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How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog on Social Media

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This site is all about me helping you grow your blog or business through Social media. I love social media and find it so fascinating to learn. So I hope you are excited to learn more about social media. Even if you aren’t a blogger if you are reading this, you are obviously on the internet, so learning about the different social media platforms would be helpful.

So all platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. they all operate differently, and there are different techniques on them all. There is one thing that will help you across all platforms, though. That one thing is connecting more on social media,

I have found that whenever I want to grow a particular platform. You are able to get the best results on a platform and gain engagement when I work on connecting. It works on Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and in Facebook groups. I’m sure it works everywhere else too, but I’m just sharing where I’ve seen it work.

I don’t focus on every platform because I’d rather take a couple and spend some time improving and growing there and spend just a minimal amount of time on the others. If you were to try and master every platform, you would spend all day, every day on social media. You would have no other time for blogging or any other parts of your business.

So it’s important to use your time wisely by connecting more on social media. That means to connect and connect more. So how do we connect then? That’s what I want to show you.

It means to interact on your platforms and with everyone you can. On Facebook, that means responding to comments and answering any questions you get. With the numbers of people who get to see your posts on Facebook so small. Take the time to respond. Doing this will also help people want to comment on your page more. If they see you responding and answering comments, your fans will be more likely to post.

Also on Facebook, Instagram and Google + if you want to make your engagement better than like and comment on other people’s pages. Get yourself out there and seen. The more you connect and interact the more other users on that platform will start to recognize you, and that makes you more likely to be followed in return.

So get out there and comment and like things as much as you can. Share other bloggers work on your Facebook and Google+ pages. Also, pin posts, tweet them, whatever you can. You can’t do everything and share everything. So do what you can.

I’ve found that for me if I pick an amount of time to work on social media to work on daily that helps. I will set 30 minutes, an hour, 90 minutes that I’m going to commit to on a regular basis to engage on social media. Then I spend that time connecting. By liking, commenting and sharing what I can. If I have a day, I can do more than I do.

Being in Facebook groups gives you lots of things to share and to engage. It’s why I had to cut down on some groups because it became overwhelming. I do enjoy being in groups though and they are one of my favorite platforms in social media. They are an excellent way to boost engagement. I will be doing at least one post on how to use them.

My favorite platform is Pinterest and I’m starting to better understand Instagram. I’d love for you to take my Pinterest course to learn some of how I’ve grown my Pinterest to over 60,000 followers. 

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