How to Make Your Business stand out from the Competition

How to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition

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Every business has traits that make it completely unique. Though you may have some competitors, those key aspects can make you stand out from the rest. Here’s how to make your business stand out from the competition.

In your business, there are several key truths that you would like your customers to know.

I call these PILLAR IDEAS.

They are the pillars that hold up your business. They are a big piece of why you do what you do. They make you unique.

How to Make Your Business Stand out from the Crowd

What are “Pillar Ideas?”

These are the key things that set you apart from anyone else in your field.

Sure, there are other businesses that are doing similar things to you. There are other clothing boutiques, other ice cream shops, other business coaches, etc.

But what are the things that are SUPER important to you and your business, that are different than others?

THESE are the things you need to zero in on and focus on in your marketing!

For example….

Let’s say you have your own small clothing brand.

Yes, there are plenty of other small clothing brands.

BUT, these pillar ideas set you apart.

  • All of your materials are sourced second-hand (reducing waste).
  • You give job opportunities to homeless and impoverished people (improving their lives).
  • You are passionate about incorporating the latest trends and styles.

How to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition

By making note of these 3 pillar ideas, people get a VERY different picture of the clothing brand! If this brand focuses on telling their audience about these 3 pillars, think of how focused they will be!

This would lead to firmly attracting their ideal customer – because people who are passionate about the same things they are will be attracted to their business.

Also, the people who really resonate with those pillar ideas will be enthusiastically purchasing from that clothing brand.

So… what are your pillar ideas?

Every business has them. Simply think through what makes YOU different from others.

These are the things that make your business stand out.

I recommend taking some time to sit down and think through this process. Try to write out 3-4 things that are pillar ideas for your business.

Then you will be ready to use these facts in your marketing.

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How to Make Your Business Stand out from the Competition

How to Communicate these Pillar Ideas in your Marketing

You will want to be communicating your pillar ideas about your business pretty often. (Within reason, of course!)

Plan on at least 3 social media posts per month where you are highlighting one of these pillar ideas. This keeps these aspects of your business at the forefront of your audience’s mind, and reminds them why your business is unique.

There are several ways to post about your pillar ideas, so that your posts about each fact stay looking fresh and interesting.

Let’s walk through an example of posting about ONE idea in SEVERAL different ways.

Let’s say one of your pillar ideas is that you purchase your ingredients locally.

Post #1 – Show a photo of one of your products, mentioning which local ingredients are included.

Post #2 – You could do a live video of going to pick out your ingredients from a local supplier.

Post #3 – You could do a feature of one of your local suppliers, posting a photo and giving them a shoutout.

How to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition

All three of these post ideas communicate that you purchase ingredients locally, and that this is important to you…without outright saying, “Purchasing ingredients locally is important to us.”

The sky is the limit on how you can make a creative spin on each pillar idea and turn it into a post.

Remember…it’s possible that these posts may be THE MOST successful thing on your social media pages, because THESE are the key reasons that many of your customers follow you in the first place! 

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How to Make Your Business Stand out from the Competition

Why Communicating Pillar Ideas is Good for your Business

When people know more about you and your business, they are more likely to participate. The more they are in line with your values and what matters to you, the more eagerly they will purchase!

All of the pillar ideas that you came up with are no-brainers to you. They are in the back of your mind always. This is simply how you do business.

BUT, they are not common sense to your audience.

Your people need to be told about WHO you are, so that they are more likely to become loyal customers.

  • Brainstorm your list of pillar ideas.
  • Come up with some creative ways to showcase them on social media.
  • Plug them into your social media calendar.
  • Attract the customers who resonate with your pillar ideas.

Make your business stand out & Watch your business grow.

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