My Go-To Source for Great Graphics Photos

My Go-To Source for Great Stock Photos

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Everyone who is doing business online needs GREAT photos. And often, we all need some stock photos to give our page a little boost! Here is my go-to source for great stock photos.

For several years now, I have been using photos from a site called Haute Stock, and I really love them! So I thought I would do a review, in case you are looking for something similar for your business.

My go-to source for great stock photos

When I first started my online business, I was spending HOURS searching online for stock photos that I could use. I was having to comb through the permissions and make sure I was allowed to use them.

And in the end, what I was finding was NOT great. 

I realized that I wanted something SIMPLE. Where I could just pay a reasonable amount and have photos that I love. Photos that are simple to use, and where I can just get my time back. 

Because who has time to search for free photos all day?? 

What you can do with Haute Stock:

You pay for a membership (there are several pricing options) and then you get access to download anything and everything off of the website. There are about 1,000 photos available at any given time as well as graphic packs that you can download.

What you’ll find to download…

  • Great Stock photos of every kind
  • Instagram quotes
  • Graphics packs (so you can customize)
  • Templates
  • Tutorials

My go-to source for great stock photos

The photos are all styled perfectly, clean looking, and very modern. There’s everything from styled desktops, to flowers, food, parties, kids, fitness, and flatlays – really anything you can think of!

Whenever I need a great photo, I can find what I’m looking for in the styled stock library there. 

Here’s a sneak peek of some photos that are available now:

I love that, once you are a member, you are pretty much free to do anything you want with the photos. You can edit them, alter them, put text over them, and use them in a commercial way. The owner of the site even provides tutorial videos on how to edit the photos, which makes things even more simple!

Another great thing is the graphics packs that are available for download. There are put together “packs” that you can download full of colors, icons, borders, and font suggestions. These all perfectly coordinate with different photo collections.

If you have kids you may have heard of Garanimals clothing – where all the pieces mix and match. This is kind of like Garanimals photo editing. This is what I needed! I was always floundering around, not sure of my font selection or colors. The guesswork is taken out, and I really love that.

My go-to source for great stock photos


There are two pricing options: pay Quarterly for $99, or Annually for $299. During that time, new photos are added twice per month. Also, I’ve noticed that they do sales and promotions a few times per year. And, never fear – when you sign up they give the option to catch the deal. 

For example, a few months ago, I was given the option to upgrade my monthly plan to yearly for a big discount. And YES, I did just that.

If you have paid for stock photos in the past, you know that having access to 1,000 great photos for only $33/ month (average) is a pretty great price!

Curious, but not ready to commit? You can get a free sample of 2 images by putting in your email on the site. Also, you will get free images sent to you (for free) each month!

My go-to source for great stock photos


I am a big fan. I have downloaded the photos and graphics, put them into Canva or PicMonkey (where I do most of my photo editing) and have great graphics in minutes.

You should give it a try!

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