The Best Ways to Use Canva to Design Images for Social Media Posts

It’s been fun to write a lot about social media. It is one of my favorite pieces of blogging and entrepreneurship. It is just so important and if done well can make a huge impact. Today I’m going to share with you how I make images for my blog posts and social media. Hopefully, this is helpful to you and can get you able to make your own. So here is a tutorial on how you can be making social media images with Canva.

I use Picmonkey to edit my photos but when it comes to creating images I’m a big fan of Canva. If you aren’t familiar with Canva I thought I’d share a few of the reasons why I love using it. I use Canva to make all the images I use for my blog posts and social media. 

  1. It’s basically free. Most of the images and fonts are free. Anything that is more premium costs $1 a piece. You can make a lot of images for free.  I probably spend $5-$10 a month to get images or extras to add to my images to make them better. Still very reasonable and I could do it for free if I didn’t want the premium images.
  2. You can upload your own images. This is a really great feature. In the image above and all the images for this series. I upload stock photos mostly. I’m not much of a photographer. I like the look of having photos in my images and using stock photos keeps me from having to use many of the paid images on canva.
  3. they have presized templates for social media. I use this feature a lot. They have templates for each size also. So if you select Facebook image you can choose from dozens of premade Facebook templates

4.¬†Another great feature is that Canva saves the¬†images you create so you can edit them and change things out. That way you don’t have to keep remaking them. This is really helpful for branding. I can make a template of how I want images for Pinterest to look like. Then I can go in and change a color or an image and the text on the image.

5. One more feature is that you can save your favorite colors and fonts. That way you can make sure you are using the same colors and fonts throughout your images on your blog and social media. This is important for consistency and brand recognition.

So you should be making social media images with Canva if you aren’t already. So give it a try and just play around with some of their free premade templates. Playing with adding your own colors and fonts and images.

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