How to Use Tailwind to Grow Your Blog

If you don’t use Tailwind Communities, which use to be called Tailwind Community, or any part of Tailwind yet for your blog well then start now because you will be amazed at how much your blog traffic will change once you start!

As a blogger Pinterest has been my best source of traffic and the best platform for growing my blog. Since it can be hard to manually pin every day at the right times. That is where having a Pinterest scheduler can be really useful and helpful. There is one major scheduler that is by far the best and that is Tailwind.

Tailwind is very similar to how Pinterest is used. When you are on it you can find content to pin, you can build relationships with other bloggers, and reach new audiences, at times much larger audiences than those you’d reach on Pinterest. All in your specific niche that you desire to write in.

With all the bloggers on Tailwind, you have a chance of those with a large Pinterest audience sharing your pins and that is what you strive for!

It’s time to learn about Tailwind, find out why using this tool is essential for every blogger! Time to learn how using this can build your traffic to a point where it’s coming back monthly with little effort. Think of your audience!

Think Of Your Audience

If you want your followers to actually share your posts, then you need to write things that they are interested in. If you don’t keep their needs and goals in mind then you will just be spinning your wheels.

It is possible to blog without following a marketing strategy but doing that won’t get you anywhere. Plus to be honest, is it any fun?

As a new or seasoned blogger, one of your main goals should be to get as much traffic to your blog as possible. You also want to get as much returning traffic as possible as well and Tailwind is great for that!

Why Pay A Monthly Fee For Tailwind??

Tailwind is amazing! It is the only service backed by Pinterest as a pin scheduler. Keep reading and I will go into more detail on how to use it!

So for my blog, I have organization, parenting, self-care, and blogging as my topics. So I try my best to be in at least one community that works great for each of those topics.

Imagine finding groups that are for your particular niche. Making it so your pins can reach others in that same niche. By doing this your pins can be reshared and hopefully go viral.


Tailwind is, in my opinion, the best Pinterest management and scheduling tool on the market.

It was one of the first investments I made in my business, and so far, one of the best! 

It only costs around $15 per month and it saves me hours each week and generates the majority of my blog traffic.

In fact, 80% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest and the majority of my Pinterest activity is managed with Tailwind.

Plus, a large portion of my Pinterest traffic can be attributed to Tailwind Community.

Communities are the BEST PART OF Tailwind!

Tailwind uses communities (formerly known as Tribes) as their main feature and it is awesome. What they are is similar to Pinterest groups where you are allowed to add your own content. Communities have a different amount of people in them depending on which community you are in. All of these people potentially can share your pins.

It’s such a great way to share content in the niches you are a part of and be able to have a bigger audience and reach than with just using Pinterest alone.

Take A Look At Communities

There are tons of communities out there. When they are done well the new content of bloggers can reach a great audience as well as grow it as well.

Now since Tailwind is not free, depending on what services you use there are fees to go with it, you know that you are going to get more serious bloggers to share your pins.

Since these bloggers are more serious then the quality of their pins is more than likely going to be of high quality. When you are sharing said high-quality pins then Pinterest views you as having good pinning habits.

With everyone in the community following the same suite to reach the goal of growth of their Pinterest accounts then that means their pins have the potential of going viral which can really boost your traffic!

You will notice in your google analytics the traffic boosts you can get from viral posts. The more you use Tailwind the bigger these traffic boosts can be!

How to Find a Community

Finding communities can be a hard thing to do… at least a good community.

There are communities out there for everything out there. The basic version of Tailwind allows you to only have 5 communities so it’s important to find some good ones.

Let’s walk through the process of finding a community and I will show you exactly how to find not only a community but a great one.

First, once you are on Tailwind Click on communities in the sidebar, and at the top click on to Find a community as shown on the screenshot below.

From there you will be taken to a page where you can begin searching for a community that fits your niche.

For example, if you are a financial blogger you could search budgeting or money-saving. To see what communities come up with that topic.

