January Social media marketing ideas for your business

January Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Business

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January is officially here, and every business loves some fresh marketing ideas for the New Year! Here are some January social media marketing ideas for your business.

First, let’s dig into overall themes for the month and discuss how your business can use these trending ideas to connect with your audience.

January Marketing Themes

The whole tone of January is…. New Year, fresh start.

People LOVE a fresh start. Whether it’s with their health, their business, their family, or their home – fresh starts are inspiring and motivate just about everyone.

When people are already “primed” to be feeling a certain way, it’s a great time to join in that emotion.

Consider how your business could plan some January social media marketing around these themes this month.

January Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Accomplishing Goals

There’s a reason why New Year’s resolutions are such a big thing!

People love setting goals. They love imagining what their life could be, and then planning to take action and accomplish that ideas.

How could your business help your audience “dream big?” How could you encourage them to take action and see progress on the goals they set?

Also, is there a certain resolution that is common among your audience? How could you encourage them, or help them to stick to their resolution?

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Getting Organized

Cleaning and organizational goals are HUGE during this time of year. Nothing prepares you to dominate your year like a clean, uncluttered space.

How could your business be a part of this theme?

And yes, you can participate in this theme even if you’re not a professional organizer! 

Think outside the box.

Depending on your niche, you could….

  • Encourage simplicity in life schedules
  • Create a decluttering challenge
  • Post about stream-lining a certain work process
  • Talk about capsule wardrobes – or show yours!
  • Teach about creating a workflow
  • Time-management tips for working from home
  • And on and on!

All of these examples use the same motivation as the “getting organized” theme, which ties into January perfectly.

January Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Money Goals

In the New Year, many people create big goals for themselves in the area of money.

Perhaps it’s to make more, save more, or budget more skillfully. Possibly they are looking to start a business!

All of these revolve around the theme of money. It’s at the front of people’s minds in January, and most people are ready to take action!

How could your business marketing reflect this theme?

Some ideas, to get you thinking….

  • Create a budgeting spreadsheet or tool to share
  • Money saving tips
  • Help your audience in launching their business
  • Give your audience ideas/ tips for a side hustle
  • Create a savings challenge for the month
  • Coach your audience on creating (and crushing) big financial goals

Providing your audience with tools, inspiration, or encouragement to dominate their financial goals for the year will draw them to your page time and time again.

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January Social Media Marketing ideas for your business

Health and Wellness

This is an obvious theme that we see in January! One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions includes losing weight or getting in better shape.

If you run a health or wellness business, this is an obvious theme to tie into!

If you are in a different type of business, how could you piggy-back on this theme? And, remember that you can make your own spin on health and wellness. For example….mental health or creating a healthy family.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Create a self-care challenge for the month
  • Incorporate ideas for how to make simple changes in your workday to incorporate more fitness
  • Create tips on how to connect with your family
  • Post tips on creating boundaries in your time, work, and life
  • Round up some healthy options for work and school lunches
  • Share any of your personal goals in this area, and post for accountability

Whether health and wellness is your specific niche or not, this is a definite trending theme in January. See if your business can participate in some way through your marketing.

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Learning Something New

At the beginning of the year, who doesn’t want to learn something new?

This is the perfect time of year to plan a several day challenge for your audience!

Here’s how this idea could work:

Announce that you are doing a “5 Day Challenge” on a particular topic.

Pick the number of days that is relevant to you, and plan a specific thing that you will be teaching. Choose something relevant to your niche. For example: How to Make Dinner in Under 30 Minutes; How to Organize your Kids’ School Schedule for the Rest of the Year; How to Boost Your Income in Only 5 Days.

You get the picture. Pick a particular topic, a number of days, and announce it.

Create a Facebook Event for the Challenge

Tell people to head to the event page to join. You can also “invite” people through Facebook to join your challenge.

When people join in this way – you get an idea of who is coming (which has some HUGE marketing value.) Plus, the Facebook event will remind people to come. They will get notifications that they event is starting, so you don’t have to chase them!

january social media marketing idea for your business

Go Live on your Event Page

One of the most simple ways to run a challenge is to go live at a particular time each day. You will do your teaching for the day and then end with giving them a task or assignment to do.

This is also a time where you could make a download available. Though this is not mandatory, it’s a great place to include a worksheet, checklist, or something similar.

Optional – Pitch your Product at the End

If you have a product that fits like a hand in a glove with your challenge topic, you should pitch it on the final day of the challenge!

Those who have stuck in your challenge the entire time are a very “warm” audience. They are with you, and excited about what you have to teach.

If your product would benefit them, and help them take these skills to a new level – then you are serving them well by offering it to them.

On the other hand, if you do not have a related product, or if your challenge topic wasn’t quite in line with the products and services you sell, don’t feel the need to pitch your product. You want to feel sincere in your marketing.

Either way, you now have a group of people to whom you can market your products or services in the future, and who see you as an expert in your field. PLUS – you served them well by teaching them some new skills!

As you are planning your January social media marketing, try tying into one of these trending themes and watch your engagement grow!

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