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How to Sell Each of Your Unique Products to your Ideal Customer

People buy your product because you solve their problem.

Whatever their problem may be – THAT is the reason they pay attention to your business and purchase your product.

We talked about identifying your ideal customer’s problems. We learned how to identify a SURFACE level problem, and then take it a step further and identify a DEEPER level problem that they wrestle with.

(Now, this entire process is infinitely easier if you have identified your “ideal customer.” If you have not walked through that process, pause here and do that first.)

One of the great things about so specifically defining your ideal customer is that you know what their life is like in each season. You can easily ask yourself what problems they are facing in a certain situation since you know them so well.

And here’s where I want you to take your marketing to a new level:

Apply this same process of questioning to every product and promotion that you do.

We can use this same thought process as we market different products in different seasons. For some of our businesses this can be obvious.

For example, if you have a custom sewing business and you sell handmade cloth diapers and tailored maternity shirts, you can develop an overall marketing strategy of how your business as a whole solves your customers’ problems. But then as you market each of those items individually, it’s okay to use a tone that is specific to that product.

Let’s get even more specific.

In this article, where we originally walked through the process of solving our ideal customer’s problems, we used the example of an organic bakery.

We determined a SURFACE level problem that the bakery was solving: “Mom needs bread for her family’s meal.” But then we also identified a DEEPER level problem that the bakery was solving: “Mom wants to feel GREAT about the ingredients and quality of food that she is feeding her family.”

Mom-guilt is a very real thing, and this bakery alleviates that for their customers. This is a great approach for them to use in their marketing!

Now, let’s say this bakery has come out with a new product to promote: A specialty bread just for the Christmas season.

As a note: the same surface and deeper problems that we identified before still can apply, but think about this specific product and season.

Is there anything ELSE that your ideal customer is wrestling with? How are they feeling at Christmas? What’s going on in their life during this time of year? How does this product SOLVE any of their problems?

For example, perhaps your ideal Mom-customer feels overwhelmed during the Christmas season. There are so many things that she wants to do for her family, events and parties that need to be attended, and we know that THIS BAKERY can help alleviate her Mom-guilt, even during the Christmas season.

Here are 2 marketing approaches for this new product at Christmastime.

Marketing Approach #1

SURFACE problem we are solving: Mom needs gifts for teachers and friends.

DEEPER problem we are solving: Unique and thoughtful gifts are important to her – giving this bread to teachers and friends for Christmas allows her to give something local, unique and delicious.

*Since you know your ideal customer so well, this “Mom” that you’ve defined, you know that giving great gifts would be important to her. She would love a simple solution to her “problem” of needing great, quality gifts for teachers and friends.

Marketing Approach #2

SURFACE problem we are solving: Mom has many holiday parties to attend this season, and needs a food to take to every one.

DEEPER problem we are solving: Mom wants to enjoy these parties, soak in time with her friends, and have time to really savor the season with her kids.

*Once again, because you know your ideal customer so well, you know that this Mom wants to enjoy the Christmas season with her kids, all while providing great food options for the many Christmas parties they will attend.

Your marketing approach could be one of encouraging your customers to bring your new organic holiday bread to the Christmas party – no excess holiday baking – use that time to relax and soak in the season with your kids! Even though these many parties need you to bring food, preparing for the party doesn’t need to take your time away from this Christmas season.

It is okay to tweak your approach with each new product or promotion. Each season and product is a little bit different, and how your customer feels about each one may be unique.

People buy your product because you solve their problem. What better reason to dig in and solve their problems well?

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