Things I Recommend

my tools of the trade

Social Media Scheduling


I use and recommend a program called SmarterQueue. With this program, you can schedule your posts for every social platform, do research on what to post, and even create some posts to be “evergreen” – meaning that they will just post now and then on the schedule you create. 
SmarterQueue is a HUGE timesaver! Click below to get 30 days FREE and try it out!

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Graphic Design


I recommend Canva for super-simple graphic design.
You can create graphics for your website, social media, print media, and even things like ebooks. In my opinion, it’s the best option out there! You can use Canva with a free account, or you can upgrade to a paid account for access to more features. Click below to sign up today.

Web Hosting


I recommend BigScoots for your web hosting. Having tried a few services, BigScoots has come out as the winner in my opinion! Their customer service is fantastic, and they take care of all of the techie details – so I don’t have to think about it. Click below to sign up, and never think about your website running smoothly again!

Sales Pages


I have tried out several different options for building sales pages, and Leadpages is the best one out there. (I’ll save you the time of trying them all out!) It’s intuitive, has great design options, integrates with lots of other programs, and simply converts better than the rest. Click below to try it out.

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Checkout Carts


I am such a fan of Thrivecart. I use this program for all of my checkout/ payment carts. The carts look great and are simple to design. Plus, you have a ton of other options – like creating coupons, bump offers, sales funnels, hosting of your courses and memberships, and robust analytics and reporting. PLUS – you pay for it once, and you have it for life. No monthly payments required. Click below to get started.

SEO for your Website

“Stupid Simple SEO” Course

This course is THE comprehensive way to getting organic Google traffic to your website. The whole thing is put into bite-sized action steps, so that the tech truly is not overwhelming. If you need more traffic to your blog or website, you will want to grab this course. Click below for the FREE SEO Masterclass!

Facebook Ads

“On Target” Course

If you struggle with knowing who exactly to target in your Facebook Ads, this is the course for you. Adrienne Richardson (the Facebook ads master!) takes you through simple lessons and shows exactly who to target for effective & profitable ads. Stop wasting Ad money, and get your targeting right.

Facebook Ads

Powerplayers Club

If you are committed to getting massive results through Facebook ads, this is the club to be in! Adrienne Richardson runs this monthly group where you get direct training from her on your ads, your targeting, your funnels, and how to make them all wildly profitable. This was one of the best groups I’ve joined for my business! Click below to learn more.

File Organization

Get Productive with G Suite

Do you need some organizational help in your business? If you spend WAY too much time searching for files, or redownloading the same things over and over (because you can’t find them!) you need this quick system. Get a system in place and save MASSIVE amounts of time.

Blog Design

The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit

So, you are blogger who loves to write… but the graphic design is just TOO MUCH? This is the toolkit for you. 450+ amazing looking templates for your blog and promotion. Simply drop in your photos and words, and you are set. Save time, and have a professional look for your blog instantly. Click below to check it out.

Business Branding

The 5 Minute Brand

For many online business owners, the branding phase can get very overwhelming. This kit is full of templates that you can use immediately to build your professionally designed website. From brand boards, to post templates, email signatures, and a ton more. Click below to give your business a cohesive look in minutes!

Online Businesses

Editable Ebook Templates

Whether you are wanting to create a free download for your audience, or a digital product to sell… these templates take all of the “design work” out of the process. Focus on your content, drop it into these simple templates, and save yourself days of work.

stock photos

Haute Stock

I recommend Haute Stock for your stock photos. 
With your membership, you get access to new photos each week, plus Instagram quotes, graphics packs, and even templates. The best thing is that you are welcome to do just about anything with the images, so your copyright is covered! Click the button below and get 21 FREE stock photos!

living well planner

Living Well Planner

If you like a planner where you actually write things down, I recommend the Living Well Planner. This is a place where you can get everything in your life organized, including your business. You can set goals, break them down, and plan each day – so that you accomplish what you want. Click below and get your days organized.