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How to make money from writing a blog

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If you have a blog or a website—or an idea for one—you can always start earning money from it. There are several ways to earn money through blogging. This article will go over several monetization approaches and common digital content monetization tactics.

Let’s get started with the fundamentals. What exactly is content monetization? Simply put, content monetization is the process of making money from your website. The process of monetizing your blog’s online content is known as content monetization.

Check out the following online business concepts to get started generating money from blogging:

1. Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense is Google’s online advertising system that appears on websites such as blogs and forums. Google Adsense ads show up in a lot of places on a website, like on the left, right, above, below, and right in the middle of the text.

Adsense is also very simple to install and use. All you need is a website or blog, a free Google Adsense account, and the code to be embedded on your website. The more people that visit your website, the more money you’ll make.

So the issue is, how much money can you make online using Google Adsense? You will get a profit from Google depending on the type of advertisement, subject, number of clicks on the ad, and number of impressions. In Vietnam, on average, for every 1000 visitors to the website, you will receive between 0.8$ to 6$.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful method of making money online.

Affiliate marketing is made up of two parts: a distributor (publisher) and a provider (advertiser).

Let’s take a closer look at the two most crucial aspects of Affiliate marketing:

Suppliers are companies that supply goods and services derived from commercial operations such as FMCG, cosmetics, electronics, electrical appliances, and so on, as well as services such as education. Suppliers must guarantee that they fulfill the standards of the source of products, keep the product quality steady as the commitment is established, or rely on the distributor’s policy. Affiliate marketing is seen by distributors as a simple way to get your products out there, with a well-planned workflow and method.

Distributors are things such as companies and individuals that maintain websites with high, consistent traffic, or organizations and people that can run advertising with high conversion rates. Distributors must thoroughly understand their consumer base in order to capture the periods with the maximum traffic and conversions. Distributors will access the supplier’s platform and deliver items and services relevant to their client base to their website based on those criteria. When customers go to the distributor’s blog and do things like click or buy, the distributor gets paid.

How to Make Money Writing Content Online

If you are a good writer who can write well and come up with new ideas, you can make money writing content for the internet.

This position is in great demand in the market, has a lot of potentials, and pays well. This method of earning money online comes in a variety of ways that you may choose from:

1. Creating typical SEO content

SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that tries to boost website ranks and organic traffic. As a result, this position is in high demand in many industries, necessitating typical SEO writing abilities, keyword research & SEO field, how long you’ve worked in the field, and how good you are at what you do determine your wage level.

2. Writing blog content

In addition to the previous two options, you can also write blog articles for bloggers to supplement your income. You may also create a personal blog, create your own branding, an article system, or use other methods of generating money using Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, as discussed in the preceding sections.

Sponsored content

This is a type of public relations for partners based on the blogger’s reputation and the audience that the partner is attempting to reach.

Most bloggers create free guest posts for other sites in order to promote their own. However, if your site already has a large enough audience, you can expressly announce the fee.

Create and market an e-book.

If your site has regular readers, they must enjoy what you have to say. Similarly, if you’ve established yourself as an authority on your blog topic, chances are people will want to read more from you outside of your site. Make the most of that position by publishing an ebook and selling it on your site.

Working as a consultant

If you’ve established yourself as an expert on the topic of your blog, you may provide consulting services to other people or businesses that could benefit from your expertise. You may also provide advisory services linked to building and writing a successful blog.

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