How to Get Pinterest Followers: 14 Tips That Really Work!

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Find out how to get followers on Pinterest with these quick and easy tips!

Let’s be real here, if I’m ever not responding to you, or if you catch me slacking when it comes to working, you’ll probably see me scrolling on Pinterest. Seriously though –I’m addicted. 

Besides being the perfect app to kill time and discover new and exciting DIY posts or recipes, Pinterest is another platform that has changed the game when it comes to social media success. 

What’s even crazier is that many businesses and bloggers have gained massive followings and success on the app. So, if you want to learn how to get followers on Pinterest, keep reading because these tips are sure to help you on your way to success!

1. Get to Know Who Actually Uses Pinterest

This is the best place to start when you are first setting up your Pinterest account and how to get followers on Pinterest. Who exactly is using the app? 

This should come as no surprise, but most of the app is used by women from the ages of 25-54, with more than half of its total users living within the United States. 

Which, in hindsight, makes a lot of sense when you think about it lol. This information is essential because it will help you choose a niche tailored to this specific audience demographic, which will give you a better chance of becoming popular on the app right off the bat.

2. Join Group Boards

Collaborative boards are a great way to gain followers because you can do so with popular group boards with many followers! 

Reach out to people with popular boards on the platform with similar content as you and see if they are looking to add anyone to their board group! 

This is not only a great way to market your content, but it is also a fantastic way to make new friends! Yay!

3. Paid Ads Work Wonders 

If you are using Pinterest for marketing reasons for your business or blog, the best piece of advice I can give you is to buy a couple of ads to promote your pins! 

Promoting your pins is easier than ever on the app, and the nice thing about buying ads is you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them! 

By promoting your pins, you have a better chance of getting the exposure you want and deserve! 

Trust me on this one, I bought $10 worth of ads for my Pinterest account, and not only was I able to choose where the ads would be seen in the world, but I was also able to determine who would see them! 

I got over 20,000 views on my Pinterest board overnight! And you can too!

4. Add Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

This is a given. Don’t underestimate the power of SEO keywords! If you know anything about marketing and getting noticed online nowadays is that keyword research and hashtags are literally the secret ingredients to the cake of fame! I’m serious, people! 

Using keywords and hashtags will help your pins reach a larger audience and make your content searchable on the app. 

Because there are billions of searches made on the app monthly, it can be difficult for your content to stand out against all the other posts. 

By putting relevant keywords into your pin descriptions, board titles/ descriptions, and your profile, you have a way better chance of being seen. Come on –let’s spice it up!

5. Stand Out Amongst the Crowd with Beautiful Visual Content

Pinterest Pins

Like every popular social media platform that is out there, aesthetics is everything darling! People are automatically drawn to pins that are eye-catching at first glance! It’s important to remember that Pinterest is, first and foremost, a visual platform.

 Here are a couple of tips on how to make your pictures stand out on someone’s feed:

  • Try to avoid images that are too busy. Stick to one focal point.
  • Post-high-resolution photos.
  • Consider posting a video.
  • Post vertical photos instead of horizontal photos and make sure your photo dimensions are perfect, so they don’t get cut off!

6. Post Exciting and Original Content

It’s time to embrace your originality! People love other unique people! And Pinterest absolutely loves original content! 

A great way to get followers on Pinterest is to skip out of stock photos and clichés. 

Instead, you should highlight and showcase any piece of originality that you think is exciting. That will get other people excited as well!

7. Organize Your Boards into Section

One of the newest features that Pinterest has added to its platform is organizing your boards into different sections. 

This is a great way to help your content stay even more organized than before and an effective way of how to get Pinterest followers. There is nothing worse than messy, non-cohesive content. 

So, make sure you really take the time to put thought into how you want to categorize your pins and ideas. 

Because if you don’t understand your own method behind your madness, it’s likely that other people won’t as well.

8. Post Consistently

This is a no brainer! You need to post consistently to stay relevant on social media! 

There’s nothing worse than being MIA for a couple of months then coming back to your social media account to realize you lost a bunch of followers! 

You should aim to post 2-3 posts a day so that your profile stays relevant and searchable.

9.  Publish Your Posts at the Right Times

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the last one. You need to post consistently, and you need to publish your posts at the right time. 

There is no use in assigning a pin when half your targeted audience is sleeping. This is definitely going to ruin the chances of your Pinterest pins getting noticed and re-pinned by other accounts. 

Most pins on the app occur between noon and midnight, with the most active time of the day being 11:00 pm. So, make sure to keep the parameters in mind when you post your content.

10.  Run a Contest on Pinterest

Pinterest Contest

Creating a Pinterest contest with a follow on your page as a requirement for entry is the perfect way to get more followers! 

You should think about posting a shareable image with a unique hashtag so people are more inclined to participate. 

It’s essential to clarify the rules before starting a contest and make sure that you are following Pinterest’s regulations. We don’t need a lawsuit on our hands!

11.  Re-pin Content from Other People and Comment on Their Posts

This is a great way to boost your engagement and how to get followers on Pinterest. 

Put yourself out there and start making friends! Some of my best friends are the ones that I’ve made online, so what’s stopping you? 

This is the perfect way to ensure you have steady growth on the app as well. Just make sure that your comments and re-pins are similar to that of your posting content on your profile to ensure that everything is cohesive.

12.  Follow People in the Same Niche as You

Pinterest Following

One of the best ways to make yourself stand out against your competitors in your niche and how to get Pinterest followers is to go to their profile and follow people that are following them. 

You should aim to follow anywhere from 10 – 20 people a day. It’s highly likely that if you are posting content similar to people, they are already following; they will give you a follow back.

13.  Hop on the Occasion Bandwagon

Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying than looking up holiday pins on Pinterest. I am not kidding; I am getting excited just thinking about it! 

People absolutely live for making wish lists, pinning recipes, and holiday crafts (myself included). 

The nice thing about tailoring your content to specific occasions is that you can create relevant content all year round, which is a great way to stay consistent when using the platform!

14.  Link your Pinterest Account with Other social Media Accounts

The best way to promote your Pinterest account and how to get Pinterest followers is to link your account on your other social media platforms! 

If you are a blogger, you likely have a range of followers that follow you on different media. Use this to your advantage! 

The best way to get followers from other platforms to follow your Pinterest is to link link link! I promise you, you will not be disappointed when your followers start to increase overnight! 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now, you have found a couple of tips you like on how to get Pinterest followers. 

Before diving headfirst, remember that growth and success on social media accounts, including Pinterest, takes time and effort. 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t begin gaining followers right away. 

Staying consistent and keeping an open mind while testing new strategies is the perfect way to figure out what is working best for you. 

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and in due time your chance at Pinterest fame will come to you. I promise!

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