7 Priority Blogging Tasks with the Highest ROI (Traffic and Income)

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As a new year begins, it is crucial we sit down to plan out our blogging goals. To reach those goals we must also map out the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that are going to help us get there. However, not all blogging tasks are created equal.

So, today we will be talking all about high ROI (Return in Investment) blogging tasks you should consider when formulating your blogging plan.

Let’s face it! Time is limited… specially if you are a mom!

It is incredibly important that we use the limited time we have on things that will help our blog grow (income and traffic).

It is very easy to get caught up in “busy” work. So, knowing ahead of time which tasks are the most vital when you sit down to work it is crucial for increasing productivity.

With that said, not everyone’s blogging journey looks the same.. so make sure you take a look at all of the following high ROI tasks and use the ones that make the most sense for your blog.

The following blogging tasks are crucial to increase both income and traffic. When you work in any of the following categories, you are likely to see the return in your investment (time and/or money).

Oh and… give this tutorial a read if you need help with blog planning and scheduling.

Important ROI Blogging Tasks

important blogging tasks for higher ROI

1. Content Creation

Ongoing, quality content creation is the fire-proof way to ensure your blog continues to grow.

What do I mean by content creation? New material….

  • New blog posts
  • New YouTube video
  • Email sequences to your list
  • Social media posts
  • …etc

Creating new, fresh, and engaging content ensures you attract new readers.

The more readers, the higher your blog traffic, and the higher the chances for increasing your blogging income (ads, affiliate sales, own products).

2. Pinterest Presence

Just as important as it is to creating high-quality content, it is promoting it on Pinterest!

You can create as much content as you want, but if you don’t put it in from of your ideal audience it might take a while for it to be found… if ever!

Focusing on SEO is extremely important, but we all know SEO is a long-term game. Pinterest however, has the potential to bring in a large amount of traffic almost instantly.

That is why focusing on Pinterest is one of the most important ROI tasks you should consider adding to your blogging plan.

Being intentional with high-quality pin creation (daily), pinning (manually and/or using Tailwind), and having strong personal boards increases your chances at higher Pinterest traffic, faster.

★ Resources that can help:

3. Learning and Implementing SEO

As good as Pinterest is at bringing fast traffic to your blog, it also takes a lot of “active work”.

Learning and implementing SEO in your blog posts ensures that you increase your changes at ranking in Google. Receiving consistent organic traffic from Google is the best case scenario for any blogger.

Therefore, making time in your “Blogging Plan” this year to learn SEO strategies AND implement them should be priority!

★ Resources that can help:

1. Stupid Simple SEO isn’t open for enrollment year-round. However, you can still join the waiting list here, and you will receive a free SEO video training series.

Another 2 great and inexpensive resources that can help you strengthening your SEO knowledge base are the following 2 eBooks by Debbie Gartner:

2. Easy on Page SEO (for Begginers)

3. Easy Backlinks for SEO eBook

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4. Growing you Email List

Another ROI task to include in your Blogging Plan is to grow your email list.

Despite of algorithm changes on Pinterest and Google, your email subscribes are the one thing that will remain consistent no matter what.

Therefore, you should have plans on growing and nurturing your email as part of this year’s Blogging Plan.

★ Resource that can help:

List Growth by Tracie Richmond Fobes

This thorough course teaches you everything you need to know about starting your email list and making money from it.

The course includes lessons on:

  • Setting your email system
  • Creating forms and opt-ins
  • All the ways you can make money with your list
  • Creating a media library
  • Crafting the perfect emails
  • Nurturing your list
  • and much more!

5. Product Creation 

Another great “Return On Investment” task is to create digitalproducts. By selling your own products is how most successful bloggers make most of their income. More so, digital products give you the ability to earn passive income, which is a blogger’s dream.

So… even if you have no idea what product you would like to create this year, pencil it in your blogging plan. Take a few minutes of your blogging time to sit down and research ideas for product creation on your niche.

Some of those products could be:

  • Writting an ebook or publishing an book
  • Creating an eCourse
  • Selling Templates
  • Selling Printables
  • Opening a Shopify Store
  • Opening an Etsy Store

I mean you name it… you can do it! Just add it ti your calendar, formulate a plan, and make it happen!

★ Here are some of my favorite resources to help with product creation:

1. eCourse Creation: Course by Number by Suzi Whitford (Save 20% using the code: JAN20)

2. eBook Creation: How to Write and eBook and Make Money (Blog Post)

6. Promote

Promoting your content is also an important part of your ROI tasks to schedule in your blogging plan.

Some people say you should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. Although I don’t necessarily agree with those percentages, I do agree that it is definitely important to help your content get out there.


  • Promoting it on Pinterest (Free or Paid)
  • Facebook Groups for Bloggers
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Other Social Media Platforms
  • etc

With that said, I want to also be clear about something… You don’t have to be in a million platforms at the same time to promote your content successfully! That could be extremely counterproductive and not give you a good ROI.

If you are new to blogging, figure out where your audience is. Once you have an idea, focus on those places the most.

Promoting your content will depend on your niche, but for the most part Pinterest and Facebook (especially, Pinterest) are great places to focus on).

7. Revamp old Content 

Another vital task you should consider adding to your blogging schedule is revamping old content.

Often times we get so caught up creating new content that we forget about the content we have already written.

Assign a few minutes a week to go over on blog post that needs revamping. Google tends to favor content that is updated and relevant.

What do I mean by revamping?

  • Editing outdated information
  • Adding new images
  • Interlinking to related new content
  • Adding relevant affiliate links
  • Creating new pins for that blog post
  • etc…

All of those little tweaks could make a big impact on your traffic and income.

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In Conclusion 

There you have you have it my friend!

Those are some of the most importing blogging tasks you should be focusing on when you create your blogging schedule.

Taking a few minutes to do the aforementioned tasks could have a big impact on your traffic and income, hence providing you with good ROI (time and/or money).

What ROI blogging tasks are you prioritizing this year? 

Don’t forget to pin for later…

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