Identify Your Ideal Target Audience

Identify Your Ideal Target Audience

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Identify Your Ideal Target Audience
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Before you can really get started in business, you need to know who your target audience is. Who exactly is that ideal customer, your target audience, that you need to attract to get on your email list, follow you on social media, and make members of your tribe? Knowing who they are is half the battle for any business’s success. Sometimes it’s not apparent right away and requires some experimentation to figure it out.

What Problem Does Your Solution Solve?

Think of this from the perspective of your audience, too. Not just yours. For example, if you offer a tech solution such as Funnel Creation Software to your audience, what problem is that solving for them from their perspective? Is it the automation that helps, the templates, the time savings, or something else that you can identify that the audience thinks of when using that solution for their problem?

Who is the Person Who Needs This Product?

Make a list of the different types of people that you think need this product, but remember that each time you create anything – be it a blog post or a lead magnet – you’re going to want to focus on just one person who needs each product for each piece of content you create. For example, if your audience consists of mommy bloggers, it’s not ALL mommy bloggers. Which segment needs your product or service?

What Benefits Does the Customer Need from the Product?

When you think of the benefits that your customer will receive from your product, make sure you list every single benefit from their perspective too. If they save time, why is that important to them? Dig deep into the benefits and why these benefits are important to your audience within their individual segments.

Where Does Your Ideal Target Audience Hang Out?

Knowing where your ideal target hangs out means you do need to figure out who they are first, but once you do figure out who they are, it’s imperative that you go to where they are and get to know them more. Go to wherever they hang out in person or online to learn even more about them. Plus, that is where you’ll want to show them the products you have eventually.

When, Where, & How Does Your Ideal Target Audience Like to Make a Purchase?

This is all about the buyer’s journey. Every buyer has a process they use to make a purchase. Usually, it consists of consuming information to learn more about the problem or the solution. The buyer’s journey looks like this: awareness, consideration, and decision. Think about the person and their stage in the buying journey before creating the content for them.

As you can see, everything is to be thought of and considered from your ideal target audience’s perspective, not yours. Yes, you do have your own goals and ideas, but when you are marketing, the only person’s goals and ideas that matter is your ideal audience. You should be able to write down a couple of sentences about exactly who your ideal target audience is so that you know who to direct to all the marketing materials you create – from blog posts to social media content and more.

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