8 Reasons to Start a Blog in 2024

1. It is entirely possible to make money by blogging.

Have you ever heard of or met people who make a living solely through blogging?

Yes, you can monetize your own blog right now. Of course, you must first invest time; if you start your blog with a small number of visitors, the amount of money you make will be small and unstable. Please, however, be patient! As the number of visitors to your blog increases over time, so will your income.

Time will not betray the diligent. Be ready to accept the first payment you receive. I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed. Not just a few million dollars per month, but many people have made a good living solely through blogging.

2. Blogging is extremely simple.

Everyone can easily start a blog. The most difficult part is setting up the blog; you can do it yourself, buy a ready-made blog in your niche, or pay for a service that will create a blog for you. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, please write to me and I will try my best to make starting a new blog as simple as possible for you.

You don’t have to worry about creating a website or spending time learning complex HTML with WordPress. The only thing you need to do is customize the blog with the available themes (themes), add some useful plugins, and write appealing content. You’ll know exactly what to do once you’ve grasped these concepts.

3. Personal development

Using written pages to express one’s personality and point of view. Enhance your writing and communication abilities by blogging. Also, blogging will enable you to be more creative every day since you will constantly have to study, investigate themes, and improve skills in blogging such as Photoshop, SEO, and so on.

As for myself, I had a lot of spare time at home during my period of social isolation, so I chose to study something new on my own. And when I decided to start writing and developing my personal blog, I challenged myself and learnt a lot. Looking back after writing this blog, I realize how beneficial the quarantine period was in allowing me to do tasks that I had been putting off for a long time.

4. Creating a personal brand

Believe me when I say that having a solid, high-quality website will help you “score” higher in the eyes of others. A personal blog is a space for you to express yourself, with your distinct personality and point of view.In other words, a blog site is similar to a CV or portfolio, and it may open doors to numerous new prospects for you.

5. Improve your design thinking.

How do I come up with content ideas? is one of the issues to which you may have to ponder hard to discover a solution. The solution is design thinking. Why is design thinking important?

Contrary to common opinion, design thinking is more than just how things “look.” Nor is it only the domain of designers.

No matter how good you believe your material is, if it doesn’t give value to the reader, no one will care. It helps you put yourself in your audience’s shoes, find content ideas in a systematic way, prioritize the ideas in your backlog, do the research, and write content that your readers will find useful.

Testing is the final phase in the design thinking process. You must regularly evaluate customer feedback and involvement (such as social shares, comments, and so on) to truly understand if you are reaching your goals. and how you might improve your next piece of content.

6. Improve your communication abilities.

Blogging is a kind of verbal self-expression. By blogging, you will improve your presentation, whether it is written or spoken. Through blogging, you will learn how to speak properly and think about the information you want to send to the reader. Good communication skills will benefit your job no matter where you are in your profession, whether you are a programmer, in a specific role, or a CTO.

Communication abilities distinguish you from others and set you apart from the crowd.

7. Improve your time management abilities.

One of the most important skills for programmers is time management. So, how can blogging assist you in honing this skill? In addition to full-time employment and family commitments, you’ll learn how to manage your time wisely by running a blog. Time management is more than just doing this or that. It is about developing techniques to help you make the most of the time you have.

Time management is a personal thing since it needs to work for you and meet your interests.

8. Blogging may help you develop your thoughts.

Whether you confess it or not, I am sure you are thinking while you write. You’ll spend a lot of time on it, whether it’s a 300-word piece, a few lines of Facebook shares, or a large post. You consider how to use words, how to arrange your thoughts, how to use punctuation, emojis…, create, delete, and rewrite new phrases, and train your brain.


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