
  • How to increase the chances that someone will CLICK on your pin and visit your blog (because no one cares about how many impressions or repins you get if you can’t get TRAFFIC)
  • What to include in your profile and boards to boost your Pinterest traffic
  • The truth behind what a “fresh pin” really is
  • Clever hacks for finding popular keywords EVEN when Pinterest tries to hide them from you
  • How to get the most out of a pin that goes viral

Taking Pinteresting Strategies: My Results

Before taking Pinteresting Strategies, I had a Pinterest account and had already claimed my website about a year earlier. I had put out maybe 3 pins just to test it out, but then I never touched it. So, not surprisingly, I was getting zero traffic from Pinterest to my new site.

Traffic Increased!

Before taking Pinteresting Strategies: 651 monthly sessions

UPDATE July 3, 2021: After taking Pinteresting Stratgies, I’m now at 2,550 monthly sessions after spending only 2.5 hours on Pinterest a MONTH!

After taking Pinteresting Strategies: 1592 monthly sessions three months later

After Pinteresting Strategies, I:

  • Broke my blog’s traffic record. I own four blogs, and this blog that I used Pinteresting Strategies for broke its own monthly traffic record AND it beat out the records of my other three blogs.
  • A few pins have gone viral. There’s no clear definition for what “going viral” means, but I can say that a few pins received hundreds of clickthroughs to my site in the past 90 days. One of these ranked #1 for my Pinterest search term within weeks!
  • And this is ALL from not even putting in the bare minimum effort. I went all-in with Pinteresting Strategies for 2 weeks then left it alone for a month. Traffic took off even when I didn’t touch it. I can’t imagine how much better it would do if I actually followed Carly’s advice every single day. But because I run a full-time freelance business, I haven’t had time to focus on my blog’s Pinterest. I finally went back in January/February and put more effort in. Then I left it alone again for 2 weeks. I need to start back up using Carly’s strategy because consistency is key!

How Much Time Do I Spend on Pinterest?

Since November 2020 (when I started Pinteresting Strategies), I have spent only 8 hours on Pinterest! I track my time for every work project I do. Here is proof:

As you can see from the above time report, after implementing Carly’s Pinterest strategy in November, I literally didn’t spend ANY time on Pinterest in December—and my traffic still grew! Even after that, I only spent 1.5 hours on Pinterest in January and a little over 1 hour in February.

Everyone always says manual pinning is so “time consuming,” but I don’t think it’s true! Because EVEN IF you use a scheduler like Tailwind…you still spend the same amount of time scheduling your pins as you do just manually pinning them! That’s been my experience anyway. I don’t see how paying for a scheduler saves time.

Why I Think Schedulers Like Tailwind Are a Waste of Money

I’ve been blogging professionally since 2012, and I used to pay for a Tailwind subscription, especially in 2017 and 2018. But I wasn’t seeing much growth. My growth plateaued on Pinterest. So I canceled my subscriptions.

What I’ve found is that manual pinning saves me money and takes the same amount of time.

And here’s the real kicker: PINTEREST HAS A FREE, BUILT-IN SCHEDULER. Yeah, it blew my mind too! And you know how I found out? I learned that from taking Pinteresting Strategies!!!

In the course, Carly will show you how to use Pinterest to schedule your pins in bulk. You do NOT have to pay for a scheduler! I wish someone had told me before I spent hundreds of dollars on Tailwind! Thank you so much, Carly, you are the best!

So, Should You Buy Pinteresting Strategies?

Of all five Pinterest courses I have taken, I recommend Pinteresting Strategies the most, and it is the strategy I currently use for my Pinterest account. This course is best for anyone who is just starting out, on a tight budget, OR even someone who thinks they’ve got an “intermediate” level of Pinterest marketing skills.

I KNOW there are a ton of people pushing their Pinterest course on you. Heck, I’ve paid for FIVE Pinterest courses! Here is my genuine advice: If I were you, I’d buy Pinteresting Strategies first. Why? It’s the cheapest AND it works AND it doesn’t force you buy a silly scheduler

Pinteresting Strategies is only $57. To give you an idea of high seriously cheap that is, in 2016, I bought a Pinterest course for $347! And it didn’t even work for me 😫 Carly recently raised the price of Pinteresting Strategies to $57 and that’s still a steal. She plans to raise it again in summer 2021—so now is THE time to buy it for such a good deal.

Get Pinteresting Strategies here

Pinteresting Strategies Coupon Code

Use my code PINNING5 to get $5 off Pinteresting Strategies.

Tired of Wasting Hours Designing Cute Pins? This Will Make Your Life Easier

Beyond Pinteresting Strategies, a key tool that helped me get more Pinterest traffic is Carly’s pin template subscription. Each month, she emails you traffic-boosting, professionally designed pin templates that you just customize and pop into your Pinterest account. It makes life so much easier for me.

Get 7 FREE Canva pin templates from Carly here

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