I put in the term social media and these were the top Communities I was shown

Tailwind provides a lot of detail about each Community to help you decide which ones to join.

For each Community you can find out:

  • Type of content the Community shares
  • Community rules
  • How many members are in the Community
  • Level of Community activity

The buttons on the right allow you to join the Community .

A blue button means the Community is private and you have to request to join.

A green button means the group is open to anyone and you can join right away.

Personally, I only join Communities with high activity (4 bars or more) and 50 members or more.

Also, make sure to join Communities that fit what you are writing about because if you join a community about finance but you write about food none of your posts will ever get shared.


  1. Join Communities for every niche you write about
  2. You don’t have to search for content because the fresh and new content is always first
  3. The bigger Communities are not necessarily the best. I’ve been in communities with thousands of members and will still get almost no shares. Yet some of the communities I am in that are under 100 members but I will get a ton of shares.

In That Community You like?

Did you find a community that you like? Well once you have you will be able to see the name, description, and rules.

Just so you know every community makes its own rules. This is what makes communities so great! It lets you know what content they allow as well as if they allow affiliate links. The rules also let you know if you can put duplicates of a pin. Just make sure to follow the rules to a T because that is how communities succeed.

Then you have the stats of the communities. There you can see how active the community really is as well as how much engagement your pins get when you add them into the community. Under that, there is a list of all the community members of the community with which you can do so many things with!

Here is a snapshot of a new community I’m in to show you what this area looks like on Tailwind.

You can see the submissions of each member as well as how active those members are as well. It also gives you the ability to go to each members website, as well as their Pinterest page as well. Not to mention the ability to chat with Tailwind members! You can do a personal chat or chat with everyone in the community .

Once you have joined certain communities. then you are able to add your own pins. If you add your own make it a habit to share at least two or more pins from the community. By doing this you will make the members happy because their pins will be getting shared and it raises the chances of your pins getting shared. Also, the more active member the better because the one thing admins hate is having to remove inactive members.

Schedule Your Pins!

With Tailwind you can put a queue of pins together which makes it so you don’t have to worry about pinning at all!

You can pick how many pins a day you want to pin which is great. From that, you decide which pins you want to add to your queue. This is great because I personally spend about 30 minutes a day on Tailwind and have my queue scheduled for at least one month out at all times. The best part about this is now I don’t have to worry about pinning and with Tailwind they pin them at strategic times that will get me the most impressions!

Boost Your Best Pins!

The pin inspector is amazing! It lets you show what content you have that is doing great! It lets you know all this information by showing you how many repins it has gotten from your blog as shown below!

So when I first joined Tailwind my I was told by someone to look here before adding anything to any communities. That way it adds to your chances of the pin being shared. Oh, am I they showed me because that helped me get started on my journey!

How Each Community Is Doing

Don’t worry about only finding communities with lots of members. , Itis possible to be in a small community that can still have the potential to exceed the millions reach and potential impressions. One community I am in only has 33 members but a reach of 6.1 million.

The overview section lets you know how active the community is for everyone’s pins. As for your results section that is how your pins are doing in the particular community you are in. To get a better idea of what each section means:

  • RE-SHARES: the number of times each member has scheduled your content
  • REACH: Potential impressions from everyone that has scheduled all your content
  • REPINS: (this is where impressions are key because the more impressions the better chance for repins) this section shows you the total number of times your content has been repinned from all the re-shares

So when you start on Tailwind you get access to 5 Communities and can submit 10 pins per month. So after having Tailwind for a while and seeing how much it helped my blog I made the leap and upgraded to communities Max that way I can have access to as many communities as possible. The only downside is you are limited to 200 submissions.

So if you want to go anything above the max the powerup bundle is the best value by far!

Use Tailwind as you may, but the more communities you have the easier it is to find the best communities. Also by being in more communities, it allows you to share your pins and reach a much higher impression.

In a future post, I will share how I fill my Tailwind Que quickly and easily.

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