How to Reviews a Product and Make Affiliate Marketing Income

Product reviews are a great way to do affiliate marketing but do not make this mistake.

Google has changed the way review sites get treated, and in this blog post, I will help you avoid a huge mistake.

One of the best ways to earn passive income is with an affiliate blog.

You can run ads on your site and earn commissions from the products you recommend.

The most common way of earning commissions is by doing a product review, but there is a right and wrong way to do the review.

Wrong Way

Let me first tell you my experience and how I did things the wrong way. W

hen I created my first affiliate blog, it centered around a product.

There were numerous models and brands of the product, and I thought this was great.

I can write reviews on each model and the different brands.

I learned everything from a YouTube Guru that gave great detail on creating the blog, writing the reviews, SEO, and everything I needed to get started.

Unfortunately, the YouTube videos I followed were two years old, and Google had changed how Google treated review sites.

How I Found Out

Sadly, I only discovered this when I applied to have Google Adsense on my site and got rejected for “thin” content.

What is thin content, you may ask, just as I did?

Thin content is content that provides no additional value to the reader.

In other words, I had listed all the features of the product, but it was the same information that the reader could obtain on Amazon.

I was not adding any value. I summarized the Amazon reviews, but that is nothing a reader couldn’t get on their own.

To read Google’s advice for Affiliate Marketers, you can go here.

Right Way

The right way means you need to do an honest review of your experience with the product. Meaning you need to buy the product and have it in front of you.

Look at the product as a buyer and answer the questions any buyer would want to know.

Take your own pictures to add to your blog post.

Be sure to tell the reader about your expertise with this product if you have any.

Google is looking for experts recommendations. Don’t make your blog post spammy with buy here buttons everywhere. Being too spammy will just run readers off.

And conclude, so many reviews compare models or show Top Ten, but the reader wants you to tell them to buy or not to buy or offer an alternative.

Your recommendation is why they are reading your posts in the first place.

So to review the right way:

  • Have the product
  • Review from a buyers perspective
  • Take your own pictures
  • Tell your expertise
  • Don’t be spammy
  • Come to a conclusion

Final Thoughts

How to Reviews a Product and Make Affiliate Marketing Income was written to help you avoid my mistakes. I had to go back and rewrite all of my blog posts on my first niche site and do them the right way.

Rewriting has been a significant pain, and I am still in the process.

I can report that my rewrites are ranking first on Google, so I am pleased about that, but I am working on other sites, and this rewrite has caused me delays.

But, it does show that if you do the reviews the right way, it will pay off.

Check out this post to ;earn more about affiliate marketing.

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