Let’s Recap and Review a Month’s Worth of Posts on Turning Your Expertise into a Profitable Business

Let's Recap and Review a Month's Worth of Posts on Turning Your Expertise into a Profitable Business
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Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and browse through all the different topics we covered over the past 29 days. It’s hard to imagine that this 30-day series is done now. You’ve learned so much about goal setting, planning, and implementing what you determine through your research.

Turning your expertise into a profitable business is one of the fastest and simplest ways to get started working for yourself. You don’t need to be a high-level expert who knows everything to succeed, either. You only need to know slightly more than your target ideal audience to succeed.

You can teach anything you know to those who want to know it. Don’t be concerned if there is competition. You are unique. In fact, the existence of competition means that it’s a valid business model in which you can succeed. The only thing you really need to do is create a product, develop a marketing plan, and then go for it.

Implementation of the things you’ve learned is key. Content won’t share itself if you don’t get it online for your audience to see. No one will know about your amazing offers if you don’t get the word out by every method you can reasonably use within your budget. That is a sad thought because you are unique and even if you are offering something similar to someone else, your product will still be unique and different because of your personality and the way you do things.

Okay, here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Welcome and Do You Know What Your Areas of Expertise Are
  2. Being an Expert is a Relative Term
  3. Which of Your Areas of Expertise Are Most Marketable?
  4. Start Sharing What You Know on a Blog
  5. What Problem Can You Help Someone Solve? Make a List
  6. Create a List of Quick Tips & Resources to Build a List
  7. Identify Your Ideal Target Audience
  8. Figure Out Where Your Audience Hangs Out Online
  9. Engage with Your Target Audience and Learn More About How You Can Help
  10. Create That First Paid Product Quickly to Test the Waters
  11. Think About How You Want to Spend Your Working Time
  12. 3 Different Business Models That Turn Your Expertise into Income
  13. Let’s Talk Leverage How to Share Your Expertise in a Way That Scales
  14. How Information Products Help You Package Your Knowledge and Allow You to Sell It
  15. The First Product is Just the Beginning Building Out Your Funnel
  16. Work Directly with Your Target Audience Through Coaching Programs
  17. Group Coaching Vs. One-On-One Coaching Let’s Talk Pros & Cons
  18. Consider Writing and Publishing a Book
  19. How to Market Yourself as an Expert in Your Field
  20. The Benefits & Challenges of Setting Up a Membership Site
  21. Leverage Your Expertise Through Interviews and Articles
  22. Expand Your Reach Through Podcast Appearances & Guest Contributions
  23. Grow Your Expertise as Your Customers & Clients Grow
  24. Leverage Your Customers Through Testimonials and Social Proof
  25. Is It Time to Start Speaking?
  26. How to Use Video to Connect with Potential Customers & Clients
  27. Time to Fine Tune Your Systems and Spend Less Time Building Your Brand and Your Business
  28. Joint Venture Projects Help You Tap into Other Expert’s Audiences
  29. What Are Your Long-Term Goals for Your Business?

I’m curious about what has had the biggest impact on you during this series. What tips and ideas have you found to be the most helpful? Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can look at these posts over again when you need a refresher, or if there is a strategy or tactic that you did not do yet but plan to later.

Also, if you don’t mind, will you take a few minutes today to reflect on not only how far you’ve come, but also how this simple 30-day challenge has influenced you and changed you for the better?

What positive experiences have you had as a result of the Turning Your Expertise into a Profitable Business 30-Day Series and challenge? Respond below to let me know what you think. Plus, I want to know what your plans are for the next month.

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