Increase Your Pinterest Traffic

How to Increase Your Pinterest Traffic

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By far the greatest source of traffic to my blog has been Pinterest. I love using Pinterest but I know that some bloggers haven’t learned enough about Pinterest to get traffic from it. So here are some of the best tips I have when it comes to Pinterest. Hopefully, they will help you gain new followers and boost traffic from Pinterest. 

You need to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. These days it is a huge way to get your blog seen by people. Everyday Pinterest is in my top 5 and often my top 3 refers to my blog. That is a lot of traffic coming from one place. You can’t really use Pinterest if you don’t have a pinnable image though. You need to have an image that you can pin to your boards and others can pin as well. So how do you do that, here’s how.

  1. Use your own photos I use my photos in my posts but I typically don’t make them the pinned image because I know I’m not a great photographer. It’s just good to have extra images in my posts to add visual interest.
  2. Make an image in Canva. I like to use their free backgrounds and text options to make an image like 10 new things to try. Even without an actual picture, it’s still colorful and attention grabbing which is so important on Pinterest.
  3. Canva offers lots of free images to use in your designs.  They don’t have a huge selection but I have found some great photos to use. They are free and you can use them in your posts. The photo in my image for this post is from that site. It’s a great photo and better than I could take. 
  4. If you want you can buy stock photos from a lot of places. Canva even has images and they are only a dollar. You can buy them and edit for up to 24 hours but then you’ll have to buy the image again if you want to use it. Still a great price though. I also get a lot of my images through a monthly subscription to Ivory Mix. I get lots of great images each month for $10. 
  5. If you find a photo you love on the internet you at least want to link back or site where it came from. Even better contact the owner of the picture and ask if you can use the photo in your blog post. That way you know they are cool with it and you’re good.

 Also, it is really helpful to get your pictures pinned if you follow these three bonus tips. 

1. Make your picture long Longer pictures just do better. On Canva they have a Pinterest template available and I use that for most of my post pictures. 

2. Use text in your photos. I think when you have a short description in the actual photos like example 5 tips or how to… it gets people to click on the image to find the information.

3. It’s also a good idea to include your blog URL in your picture that way if you get repinned or shared on a different platform your blog can still be found. 

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