Leverage Your Expertise Through Interviews and Articles

Leverage Your Expertise Through Interviews and Articles

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Leverage Your Expertise Through Interviews and Articles
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If you want to get more interviews, it’s important to understand what prompts someone to want to interview others in the first place. If people believe you’re an expert, they will want to interview you both locally and nationally. However, you need to put a plan in place to get this to happen. Don’t expect it to happen all by itself. Instead, craft a plan and go for it. Here are some steps you can follow to get more interviews so that you can leverage your expertise and make more money.

Develop and Create Your Cornerstone Content

One of the first things you can do now to establish your expertise is to work on the cornerstone content for your website. This is the evergreen content that improves SEO, informs your audience, and consists of the most important content on your website. All this content needs to work together to give a good overview of what you do, who you do it for, as well as why and how you do it.

Turn Your Cornerstone Content into a Book to Publish

Once you have your cornerstone content, you can now work on publishing a book. Choose one problem and one solution to expand on. You can use your own content in your own book, even if it was on a blog post previously. Just expand on it and make it clearer for the print book and further marketing.

Get Published on Popular Niche Blogs & Sites

Use the cornerstone content and now the book as the basis to get published on other sites, especially bigger, more popular sites that get a lot of traffic. When you can show your byline is appearing on well-regarded authority websites, it will make people more likely to want to interview you.

Become a Local Resource Regarding Your Niche

In your local area, there are radio shows, TV shows, bloggers, and even podcasts that need a resource with your expertise. Anyone who writes about talks about, or likes to inform others about your niche and topic is probably open to talking to you if you have proof of your expertise – such as your book and your content appearing on popular sites and publications.

Write Letters to the Editor

This is an effective way to let the media know about you by merely responding to content published by the media. For example, if you’re an expert in biking and an issue with helmets comes up locally, you should speak to it through a letter.
Comment on Popular Blog Posts with Your Ideas

Likewise, when you see a blog post that you agree with or even disagree with, make an intelligent comment with facts to show your expertise. A well-thought comment can also become the basis for a response blog post in which you can call out the author and get even more attention.

Promote Everything That You Do

When you publish, are interviewed, or otherwise mentioned, you need to keep track of it and talk about it too. Set up an alert on Google to track anytime your name, brand, or product type is mentioned so that you can be part of the discussions and get your name and expertise out there to the public.

When you get media attention, it’s important to capitalize on it at the time it happens. Publicize all your content in every way that you can. Create a media center on your site that helps anyone who wants to interview you know how to schedule it. Then, if you are scheduled for an interview, tell your audience at the time you find out before you are interviewed, and right before, so they don’t miss it. If your quotes show up in print, record them, and use it on your site and in other promotions. Media attention garners more media attention, so take advantage of it the moment it happens.

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