How to Use Video to Connect with Potential Customers & Clients

How to Use Video to Connect with Potential Customers & Clients

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How to Use Video to Connect with Potential Customers & Clients
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The stats are clear. People are more likely to share videos, engage with videos, and like videos than the same topic being shared in text format. This doesn’t mean you should give up text format, but it does mean that you will want to add a video to your content marketing plan in order to connect on a deeper level with potential customers and clients.

Go Live

Today you can do live videos on a variety of platforms. The one you choose should be the one that’s most assessable to your audience. If most of your audience is active on YouTube, use that; if it’s Facebook, use that, and so forth. You can do it on more than one if you want to. By using the software, you can stream live to more than one platform at a time.

When you go live, something amazing happens. First, the audience is a lot more likely to pay attention when they see you because it’s hard to stick to a script when you’re live. When you answer their questions live, it makes you seem that much more knowledgeable about your topic than if the video was recorded.

Make Short Recordings

If someone needs quick help with something, why not make a short recording telling them how to do it. If it’s only going to take a couple of minutes of your time, it’s more than worth it for the person who asked as well as those who are silent and don’t ask questions. Most of the time if one of your audience members asks a question, more than one has the same question.

You don’t even have to appear in these types of videos. You can use a screenshot and your voice to get the message to them. If you do this at least once a day based on questions asked, your audience will be very appreciative, and you’ll connect with them on a whole new, more profound level.

To Meet Up & Host Q & A Sessions

One way to use video is to have live meetings with your audience. You can do this by setting up a Zoom room ( that allows more than one person to appear on the screen at time. Some coaches use Zoom rooms during open office hours for their clients to pop in and ask questions during that time.

Your tribe will appreciate a Q & A session because even though they can always email you to ask questions, people are more likely to ask during a live event than via email or other ways – unless they are angry, then it’s always in an email. Plus, for those who need to feel like they are talking to a real person, getting to interact with you live fosters more trust and reduces fear.

The more you can use video in your content marketing, the better. The main thing is that you want to ensure that any video you create is genuinely relevant, recordings aren’t too long, and you stick to a message and a point during each episode so that you don’t get off track or go outside of your branding message.

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