13 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers and Business Owners

After two years of blogging and creating and running two blogs I have narrowed it down to the top 13 Pinterest marketing tips.

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner these 13 Pinterest tips are sure to either get you started with Pinterest the right way or get you on the right track.

It is no secret that Pinterest is the perfect source for fast and abundant traffic… BUT, not without putting the following strategies to practice.

Next are the top 13 Pinterest marketing tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs to help boost your Pinterest game.

13 Top Pinterest Marketing Tips

13 of the Best Pinterest Marketing Tip for Blogger

1. Pin from the “trending section” and from your “smart feed”

Pins that are already trending on Pinterest are on Pinterest “good side”.

It is always a good practice to scroll through your “trending section” on your search bar to see what people are looking for. Then, look for related categories to your niche and pin Pins that are the best fit to your own relevant boards.

13 Pinterest Marketing Tips for bloggers

Your Pinterest smart feed is also a great place to pin from. You Pinterest smart feed contains Pins that Pinterest has specifically selected for you according to the content you pin often.

2. Prep your personal boards before you add your content

When you create a board, it is always a good practice to “prep your board” before you start pinning your own content. That way, when you start pinning your Pins on that board, your Pin gets keyworded correctly.

You prep your boards by adding relevant keywords to your board tittle and board descriptions (more on keywords later).

In other words, instead of naming your board “Pretty Clothes for the Fall” name it “Fall Outfits”.

Then, start pinning relevant pins to that board for a few weeks (ideally) before you start pinning your own relevant content.

What that will do is help Pinterest categorize your boards using keywords from the Pins you choose to pin there. That is why is important for you to choose strong, relevant Pins.

A great way to get good third-party relevant Pins is to type your keyword in your Pinterest search bar.

The Pins that come up in your search results have already been keyworded using that particular term by Pinterest. Therefore, pinning them on your new relevant boards is a great strategy.

3. Create specific boards regularly

Pinterest is an ever-changing platform. It thrives and favors new content (new pins, new articles, new boards, etc.).

Creating new boards not only does it give your account fresh content, but a home to newer and specific pins.

4. Pin to all of your boards regularly

As important as it is to create new content, it is just as crucial to pin to them often.

Pinning relevant content to your boards regularly keeps them active and updated.

5. Create new pin daily!

Out of all the Pinterest marketing tips listed in this article, THIS ONE is one of the most important.

Create new pins (or as often as possible)!

As we previously discussed, Pinterest LOVES new content.

The best thing you can do is to write and publish new blog post often (at LEAST once a week). But, creating new Pins for old posts is just as important.

The combination of brand-new Pins (of new content) and brand-new Pins (for old content) will give you the best chance at increasing Pinterest visibility, engagement, and blog traffic.  

If you don’t have the time and/or patience to create effective and consistent Pins from scratch, look into this Pinterest Pin Templates Bundle.

The Bundle includes 30 high quality, click-worthy, and sanity-saving beautiful Pinterest Templates, in 3 different sizes, with video instructions and value-packed special BONUS.

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6. Join group boards in your niche

Pinterest group boards are those created by yourself or others which allow for multiple contributors.

Pinterest group boards allow for sharing Pins from bloggers of similar niches. In addition, because many other bloggers are also members, your Pins have the potential to reach their audience if they decide to share your Pin.

To join a group board, simply:

  • Take a look at some of your favorite bloggers account in your niche
  • Scroll though their boards and find group boards that best match you niche (group board are the those with a multi-contributor icon on the board cover)
  • Click on it, then follow the directions to join the board and wait for an invite

7. Use Tailwind

Honestly, I couldn’t do it without Tailwind. Having two blogs and thousands of pins in circulation I need all the help I can get.

Tailwind is the Pinterest scheduler of my choice and that of many other successful bloggers. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few third-party schedulers “approved” by Pinterest.

Tailwind allows you to schedule your Pins to any board of your choice for weeks, even months in advance. They even provide you with optimized, recommended time slots resulting from the data they gather from your followers.

What’s more, Tailwind’s detailed analytics goes deep into your Pins and boards performance. This kind of information is pivotal when implementing successful Pinterest marketing strategies.

Tailwind allows you to “set it and forget it” so that you can get back to creating new content.

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8. Pin directly from your blog

Another great and simple Pinterest marketing tip that bloggers tend to overlook is to pin from your blog.

Pinning images directly from your blog helps Pinterest confirm that the information you are introducing to their platform is really yours.

As a rule of thumb, I like to create 2 Pins for every new blog post I write, and I embed them on my blog.

Then, I pin the first Pin directly from my blog to the most relevant personal board once I publish.

After that, using Tailwind I pin it to the rest of the other relevant boards using a 3-day interval (personal and group boards). Remember to use time intervals- you do NOT want to spam Pinterest or they WILL flag you.

Three days later, I pin the second Pin directly to Pinterest following the exact same process we just went over. Make sure your time intervals overlap so that both Pins aren’t scheduled to be pinned on the same day and/or boards.

9. Optimize you profile by using keywords

Pinterest works like a search engine.

Much like your boards and you Pins, your profile is also “searchable”.

Make sure you use clear and relevant keywords in your profile that reflect your niche and the audience you are trying to attract.

Keywords are a crucial part of Pinterest marketing!

10. Optimize your Pins and boards by using keywords

Pinterest marketing tips 101… USE KEYWORDS!

Again, Pinterest works like Google. When a Pinterest user types a query hundreds of Pins resurface depending on the compatibility of their search term (keywords).

That is why it is crucial that you keyword you Pins and your boards properly. That is the only way to make them “searchable”.

A great way to find related keywords to add to your Pin and board descriptions, is to:

  1. Go to your Pinterest search bar
  2. Type your main keyword/phrase, ex: “fall outfits”

13 Pinterest Marketing Tips for bloggers

3. Use other related keywords that appear under the search bar that best relate to your article

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11. Use hash tags in your Pin’s description

Another good Pinterest marketing tip is to use hashtags. About a year ago Pinterest introduced hashtags in attempts to simplify search queries and facilitate search results.

Using 3-5 general keyworded hashtags in Pin descriptions do the trick.

12. Use a “Pin It” button on your images

Adding a “Pin It” button to your images make it easier for you readers to Pin your content. If you have a WordPress blog your can find some good plugin options.

13. Create new content weekly

I think we have made it clear throughout this entire article that you must create new content, often.

Publishing at least one new blog post a week ensures your Pinterest account stays fresh, relevant and engaging. In turn, Pinterest will reward you by keeping your Pins in circulation and in front of your ideal audience.

Additional Resources

If you need additional help with your Pinterest marketing strategies and you would like a step-step, video-based resource I highly recommend Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell.

Carly, founder of “Mommy on Purpose” and creator of Pinteresting Strategies eCourse, walks you through how she gets over 200k views a month through Pinterest and earns thousands of dollars in revenue with her pinning method. She teaches you her incredible successful manual pinning method as well as some Tailwind tips.

Check it out for yourself, here.

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In Summary

As you can tell there are many Pinterest marketing tips that can significantly help your Pinterest game.

All you have to do is implement them consistently as you move along your Pinterest journey.

What Pinterest marketing tips have you been implementing lately?

Don’t forget to pin for later…

13 of the Best Pinterest Marketing Tip for Blogger

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