Creative March marketing ideas

30 Creative March Marketing Ideas

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As we come out of the Winter months and head into Spring, everyone is looking forward to fresh and new! March is the perfect time to play on this idea and infuse some fresh ideas into your business’s marketing plan. Here are 30 creative March marketing ideas for your business!

There are several themes that run throughout the month that your business can make a creative spin on.

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30 Creative March Marketing Ideas for your Business.

Spring cleaning marketing ideas

Spring Cleaning

As the Spring begins, everyone gets the itch to deep clean their home, their office, or some area of their lives. Whether your business is primarily about organization or not, there are plenty of ways to tie into this powerful marketing theme.

  • Create a 7-day Spring Cleaning challenge. Encourage your audience to sign up for the challenge, and then each day provide one bite-sized action they can take to clean one area of their home, office, or life.
  • Encourage your audience to declutter. Create social media posts that encourage them to throw away or give away 1 item per day this month.
  • Tie into “Organize your Home Office Day” on March 14th. You could have a before and after photo contest! Tell your audience this contest will be happening ahead of time, be clear on how they should submit or post photos. Either choose a winner, or allow your audience to vote!
  • Create a free downloadable checklist for keeping your home or office in tidy shape. This is a great way to build your email list!
  • Create an office makeover contest! If you have a larger budget, or if you operate a business that could pull this off affordably, you could have people enter this big giveaway for a completely transformed home office space.
  • Post a series on steps to reduce digital clutter. Everyone would like their computer, files, or email in better shape! Give people bite-sized action steps to make that happen. You could either create these posts on social media, or you could have them sign up for this email challenge – and then simply email them the action step each day.

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National reading month - ideas for using this theme in your March marketing

National Reading Month

Most people love the chance to dive into a great book! If you are in the education space at all, this theme can be especially powerful. But, even if you are not, here are several ways you can incorporate this theme into your March marketing ideas.

  • Create a downloadable list of your favorite books/ audiobooks. Encourage people to head to your website and download the list. These book suggestions could be related to your business niche, or simply favorites that you enjoy.
  • Host a 31-day reading challenge. Encourage your people to get into the great habit of reading more. Challenge them to ready 20 minutes per day all month. Keep your audience up to date with what you are reading, when you’re reading and what your experience is.
  • Create a “take and leave” bookshelf in your store. If you have a physical store or coffeeshop, set up a shelf where people can take a book and leave a book. Put some used books on the shelf to get things started.
  • Host an author at your location. If you have a physical store or shop, coordinate with a local author to speak or present one evening.
  • Have a “what are you reading?” photo contest. Simply have your audience snap a photo of the book they are currently reading or listening to. Have them post it on your page or tag your business.
  • Tie in with Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2. Create a poll asking which Dr. Seuss book is everyone’s favorite. Or host a reading of some of his best books at your location.

Small Business Shoutouts

Small businesses deserve all of the love and shoutouts we can give. Use this month to really spread the love to your favorite small or local businesses.

  • Tie into “National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day” on March 29th. Create a post encouraging people to tag their favorite mom and pop business in the comments! Ask what the businesses sell, and encourage everyone to look through the list and shop with them.
  • Do a giveaway of some of your favorite items from small businesses. Create a collection of items from small businesses that you love. Do a social media giveaway. You could even partner with the other small businesses and have them promote this giveaway on their social accounts as well.
  • Feature a different small business each week. These could be businesses that you work with, and simply want to give a shout out to. Or they could be places you shop or enjoy.
  • Create a challenge for your audience to buy locally for 1 month. This challenge can be difficult, but a whole lot of creative fun! Challenge your audience to purchase everything at local, small businesses for an entire month. Including food, restaurants, etc. Talk about your experience as you take on the same challenge!

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Women’s History Month

This monthly theme is a great chance to showcase women throughout history, and even women in your own life or business.

  • Tie into “International Women’s Day” on March 8th. Create a social media post about your business journey (if you are a woman!), or a woman that you know. Encourage success for all women, worldwide. Use hashtag #EmbraceEquality
  • Have people nominate the woman who most inspires them. Select a winner to receive a prize or a gift card.
Creative ideas for March madness marketing

March Madness

Whether your audience is full of basketball fans or not, most people are aware of these games! The fun of these marketing campaigns is that the games are ongoing, not just a one time event. So you can create one marketing spin that lasts for several weeks.

  • Create a tournament bracket for your own products. Each day, or week, have 2 products go “head to head” in competition. Your audience will vote for one or the other, so you will have your winner. At the end, the winning product goes on a massive one-day sale!
  • Basketball trivia contests. Ask trivia questions on your social media account every so often, and see how much your audience knows!
  • Host game-watching nights at your location. If you are in a space where this is a good fit, host an event!

St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone loves to celebrate this laid back holiday! Participate in the fun with one of these marketing ideas.

  • Have a photo contest for your audience to “show off their green.” Tell them which hashtags to use, and watch the fun and creative photos roll in!
  • Post quiz questions to see how much your audience knows about St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone loves a good quiz! Ask a couple of questions and see what people know.
  • Run a “Win some green” contest. Do a social media giveaway. Create rules for entry and a deadline. Then choose the winner for the cash prize!
  • Offer a deep discount on all green products that day. If you have a retail or online store, create a collection of all items that have green in them, and give a deep discount. One day only!
Pink flowers - March marketing ideas

End of Winter / First Day of Spring Promotions

Most areas are starting to climb out of the winter cold and gray, and into the spring! Make use of the change of season in your marketing.

  • Create a sale on all winter-related items. Encourage people to buy up the last of your winter stock with a discount or free shipping.
  • Have a “one last night of winter” event. Serve warm cozy drinks, build a fire, and host an activity that’s typically only held in the winter.
  • Have a 31-day “time outside” challenge. Encourage people to spend time outside in nature. Challenge your audience to spend at least 50 hours outside this month. Create a printable tracker so they can keep track and be motivated.

Vacation Planning

As the weather warms up, most of us start to plan our coming vacations! Whether people are looking for a quick Spring getaway, or planning a longer trip in the summer, some fun promotions can get your audience inspired.

  • Tie into “Plan a Solo Vacation Day” on March 1st. Provide inspiration for planning a solo trip. You could simply ask your audience where they would go on a solo trip, or you could inspire them with your solo trip plans. Want to go bigger? Do a giveaway for a solo trip!
  • Post a social media series of your audience’s recommended places to visit. Ask your audience for feedback, or create a poll asking them where they would go on a solo trip.
March marketing ideas - use them on social media

What should I post on Social Media in March?

March is such a great time to connect with your audience. People are ready for the Spring, they are ready for NEW. Grab onto one of the marketing ideas above, and use it in your social media strategy for the month. Interact with your people and give them something fun and new to experience on your social media account!

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What are inexpensive marketing ideas?

Many of the ideas above can be accomplished with very little to NO budget! The truth is, connection with your audience on social media does not need to cost money. It only costs some of your time and attention.

If you are looking to bring some creativity, variety and life to your marketing strategy for the month of March, dig into one of the 30 creative March marketing ideas above. And then, check back and let me know how it went!

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