How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Many people know that LinkedIn is a good platform for finding job opportunities, but did you know that it is also a great avenue to showcase your business, build relationships, and stay up to date with the latest industry trends? In fact, Statista’s research department reports that over 58.5 million users (just in the United States!) use LinkedIn to strengthen their professional network.

In Forbes’ list of things entrepreneurs can do to be more successful, they also mention that networking with applications like LinkedIn can help your business grow tremendously. LinkedIn is slowly becoming an essential part of businesses because of how functional it is!

So let’s walk through how to use LinkedIn for business!

How to Use LinkedIn for Business

TIP #1: Complete your LinkedIn profile

For LinkedIn, optimizing your profile is the best way to help you rank in search results. People get intimidated by optimization, but it simply means that you have to complete the basic and relevant information on your page. Upload a profile photo, add your contents, and of course, write a great bio. In our post on ‘How to Write a Great Bio on Your Social Media Pages’, we walked through how having a well-written bio can help you connect with more people. As such, your bio needs to convey your brand and what you stand for. Also, don’t overlook the summary section! It could help you personalize your brand.

TIP #2: Stay active in your community

LinkedIn is a platform where you can join communities relevant to your field. Here, you get to interact with your target audience and other business owners. While the people in the same industry as you can be viewed as competitors, you can still learn from them. As explained in LHH’s five steps to maximize your networking connections, these businesses are also overcoming the same obstacles as you and it might benefit you to learn from each other! Being an active and visible member of your community will position your brand as relevant and updated.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business

TIP #3: Connect with business prospects

Instead of “adding a friend,” LinkedIn invites you to “connect” with other people. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and it is the easiest way to create relationships with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and your target audience. LinkedIn can find commonalities between you and other users to help you find those with similar interests or mutual connections.

This way, it is also easier to message a prospect and send your proposals directly to representatives, especially those who share the same goals as you!

TIP #4: Post content to engage your audience

In recent years, LinkedIn has evolved to be a more versatile platform although it’s still very business-centered. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is trying to reinvent itself to be more Gen-Z friendly (I think it shows!).

Now, there are more infographics, engaging content, and articles on your LinkedIn home page. Take advantage of this to show off your expertise and start conversations!

How to Use LinkedIn for Business

TIP #5: Reach out to your connections

LinkedIn makes it easy for you to personally reach out to your connections. You can contact them via messages to present your business, connect with your community, or simply chat with them and build better relationships beyond just official business meetings. This will be effective if you want to start an email marketing campaign and you want them to be a part of that.

Remember, keep your message short and personalize it based on who you are talking to.

These are just a few tips for getting your business results on LinkedIn. Have you used LinkedIn for business yet? If so, what tips would you add?

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