Plan Your Week & Get Your Time Back with the Weekly Blog Checklist

Eliminate Overwhelm while Building Your Blog

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    See exactly which tasks are the MOST important and give your work time focus
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    Simplify your week with a proven weekly blogging system.
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    ​Finish each week knowing that you accomplished the most vital tasks for your blog's success.

No doubt, building a blog can lead to a daily sense of OVERWHELM...

If you are trying to grow and build your blog, the number of tasks to master can get overwhelming! Around every corner is one more thing that you are supposed to learn, and "do daily from here on out!" I know I have felt that OVERWHELM along the way.

Especially for those of us who are building a blog WHILE we are still working a full-time job, a part-time job, homeschooling, managing our homes - you name it! There are a LOT of things to wrangle in any given week, and I say HATS OFF to every single one of us.

Sometimes the most OVERWHELM comes from simply not being able to figure out which things that need to be done are the most essential.

Sometimes you find those systems or things that come together to make your week so much more simple.

For my blog, that came in the form of an organized checklist. Once I could see in front of me the things that I needed to accomplish in order to have success, I felt my overwhelm disappearing. I could then see my way through what needed to happen.

By using the Weekly Blog Checklist, you'll be able to:

​Set Your Goals

Decide on your core message for each week, set 3 main goals around this, and then break out your individual tasks.

​See What to Accomplish

Each of your blogging tasks is broken up by section, complete with checkboxes - so you KNOW what you've already done, and what's left.

​Analyze What Worked

At the end of each week, you can look back on your goals and compare them to your checklist. You can adjust your next goals based on what you accomplished


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