Have a Thriving Facebook Page 

(by the weekend!)

In this Facebook Crash Course, you will:

  • Set up your business's Facebook page with every detail in place for success.
  • Learn what to post on your page to attract the perfect people to your business.
  • Learn Tips and Tricks for confident posting

Ever feel OVERWHELMED with the things you're "supposed" to be doing on Social Media for your business?

You're "supposed" to have your business on all these different social media platforms, setting up a Facebook page for your business, posting constantly, engaging with people there... and by the way - actually KNOW what you're doing!

Believe me, I have been there. 

I started as an "accidental" social media manager.  With very little training beforehand, I was managing social media for a company.

And I had to learn quickly, because that business TOOK OFF. Before long, I was managing over 40 social media accounts that were making millions of impressions per month, and overseeing a team of social media coordinators.

All of that to say, I am a complete "regular" in every way! In fact, I majored on clarinet in college.

When I was learning social media marketing from a fire hose, I realized something - almost all of the training available was so TECHNICAL that you had to be techie already to even get through it!

As I was weeding through the information available to me, I made a mental note...

One day I would make some training for the rest of us. No jargon. Plain language. Step-by-step directions. 

And now, I am excited to share with you that I am doing just that!

I have compiled my Facebook knowledge and experience into one easy-to-read guide. If you are getting your business on Facebook, and need someone to teach you the ropes and hold your hand through the process, this is the training for you.

In this Crash Course you'll be able to:

Set up Your Facebook Page this Afternoon

Discover every detail you need to have in place for your page to look its best.

Create a Thriving page for Your Customers to Connect

Learn how to post in a way that attracts the perfect audience to your page.

​Learn Tips & Tricks for Confident Posting

Learn how to engage with your people in a way that drives them to be loyal fans.

Included are 3 FREE Bonuses:

Ramp up your Facebook presence with these!

1.  Basic Facebook Ads Tutorial

2.  6 Ways your Business can use Facebook Live

3.  100 Questions to Ask on Social Media (to get the Conversation Started!)

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1. I am a complete beginner at Facebook marketing. Will this help me?

Absolutely! This e-book guides you from your very first login, all the way to having a thriving page.

2. I already have a business Facebook page, but need some help growing it. Will this help me?

Yes! The guidelines in this e-book can be applied to any size or age of Facebook page. 

In Crash Course - Setting up a Facebook Page for Your Business...

  • A complete guide to setting up your Facebook page
  • Guidance on what to post when
  • Tips for winning over your perfect audience
  • Plus 3 FREE Bonuses!

All these for just:



Get Instant Access to this Crash Course!

NOTE: This purchase is for a digital download. No physical products will be mailed.

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"I guarantee that by following all of the guidelines in this e-book, you will see a more engaged and loyal following on your business's Facebook Page."